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ARMY LSV Service Life Extension Program (SLEP) PowerPoint Presentation
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ARMY LSV Service Life Extension Program (SLEP)

ARMY LSV Service Life Extension Program (SLEP)

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ARMY LSV Service Life Extension Program (SLEP)

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  1. ARMY LSVService Life Extension Program (SLEP) Critical Design Review Presented to: Product Directorate Office, AWS & TCM-T Under the direction of Mr. Gary Null, LSV SLEP Program Manager SPAWARSYSCEN Atlantic Code 61000 George Oakley (843)218-4547 SPAWARSYSCEN Atlantic Code 53337 Tim Boykin (843)218-4529 19 – 22 Oct 2009 1

  2. AWMP Annex E LSV Modernization Plan 2

  3. Modified LSV Modernization Plan – Post PDR Note 1 – Cost of items are combined in IBS cost 3

  4. LSV SLEP Baseline - PDR LSV SLEP Baseline - CDR SLEP Items 4

  5. LSV 5 Schedule FY 2010 FY 2009 FY 2011 FY 2012 FY 2008 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M Milestones/Reviews PRR SRR CDR PDR TRR MCP CEN & SeaPort Contract Awards New Material Information Brief – LSV 2,3,5 LSV 5 Shipcheck, HI Baseline Systems Procurement and Delivery IFF GRRIP BFT VRC-103 C4I Equipment Delivery to LSV 5 NMEA Expanders, CISCO switch, Loudhailer, Sperry R4 AIS GMDSS, Raytheon IBS, Pier Conn Box, TV Distro, ancillary equipment VMB-3512, GV-2432 VRC-90 OCCM Installation Test Training LSV 5 Pierside Availability C4I Install Training C4I/CEN Testing 5 Effort Complete

  6. Update Existing C4ISR/CEN Suite HW/SW These items are hull dependent and require validation via site survey or equipment validation report. • After SRR, combined H/W S/W updates, AIS & GMDSS • The following IBS, GMDSS and AIS slides address this SLEP item • Upgrade IBS H/W S/W • Install AIS and integrate with ECDIS • Install A4 compliant GMDSS suite • The following IBS, GMDSS and AIS slides address procurement 6

  7. Integrated Bridge System (IBS) • Procured from Raytheon Design engineering, training and test development task awarded to L3 Klein 10 Sept 2009. Hardware procurement to follow completion of Govt design (NLT March 2010) • NSC Radar X & S Band Array • NSC ECDIS 29" & 21" with current CPU • NAUTOCONNING 4Bay Computer • LEICA MX 512 DGPS1 & DGPS 2 • Ferrups 2.4KVA UPS (Radar) Bypass SW • NEWMAR 24V Rectifiers • GMDSS A4 • RAI – Rudder Angle Indicators (Port/STBD) 7 7

  8. Global Maritime Distress Safety System (GMDSS) Suite MF/HF INMARSAT C • Redundant Global Distress Calling • Data and Position Reporting • 2-Way Data, Fax, Email Transfer • Medium and Long Range Communication • GMDSS A4 Compliant • Thrane& Thrane A3 design + Duplicate INMARSAT-C • Sea Area 4 compliant system IAW IMO COMSAR 32 • Loudhailer – 2 speakers in well deck VHF Beacons • Redundant Short Range DSC Transceiver • 3 DSC Handheld Units • EPIRB • SART II Design engineering, training and test development task awarded to L3 Klein 10 Sept 2009. Hardware procurement to follow completion of Govt design (NLT March 2010) INMARSAT-C: Full compliance with latest specs for SOLAS/GCDSS; distress calling CN114, IEC 1097-4, IEC 945 MF/HF: DSC Capable 500W XCVR, DSC Watch RCVR, Fast Tuning SART II: 9GHZ X-BAND XCVR Furuno NAVTEX NX-700 paperless VHF: DSC Capable, Fully GMDSS Compliant EPIRB: 406MHZ Satellite, 121.5MHZ Homing 8

  9. Automatic Identification System (AIS) Sperry Marine R4-CG • Procured via GSA Schedule • POC: Tom Magno of Sperry Marine • • Spectrum certification J/F 12/09166 Funded through SSC-A support delivery order awarded 06 Aug 2009. Estimated Order Date – 26 Oct 2009 EDD – 04 Dec 2009 • The Sperry Marine R4 Automatic Identification System (AIS) consists of a radio transceiver unit, a GPS receiver, a controller unit and a separate display unit. The R4 AIS will enhance safety at sea and provide better man-based services for mariners. The R4 Class A Transponder system is type-approved and complies with international standards for AIS. • Standardized interface for connection to ship sensors e.g. Gyro, Turn indicator, ECDIS, Radar and Speed Log. • High resolution 6’’ graphic day and night display 9 9

