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How to use this resource. This resource is designed for the classroom, displayed on an interactive whiteboard or via a laptop and projector.

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How to use this resource

This resource is designed for the classroom, displayed on an interactive whiteboard or via a laptop and projector.

Guidelines for teachers are contained within the notes section along with links to further education resources and any documents you may wish to print for your students.



What happens at Bella?

what time is bella


What time is Bella?

You can choose! Bella begins at:

10:00 am



Please let us know if you are running late!

e xplore the galleries


Explore the Galleries

How many people can you see looking at the artworks?

what s great about the g alleries


What’s great about the galleries?

You can do all of these things:

Check with your teacher if you’re not sure

help us keep the artworks safe


Help us keep the artworks safe!

What do you think the gallery rules are?

Check with your teacher or MCA staff if you’re not sure



What is the Bella Room?

Jean-Francois Millet

The Gleaners

Find our more about Emily Floyd’s work here

Emily Floyd

The Garden (here small gestures make complex structures) 2012

recycled timbers, wool felt, beeswax, fabric, baked ink

how did we make it


How did we make it?

Emily Floyd Installation – The Garden (here small gestures make complex structures) 2012

(Scroll to the bottom of the page)

braille in the bella room


Braillein the Bella Room

Braille is used by some people who are blind or vision impaired and is read by touch.

Draw your initials in Braille!

i want to see


I want to see!

Let’s explore some contemporary art!

what is contemporary art


What is Contemporary Art?


What do you think contemporary means?

What do you think art is?

Let’s look at some art!

Nicholas Folland

The door was open... 2006




Rosalie Gascoigne cut up old road signs and rearranged them to make these artworks that are displayed like paintings.THINKAre these really paintings?

Why/why not?

Rosalie Gascoigne

Tiger Tiger 1987

Hear curator Hannah Fink speak about the artist here.




HanyArmanious made a large sculpture of part of the body.

Can you guess what part it is?

See how this large sculpture arrived at the MCA here.

Hany Armanious

Fountain 2012

Click on image and scroll down page to installation video

installation art


Installation Art

Some artworks change shape depending on where they are exhibited.

This is called an ‘installation’.


What do you think Maria Fernanda Cardoso used to make this installation?

Maria Fernanda Cardoso

Woven Water: Submarine Landscape I 2003

See more of her ‘animal’ sculptures here.

video art


Video Art


Shaun Gladwell filmed himself doing tricks on his skateboard in slow motion.

You may see this video art during your Bella visit

Shaun Gladwell

Storm Sequence 2000

guess what i saw


Guess what I saw?

Nicholas Folland

The door was open... 2006

Maria Kozic

Manster (the picture of Dorian Grey) 1986

Brown Council

The One Hour Laugh 2009

Robert Owen

Sunrise #3 2005

Stephen Birch

Untitled 2005


Choose an artwork you saw at the MCA and tell someone about it!

see you again at the mca
See you again at the MCA!

Thanks for joining Bella!