division ii pre enrollment and recruiting process l.
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Division II Pre-Enrollment and Recruiting Process PowerPoint Presentation
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Division II Pre-Enrollment and Recruiting Process

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Division II Pre-Enrollment and Recruiting Process - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Division II Pre-Enrollment and Recruiting Process. Jenn Fraser and Leslie Schuemann. Session Overview. All Case Studies, All the Time… Unofficial Visit Official Visit Organized Competition What You Always Need to Know. Unofficial Visit. Unofficial Visit. Case Study Facts:

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session overview
Session Overview
  • All Case Studies, All the Time…
    • Unofficial Visit
    • Official Visit
    • Organized Competition
  • What You Always Need to Know
unofficial visit4
Unofficial Visit
  • Case Study Facts:
    • Four football PSAs made an unofficial visit to the institution.
    • Two PSAs attend a two-year college.
    • Two PSAs are high school students.
    • PSAs stayed overnight in an institutional dormitory.
unofficial visit5
Unofficial Visit
  • Case Study Facts:
    • Relatives stayed overnight in a local hotel.
    • Two PSAs received meals off campus.
    • Two PSAs received meals at an on-campus facility.
unofficial visit6
Unofficial Visit
  • Case Study Facts:
    • All PSAs and their relatives received complimentary admissions to a home athletics competition at an off-campus facility.
    • Two PSAs were transported by a coach to the football game.
unofficial visit7
Unofficial Visit
  • A compliance officer at a Division II institution just returned to campus from vacation.
  • What additional information do you need to determine if the unofficial visits were permissible?
the basics unofficial visit9
The Basics – Unofficial Visit
  • NCAA Bylaw
    • Visit made at PSA’s own expense.
    • No expenses or entertainment unless permitted in legislation.
  • Bylaw 13.7.1.
    • PSA may visit unlimited times.
    • Visit can occur before senior year of high school.
the basics unofficial visit10
The Basics – Unofficial Visit
  • Case Study Facts:
    • PSAs arrived September 1 and departed September 2.
    • One PSA is a high school senior, one is a high school junior and two are enrolled at a two-year college.
the basics unofficial visit11
The Basics – Unofficial Visit
  • Case Study Facts:
  • High school PSA’s football season begins September 6.
  • Two-year college PSA’s football season began August 31.
the basics unofficial visit12
The Basics – Unofficial Visit
  • Case Study Facts:
    • The visit occurred during a quiet period for the high school SAs.
    • The visit occurred during an evaluation period for the two-year college SAs.
the basics unofficial visit13
The Basics – Unofficial Visit
  • Why are there two recruiting periods during the same time period?
    • Bylaw 13.17.3-(a).
      • Quiet period June 1 to the start of the PSA’s football season.
    • Bylaw 13.17.3-(b).
      • Evaluation period during the PSA’s football season.
  • Bylaw
    • May stay in enrolled SA’s dormitory room.
    • Must pay regular institutional rate for lodging.
  • What if the institutional policy states there is no charge involved with overnight lodging?

March 10, 2004, Staff Action

  • Case Study Facts:
    • High school PSAs stayed in a dorm room with a current SA and paid the institutional rate for lodging.
    • Two-year college PSAs stayed in an unoccupied dormitory room and paid the institutional rate for lodging.
    • Relatives of PSAs stayed at a local hotel and paid the going rate.
  • Is it permissible for PSAs to stay in an unoccupied dormitory room if they pay the institutional rate for lodging?

October 3, 1990, Staff Interpretation

  • Bylaw
    • May provide PSA and relatives with one meal in the institution’s on-campus dining facility.
    • May provide meal in off-campus dining facility when all on-campus dining facilities are closed.
  • Case Study Facts:
    • High school PSAs received a meal off campus at 10 p.m.
    • Two-year college PSAs received a meal in the on-campus dining facility.
    • On-campus dining facility closes at 9 p.m.; however, the pizza place on campus is open until midnight.
  • What violations occurred regarding the off-campus meal provided to the two high school PSAs?
    • Recruiting period?
      • It was a quiet period for the high school PSAs.
    • Available dining facility?
      • There was an on-campus dining facility open.
  • Bylaw
    • May provide three complimentary admissions.
    • Practice or competition of institutions intercollegiate team.
    • Issued on individual game basis.
    • PSA and persons accompanying PSA.
    • No special seating.
  • Case Study Facts:
    • High school PSAs each received three complimentary tickets.
    • Two-year college PSAs each received one complimentary ticket.
    • All PSAs received hard tickets.
  • Case Study Facts:
    • Two-year college PSAs sat on the bench with the players.
    • High school PSAs and relatives sat in the stands.
  • What violations occurred regarding the entertainment?
    • Hard tickets?
      • Best practices.
    • Special seating?