  10. Reconfigure Communication Suite • Integrate and Install updated C4I/CEN equipment suite • Groom existing C4I / CEN equipment • Test / Repair / Replace existing cabling and antennas as required • Relocate topside equipment as required to support new systems • System Operational Verification Testing (SOVT) on all C4I / CEN systems LSV Modernization Integration, Installation and Testing of COP, MTS, BFT, GRRIP, SIPR, NIPR, DMS, BGAN, SINCGARS, VRC-103, DAGR, tactical bridge display, topside equipment, satellite TV upgrade (22 additional drops), intra-ship network Installation material will be ordered when DWGS are final and installation contract is awarded. 10

  11. Replace AN/APX-72 with the AN/APX-123 • Procured from PEO AVN and provided by PMA 213. Payback deal to meet schedule for LSV-5. • LSV-5 cost includes USM-719 test set • Discussions with TMDE in progress • Spectrum certification J/F 12/9200 Mode 4 • Replies have same delay • Results in Multi-Target Garble Mode 5 • Incorporates Random Reply Delay • Better discrimination between closely spaced targets Incorporate Mode 4/5 Crypto, Menu Driven Display Menu Driven Display Add Time and Position Interface RS-485 Interface Solid State Transmitter Funds issued to PMA 213 via MIPR9KDAV9H044 10 July 2009 Contract Awarded 13 Aug 2009 Received. Crypto Fill Port Diversity (dual redundancy) receiver Remote Control Unit (RCU) Common IFF Digital Transponder (CXP) Remote Control Interface External Kit Interface C-6280 Form Factor 11

  12. AN/PSN-13 DAGR Procured from PM GPS POC: Willie Jackson, DAGR kits for LSV-5 and 4 in hand. NMEA expander included to provide SAASM/PPS input to IBS and tactical equipment. Spectrum certification J/F 12/7666 The DAGR is a self-contained, hand-held, 12-channel, dual-frequency GPS receiver. Selective Availability Anti-Spoof Module (SAASM) access the Precise Positioning Service (PPS) signal. DAGR will provide ICD-GPS-153 and NMEA 0183 compliant serial data interfaces for weapon systems integration. DAGR received from PM GPS Feb 09 12

  13. Movement Tracking System (MTS) • Procured from PM MTS • POC: Sarah Leite, • MTS Control Station Variant • Spectrum certification J/F 12/7778 MTS OPERATIONAL ARCHITECTURE The Movement Tracking System (MTS) is a global satellite communications system that provides instant messaging, vehicle and cargo tracking capabilities primarily for the U.S. military. It allows a commander to determine platform and cargo location, operational status, and provides near real-time communication. Key features: Distress Message Near real-time communications RFID Control Station Variant is installed on board LSV 5. Groom existing system 13

  14. MTS Transceiver location 1

  15. MTS Transceiver location 1 Locating the MTS transceiver topside in this location introduces blind spots to the RFID interrogator. The RFID tags on vehicles located on the well deck under the super-structure would not be read by the MT2012 when located in this topside location.

  16. MTS Transceiver location 2

  17. MTS Transceiver location 2 Locating the MTS transceiver in this locations allows RFID tags located anywhere on the deck to be read by the MT2012 RFID interrogator. The MT2012 would be mounted on a pedestal in the corner of the poop deck where there is little traffic.

  18. MTS Antenna Location #2

  19. Replace LST-5 with VRC-103 Procured from PM TRCS POC: Paul Hancik, Qty of 1 per vessel Spectrum certification J/F 12/07852 The AN/PRC-117F is a tactical Multi-band, Multi-mission Man-Pack radio that covers the 30-512MHz frequency range, while offering embedded COMSEC, SATCOM and ECCM capabilities. Interoperable with legacy encryption systems, and acts as a translator between otherwise incompatible radios. AN/VRC-103 AN/PRC-117 Funds issued via N6523609MP00576 15 July 2009 Contract Awarded 29 Sep 2009 EDD - 30 Oct 2009 19

  20. Replace LST-5 with VRC-90F SINCGARS • Procured from PM TRCS • POC: Jim Bowden, • This system is provided at no cost to PD AWS due to MTOE • DA Interchange completed. • Spectrum certification J/F 12/04967/6 Asset provided by PM TRCS EDD - October 2009 • Common Receiver Transmitter (RT) is used in the manpack and all vehicular configurations. • Has the capability to transmit and receive voice, tactical data and record traffic messages and is consistent with NATO interoperability requirements. • Operates on any of the 2320 channels between 30-88 megahertz. • COMSEC for the basic radio is provided by use of the VINSON device • It is a long-range, vehicle-mounted radio set, covers the 30 to 87.975 MHz range 20 20

