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Web Designer in Pune, Website Designing Company in Pune PowerPoint Presentation
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Web Designer in Pune, Website Designing Company in Pune

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Web Designer in Pune, Website Designing Company in Pune
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Web Designer in Pune, Website Designing Company in Pune

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  1. Designing a website can be a learning curve as it involves considering many factors before getting the final perfect website. However, care must be taken to ensure that there are less number of people involved in planning and designing the website as too many ideas could turn things into a mess. In this article we help you understand ten common mistakes that a website designing company in Pune may commit and how to overcome it.

  2. 1. Missing the Search box A search box is very important be it a blog or a corporate website. A search box will help a visitor find what he is searching for, easily. Therefore, it is important that your website has a search box.

  3. 2. No Phone Number and Address A web designer in Pune should ensure that your personal/business phone number and address to be placed at the top of the home page. Having a phone number should not be limited only to the mobile design. In fact, having the contact details on your website is more important than your entire website design. The chances of contacting you increases if you have your phone numbers placed on your website. Having the phone numbers will also increase the chances of a visitor turning into a possible customer and book you. In other words, it can be said that it is important for your prospective clients to know your exact location and phone number. Also, it is recommended that the contact details are placed on top of the home page rather than hiding it in the footer.

  4. 3. Unrealistic Taglines Several websites are accustomed to use deceptive or unrealistic taglines which should be avoided. Your website should be informative and help the visitor understand about your business. Stuffing your website with marketing adjectives should be avoided. Your visitor should not feel too pushed by your marketing taglines. This may make him leave your website. The main goal of your website should be able to hold the attention of the visitor for a longer time. Therefore , it is important not to bombard your website with irrelevant and fluffy taglines.

  5. 4. Shabbily Placed Content Today content is the king and therefore a lot depends on the quality of content you place on your website. Engaging and compelling content is also responsible for driving traffic to your website. Thus, the structure of content plays an important role. A properly structured content with engaging headings, sub headings,paragraphs, keywords, etc will engage the visitor and create interest in your website. It is the responsibility of the web designer in Pune to make sure that he uses appropriate page titles so the users are aware of which page they are on. It is recommended to avoid using out-dated and inaccurate information on your website and care must be taken to ensure that the content must be created in accordance with the overall theme of the website. Also, avoid putting up pages that are under construction as it annoys a visitor. Adding fresh content will also benefit your website so, the web designer must be smart enough and keep the website updated always.

  6. 5. Poor Navigation It is important to ensure that a visitor is able to navigate seamlessly and it must be consistent. If text is used, it needs to brief and if hyperlinks are used, they must be different from the text used. The website designing company in Punemust also pay special attention towards dead links. Dead links are totally waste of valuable time for the visitor and increases the confusion, especially if the dead link links to the homepage. You must note that a user should be able to find the needed information on your website within 4 seconds. Beyond this, the user may look for other options. Therefore, use textual description for all your links and use alt -text on images. The navigation must be organized and in tandem with the main theme of your website. In short, your website must be clear and efficient so that it drives more traffic to your website.

  7. 6. Poor Interface There have been instances where an over enthusiastic web designer may add too much creativity to the website by adding a different design to every page. This move may backfire as a user may find it too loud and may also get confused. Also, apart from the creativity and attractiveness, if the website lacks consistency in the look, the user may not be convinced and leave the website within a few seconds. To avoid this blunder, web designers must use a standard template for every page along with proper links. As far as possible, keep your website simple so that users do not get confused.

  8. 7. Irrelevant and Unwanted use of Images and Animation Too many and irrelevant images can distract a user. Images that guide the user or those that are informative should be used to capture a user’s attention. The same is true in the case of animations. Too many animations on every page can be a huge turn off for the user. It is therefore the onus of the web designer in Pune to create visually appealing pages and provide better alternatives without distracting the user.

  9. 8. Registration Forms that are Complex It is best to keep your forms simple and avoid asking your user to provide with several details. Too many mandatory fields in the form will annoy the user and may make him change his mind and leave 34your website. You must make sure that your website has all the possible information about your products and services.

  10. 9. More Whitespace and Messy Pages Whitespace is another important factor that is forgotten by many web designers. In their quest to make the website appealing, they end up adding too many things on a single page. This makes the page appear unreadable and messy. To prevent this, a website designing company in Pune must make good use of the whitespace and not carried away from the overall theme of the website.

  11. 10. Background Music Users are not interesting in listening to any music while going through your website! It is a big NO. A user looks for information and not for music. It becomes worse if there is a different background score for every page. This must be strictly avoided. If in any case you must use background music, create it in a coded frame and allow it to loop continuously. Also, allow the user to control it so that he can stop or pause whenever he wants.

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