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The American Revolution

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The American Revolution - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The American Revolution . April 1775: Battle of Lexington and Concord. First battle of the American revolution between _____________forces and _____________ _____________ Paul Revere’s Ride “__________________________”

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april 1775 battle of lexington and concord
April 1775: Battle of Lexington and Concord
  • First battle of the American revolution between _____________forces and _____________ _____________
  • Paul Revere’s Ride “__________________________”
  • Concord was a victory for the colonist-“ The Shot heard round the World”
  • Lexington was a win for the _____________


Colonial Minute Men

The British are Coming


may 1775 second continental congress met in philadelphia
May 1775: Second Continental Congress met in Philadelphia
  • 13 out of the Thirteen colonies met: the president of the Congress was _____________
  • Selected ___________________to be head of the continental Army

John Hancock

George Washington

june 1775 battle of bunker hill
June 1775: Battle of Bunker Hill

Breeds Hill

  • Actually called ________________________
  • Frontal attack by the British; ___________________________________of the War
  • Continental Army was _____________ until they ran out of gun powder

Bloodiest day of the War


july 1775 olive branch petition
July 1775 Olive Branch Petition
  • Last attempt by colonist to restore _____________ with Britain
  • King George Rejected the Petition and asked Parliament to order a naval blockade


1775 king of england responds to loss of men
1775 King of England responds to loss of men
  • Hired thousands of German troops called _____________ to help crush the rebellious colonist
  • Shock to the colonials- felt this was a “_____________”


Family War

december 1775 failed invasion of canada
December 1775: failed invasion of Canada
  • General Montgomery pushed north to capture Quebec and met with General ________ __________________and what was left of his troops.
  • Launch on _________ failed
  • Montgomery died and Arnold was wounded in the leg

Benedict Arnold


january 1776 paine s common sense
January 1776: Paine’s Common Sense
  • Inspiring piece of literature
  • Called the King “ the Royal Brute of Great Britain”
  • Asked the questions “___________________”
  • America has a sacred mission to set herself up as an independent, democratic republic
  • Made people see that we could not hope for aid from _____________ if we remained loyal to Britain

What Good is a King


july 1776 declaration of independence
July 1776: Declaration of Independence
  • July 2, 1776 – Congress agreed to pass Richard Henry Lee’s (Va.) statement that the United colonies should be free and independent state.
  • Needed a written statement- assigned a committee to do this
  • Thomas Jefferson wrote the statement
  • Statement was signed on July 4, 1776
  • Ideas on what to write came from:
  • Enlightenment philosopher: John Locke
  • Author of Common Sense: Thomas Paine
1776 choosing sides
1776: Choosing sides:


  • Patriots or Whigs _____________ the war of independence because:
  • Loyalists or Tories fought for the crown____ of the population stayed loyal


summer and fall 1776 british victories
Summer and fall 1776: British Victories
  • Captured Quebec, burned Norfolk, took control of Boston;
  • The British were settings sights on New York
  • Sent 5 ships with _____________men ( largest armed force seen until the Civil War)
  • Washington with his _____________men fought and lost; retreated back to New Jersey with the British at his heels
  • Military factor to colonial win: George Washington avoided any situation that threatened the destruction of his army and his leadership kept his army together when defeat and hard times prevailed.
  • British commander Howe did not want a winter campaign with supplies at low number so he set up camp



august 1776 defeat in new york
August 1776: Defeat in New York

Admiral Howe

General Howe

  • ____________________ and ______________________ ( Brothers) sailed into New York harbor with 32,000 men including _________________________________
  • Washington rallied 23,00 Americans – ________________ and had poor equipment
  • Americans were forced to retreat, and were pushed into PA
  • Many of Washington men had either _________________________________, so he was down to less than _________ men

Hessian Mercenaries


Deserted or been killed


dec 25 1776 battle at trenton
Dec 25, 1776: Battle at Trenton:
  • Date December 26,1776
  • Washington and men crossed the _______________
  • Attack was a surprise
  • Captured Hessians sleeping off _____________ _____________
  • In retreat, Washington then inflicted a sharp defeat on small British group at Princeton
  • *** revealed Washington or “_____________” at his military best

Delaware River

Christmas Celebration

Old Fox

spring 1777 philadelphia
Spring 1777- Philadelphia
  • General Howe hoped to take the ___________
  • The ________________________________ fled the city,
  • Washington attempts to block the British advances were_________________________

Capital City

Second Continental Congress


october 1777 battle of saratoga
October 1777 Battle of Saratoga:
  • British General Burgoyne was forced to surrender his entire command to American General Gates
  • *** victory revived colonial cause
  • *** this win helped to persuade the French to enter into the war
winter of 1777 1778 valley forge
Winter of 1777-1778 Valley Forge:


  • Location outside of _____________
  • Stayed _____________ there
  • Men suffered from _____________and _____________
  • Still Continental Army was whipped into shaped by Prussian drillmaster _____________


Frost bite


Frederich von Stuben

1778 formation of the french american alliance
1778: Formation of the French-American alliance


  • Colonies was Britain’s most ___________ possession and if France could help them gain freedom, then France could get revenge for the loss in the French/Indian war and could regain the rank as ________________________________
  • France has been helping since Lexington loss – 90% of gunpowder used in war had come from France
  • King Louis XVI and France scared to openly declare war but feared to wait too long – might end up fighting Britain and its colonies if they lose

A world power


Treaty of Alliance

  • ________________________________was made between France and Ben Franklin, representative sent from the colonies to persuade entering the war – diplomatic factor leading to colonial victory
  • French support threw the British: could not count on commanding the coast due to French fleet in waters
1778 1779 clark s victories in the west
1778-1779: Clark’s victories in the west:
  • America at its darkest: congress going Bankrupt, munity over back pay, disunion among the states
  • British General Cornwallis had fallen back to Chesapeake Bay at ________________________________ waiting for supplies and reinforcements
  • Did not know Britain had lost control of the seas
  • General Washington marched from New York to Yorktown along with French while French blockaded ________________________________ in the sea
  • Cornwallis was cornered and surrendered 7,000 men while his band played “The world turned upside down”




October 19, 1781

  • Date ________________________________– Last battle of American Revolution
  • Triumph was French and American
  • Lord North cried it was not over and fighting continued for over one year in Yorktown but did no good
  • Military factor leading to colonial win: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Americans benefited from presence of French army and navy at Battle of Yorktown

1783 treaty of paris
1783: Treaty of Paris:
  • America sent three peace negotiators to Paris:
  • Ben Franklin
  • John Adams
  • John Jay
  • Instructions from congress to make no separate peace and consult with French allies throughout the negotiations
  • France had influenced ___________ to enter into war and made them promises they can’t keep



France wanted independence for America but wanted to keep it weak so they could promote French policy – paid heavy price in men and money for this win

  • John Jay started making secret negotiations with ________________________________

London, England


Treaty signed said:

  • U.S granted independence from Britain
  • U.S. will not punish loyalists
  • Established boundaries of the US and British territory
  • Release of Prisoners of War
  • Granted the US and Britain access to the Mississippi River
  • Gave the US Fishing rights in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence and in the Great Banks

**** Britain wanted peace agreement to be as alluring as possible so it could pull America away from its French alliance

  • Problems with the treaty:
  • British debt owed by the colonists can be collected
  • Did not set a date for when the British must leave
new boundaries for the united states of america are
New boundaries for the United States of America are :
  • West: Mississippi River
  • East: Atlantic Ocean
  • North: Canada
  • South: Florida