  21. Self-Steering SATCOM Antenna System Chelton GV-2432 • Procured by SSC-Atlantic. • Quantity of 2 per vessel • Spectrum certification J/F 12/7852 • GV-2482 is a SATCOM-On-The Move antenna for the vehicular/mobile/vessel applications. • Already used on Army’s LTs and LCUs • Replaces existing 2 existing UHF SATCOM antennas Funded through contractor support delivery order awarded 06 Aug 2009. Estimated Order Date – 26 Oct 2009 EDD – 05 Mar 2010 21

  22. VMB-3512-N Multi-Band Antenna • Procured by SSC-Atlantic. • Quantity of 3 per vessel • Supports VRC-103 and VRC-90 • Spectrum certification J/F 12/496716 Funded through contractor support delivery order awarded 06 Aug 2009. Estimated Order Date – 26 Oct 2009 EDD – 12 Feb 2010 Multi-band shipboard whip antenna system designed to provide VHF and UHF communications Frequency Range: 30 MHz to 512 MHz VSWR: less than 3.5:1 Power Handling: 100 W Rugged and Reliable Design 22 22

  23. Global Rapid Response Intel Package (GRRIP)Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) • Procured from PEO C3T SPO • POC: John Talamo, • Replaces Inmarsat BM equipment. • Spectrum certification J/F 12/188 • BGAN is fielded as part of GRRIP system • GRRIP includes SIPRNET capability; up to 428K bandwidth. • Global coverage • Terminates services at Fort Dix, Bragg and Belvoir. • Guaranteed data rates on demand. • Supports both IP and circuit-switched voice and data. • GRRIP supports VPN access at the pier. • 24/7 customer support included with procurement. • Procurement includes 1,200MB of service Funds issued via N6523609MP00546 17 June 2009 Contract Awarded 31 July 2009 EDD – Nov 2009 23

  24. Blue Force Tracker (BFT) For BFT, an L-Band transceiver employing commercial satellite services is used in lieu of terrestrial radios. Digital Command and Control System for the Army at Brigade and Below. Provides the power of the Network to share Situational Awareness (SA) and Command and Control (C2) information. Provides an on-the-move, near real-time common picture, and a capability for developing and distributing orders, graphics, combat reports and free-text messages. • Procured from PM FBCB2 • POC: Joe Hill, • JV-5 variant • This is a tech refresh for the BFT installs on LSV 4 & 6. H/W configurations on 4 & 6 are obsolete. • Spectrum certification J/F 12/7778 Funds issued via N6523609MP00559 18 July 2009 Contract Awarded 24 Sep 2009 EDD – 26 Mar 2010 24

  25. Common Operating Picture (COP) Radiant Ether IBSSO Shore site Funded through contractor support delivery order awarded 06 Aug 2009. Estimated Order Date – 26 Oct 2009 EDD – 04 Dec 2009 • Procure COTS workstation • Software supported by IBSSO • Software is GOTS – provided at no cost Allows all vessels to have the capability to access the Common Operating Picture (COP) relevant to their environment — both land and maritime. Provides local display filtering Windows based Operating System (OS) Designed to facilitate military command and control (C2) functions by improving situational awareness TRS 5.2 (or later) will be compatible with future plans to shift RE users to Global IBS Network Server (GINS)/Theater Interface Node (TIN) and supports the Common Message Format (CMF). 25 25

  26. Provide routers and connection for phone and network • Procured by SSC-Atlantic • Number of network drops and users • 8 UNCLASS network drops: ship’s office, 1st officer’s room x2, bridge, radio room, chief state room, engineering, crew mess • 2 CLASS network drops: radio room and bridge • Intranet pier connection • Install pier-side connection box onto 03 level aft • Provide connectivity between ship’s intranet and pier • Provide connectivity between PBX and pier – 4 telephone lines • Provide unclass switch for ship’s intranet Funded through contractor support delivery order awarded 06 Aug 2009 Estimated Order Date – 26 Oct 2009 EDD – 08 Jan 2010 26

  27. SeaTel Satellite TV Procure and install full Seatel 5004 system for LSV-3 only Install distribution equipment on LSV 1-6. Route TV feed to from receiver to 20 staterooms + officer’s wardroom + crew mess. • Distribute Sat TV feed to 22 spaces. • Also distributes feed from DVD players located in Wardroom • Spectrum certification J/F 12/7531 Funded through SSC-A support delivery order awarded 06 Aug 2009 Received 18 Aug 2009 27

