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Imagining an Alternative Reality PowerPoint Presentation
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Imagining an Alternative Reality

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Imagining an Alternative Reality - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Imagining an Alternative Reality. You woke up one day, and the Church is just as you have dreamed it could be. What looks different? How is your day different? What feels different?

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you woke up one day and the church is just as you have dreamed it could be
You woke up one day, and the Church is just as you have dreamed it could be.
  • What looks different?
  • How is your day different?
  • What feels different?
  • Please write responses to these questions in silence and without raising your pen from paper until I ask you to stop.
  • Please share whatever highlights you like with your table group.
  • Please name one thing that is a part of your alternative reality that it is in your power to bring about when you get home.
  • Please write each thing on a small paper and pass to middle of table.
vatican ii and imagination
Vatican II and Imagination
  • A part of Vatican II was grappling with an alternative reality
  • It provides a template for us to do it in our contexts
  • We have always relied on our imaginations– think of Moses and the Israelites, as interpreted by Walter Brueggeman
some characteristics of substantive dialogue
Some characteristics of substantive dialogue
  • Active listening
  • Good will
  • Mutuality
  • Willingness to hang in there
  • Curiosity
try it out
Try it out
  • Please find one partner
  • Identify one pastoral challenge
  • Talk about how you might address that challenge
some barriers to dialogue
Some Barriers to Dialogue
  • Fear, usually manifested as win/lose mentality
  • Cultural misunderstanding, particularly when there is an assumption of one normative world view
how we interpret
How we interpret
  • Own values
  • Assumptions about other
  • Of our own perspectives
  • Honesty about blind spots
  • Vulnerability, willingness to learn from a new perspective
  • Paying attention to communication styles and power differentials where they exist
vatican ii
Vatican II
  • Enduring message
  • And also model for way of being Church
  • Self reflection and intense engagement
  • Initiated at every level and in a variety of contexts