Applying FCMAT’s
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Applying FCMAT’s Quartile Analysis to Assess Risk Kate Lane Tom Cassida Senior Director, Business Marin COE San Bernardino COE. About the presenters.

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Applying fcmat s quartile analysis to assess risk kate lane tom cassida senior director business

Applying FCMAT’s

Quartile Analysis

to Assess Risk

Kate Lane Tom Cassida

Senior Director, Business

Marin COE San Bernardino COE

About the presenters
About the presenters

  • Tom Cassida, San Bernardino CSS serving in the Marines for over 10 years, Tom joined the Kern County Supt of Schools in a clerical capacity. He became CBO for a small district in Kern County in 2001, was a Fiscal Advisor in Kern County for a short time, moved to North Carolina in 2008 where he worked for the Dept of Public Instruction, and returned to California in 2009 with SBCSS as an Advisor. Tom earned his MBA in 2010.

  • Kate Lane, Marin COE

    Kate has been in the accounting field for over 30 years, almost all of which has been spent in governmental, not-for-profit and public accounting. After auditing school districts, Kate joined the Mendocino COE Business Services team moving to Tehama COE in 2008 and to Marin COE in 2012. Kate earned her masters in public administration in 2009, and maintains an active CPA license to perform audit services.

Topics to cover
Topics to Cover

  • Why perform a Risk Assessment?

  • Adaptation of FCMAT’s tool

  • Applying weighting factors to the tool

  • County-specific risk factors

  • Communicating your findings

Risk assessment and ab1200
Risk Assessment and AB1200

  • AB1200 was enacted to protect the State from district insolvency.

  • AB1200 fiscal oversight requires:

  • Analysis of each district’s financial condition

  • An assessment of the risk associated with that condition.

Why perform a risk assessment
Why perform a Risk Assessment?

  • No-one has the resources to devote equal time to each district’s AB1200 review.

  • Nor should we.

  • Focus on districts at risk.

  • And the areas in which they are at risk.

Fcmat indicators
FCMAT Indicators

  • The FCMAT Indicators tool provides a sound base for your county-wide risk assessment

  • Fiscal Health Risk Analysis

  • Predictors of School Agencies

    Needing Intervention

How things change
How things change

  • The economic, demographic, geographic, and social factors impacting California School Districts differ widely across the State.

  • As a result each County Office AB1200 team has unique data elements and risk factors to track

Developing a county specific risk assessment tool
Developing a county-specific risk assessment tool

  • Gather data

  • Look for emerging patterns

  • Meet with your team and discuss your districts

  • Apply weighting to the final factors

Weighting the indicators
Weighting the indicators

  • Determine maximum weight

  • Not all risk factors are equal

  • Are there any critical risk factors?

  • Group related factors

Weighting for critical risks
Weighting for critical risks

Entire group



Deficit spending

>=10% exp





Fails to meet REU

in MYP-1


EFB reduced by

50% over MYP



Trigger Risk


Communicating risk
Communicating risk

  • The development of district profiles is an excellent way to visually communicate your risk assessment

  • The profile you develop should include elements of your risk assessment

  • Include data elements of specific interest to the County Superintendent to make the profile a more fully integrated dashboard