  28. Issues / Actions / Recommendations Issues / Actions • Location for MTS Transceiver – Recommend Location 2. • Decision on Pierside Intranet Connection • In port UNCLAS access to all computers on vessel Intranet? • Navy ERP transition for SSC-Atlantic through Jan 1 2010. • Early procurement activities have been initiated. • Contracts for installation and procurement are being prepared • Sole Source to L3 for IBS/GMDSS upgrades – NLT 3/2010 • Competitive award for installation contract – NLT 3/2010 RECOMMENDATIONS • Gain concurrence WRT antenna location for MTS. • Contracts are being prepared for release NLT January 1 2010. 28

  29. LSV PDR Baseline FID 29

  30. Block Diagrams • C4I Tactical Comms • BGAN/GRRIP, voice and data networks • BFT, MTS, AIS • IFF, Loudhailer • DAGR GPS distribution • Sat TV distribution • Intranet / Pierside Connection • IBS • GMDSS • LSV Topside Plan View

  31. C4I Tactical Communications 31

  32. BGAN/GRRIP, voice and data networks 32

  33. BFT, MTS and AIS 33

  34. IFF and Loudhailer 34

  35. DAGR GPS distribution 35

  36. Satellite TV Distribution 36


  38. IBS 38

  39. GMDSS 39


  41. C4I TACTICAL COMMUNICATIONS DWG # - 12539466 Army Summary: Drawing is 95% complete. This drawing depicts the C4I TACTICAL COMMUNICATIONS (TC) Installation. This includes AN/VRC-90F (SINCGARS), AN/VRC-103 (V) 2 with PRC-117 and AN/PRC-150 ( C ) Systems.

  42. INTEGRATED BRIDGE SYSTEM (IBS) DWG # - 12539467 Army Summary: Drawing is 90% complete. This drawing depicts the INTERGRATED BRIDGE SYSTEM (IBS). This includes NAUTOCONNING 4 Bay Computer, Radar, ECDIS, Rudder Angle Indicator, LEICA DGPS, UPS and 24 Volt Power Supply. Obsolescence issue with current 24 VDC Power Supply; working with L3 to identify a new unit.

  43. MOVEMENT TRACKING SYSTEM (MTS)DWG # - 12539468 Army Summary: Drawing is 95% complete. This drawing depicts the AN/UYQ-90(V)3 Installation.

  44. BLUE FORCE TRACKER (BFT)DWG # - 12539469 Army Summary: Drawing is 95% complete. This drawing depicts the AN/UYK-128(V)3 Installation. O&M details from PM FBCB2 incomplete.

  45. GLOBAL MARITIME DISTRESS SAFETY SYSTEM (GMDSS) DWG # - 12539470 Army Summary: Drawing is 90% complete. This drawing depicts a GMDSS Sea Area 4 System compliant with IMO COMSAR 32. The LSV configuration is documented in SSC-A MFR serial # 61200/033 dtd 5 OCT 09. A Thrane & Thrane 4 Bay Console configuration will be installed with dual INMARSAT-C.

  46. IDENTIFICATION FRIEND OR FOE (IFF) DWG # - 12539471 Army Summary: Drawing is 95% complete. This drawing depicts the AN/APX-123(V)1 Installation. Antenna relocation required.

  47. GRRIP AN/PSC-15 DWG # - 12539472 Army Summary: Drawing is 95% complete. This drawing depicts the COP WORK STATION (RADIANT ETHER –SIPRNET) (CLASSIFIED LASER PRINTER), Admin CPU and STE.

  48. SATELLITE TV UPGRADE DWG # - 12539474 Army Summary: Drawing is 95% complete. This drawing depicts the SATELLITE TELEVISION (SAT TV) upgrade Installation. This will include the distribution system which increases capacity of existing Satellite TV equipment and distributes drops to 22 compartments. Final locations for all remote compartments have not been identified; may be an as built drawing detail. Foundation details for new side board being installed in Wardroom.

  49. Pierside Connection / UNCLAS INTRANET DWG # - 12539475 Army Summary: Drawing is 90% complete. This drawing depicts Unclassified Intranet and Pier Side connection.

  50. C4I POWER DISTRIBUTION DWG # - 12491485A Army Summary: Drawing is 95% complete. This drawing depicts the C4I POWER Distribution Interconnect Diagrams showing AC and DC Power distribution. This is a revision to the LSV-5 C4I Power Distribution Interconnect Diagram (DWG # - 12491485).