  • Bylaw 13.5.3.
    • May provide to view:
      • Practice and competition facilities.
      • Institution’s home athletics contest.
    • Staff member must accompany.
unofficial visit25
Unofficial Visit
  • Conclusion:
    • Institution discovered violations of the unofficial visit legislation involving meals and entertainment.
unofficial visit violations
Unofficial Visit Violations
  • Off-campus in-person recruiting contact during a quiet period.
  • Off-campus meal provided when an on-campus dining facility was open.
  • Special seating arrangement.
official visit setting the scene
Official Visit – Setting the Scene
  • It is 3:30 p.m. Thursday afternoon, game day of course, and the men’s soccer coach saunters into your office with a stack of official-visit requests.
  • Three PSAs are scheduled to arrive Friday for their official visits.
official visit
Official Visit
  • Do not panic, you do not have to…
    • Send the five-visit limitation letter.

NCAA Proposal No. 2010-10

    • Worry about the five-visit limit.

Proposal No. 2011-15

official visit31
Official Visit
  • Case Study Facts:
    • All three PSAs are in high school.
    • Two are flying in.
      • One international (Didier).
      • One domestic (Jozy).
    • One is driving (Herculez).
  • Bylaw 13.5.2.
    • Permissible to pay air transportation for Didier and Jozy.
      • Must be a direct route from home to campus and back.
    • Permissible to pay round-trip mileage for Herculez who is driving to campus.
official visit33
Official Visit
  • Case Study Facts:
    • A volunteer assistant coach is picking up Didier and Jozy and will take them to lunch on the way to campus.
      • Anything you need to check on?
    • According to the official visit paperwork for Herculez, no one is accompanying him on the visit.
the basics
The Basics
  • Bylaw 13.6.2.
    • Didier, Jozy and Herculez have all registered with the NCAA Eligibility Center.
    • Added to the Institutional Request List.
      • Test scores for all three have been submitted to the NCAA Eligibility Center.

January 21, 2004, Staff Action

the basics35
The Basics
  • Case Study Facts:
    • Coach wants Didier, Jozy and Herculez to feel extra special and assigns a student host for each.
  • Bylaw
    • Each host may receive $30 each day of the visit to cover entertainment costs.
the basics36
The Basics
  • Bylaw
    • Didier’s flight arrives Friday, January 7 at 11 a.m.
    • Jozy’s flight arrives Friday, January 7 at 12:30 p.m.
    • Both depart Sunday, January 9 at 2 p.m.
      • How could this be?
length of official visit
Length of Official Visit
  • 48 hours begins with arrival at campus or entertainment is provided.
    • Did coach have a to-go meal or did he sit down with them.
      • Sit down = start of 48 hours.
  • 48 hours ends with departure from campus.
  • Both visits fit within the 48-hour window.
the basics38
The Basics
  • All three PSAs attend the home basketball game Saturday night.
    • Two of the three student hosts are in attendance.
    • You approach one host and ask where the missing host is.
      • Gave his $60 to another host.
student host money
Student Host Money
  • Missing host was given $60 ($30 per day of the visit) to entertain Jozy.
  • Host for Didier, and now Jozy, may receive $30 per day and an additional $15 per day for each additional prospect.
    • Host must return $30 to compliance.
the basics40
The Basics
  • Also at the game…
    • Who is that grown man sitting with Herculez?
    • Club soccer coach who drove him due to bad weather.
    • Now can we reimburse mileage?

Bylaws and 13.8.1

transportation to enroll
Transportation to Enroll
  • You are in the office Sunday morning updating eligibility lists and Didier pops his head in.
    • He loved it so much he wants to stay and enroll in the spring semester that starts Tuesday.
  • Bylaw 13.5.4.
    • Not so fast, Didier.
official visit conclusion
Official Visit – Conclusion
  • Visit did not last longer than 48 hours.
  • Student host returned over payment of entertainment expenses.
  • Mileage may not be paid to club soccer coach.
  • Didier may not remain on campus after official visit to enroll.
notice to prospective student athlete
Notice to Prospective Student-Athlete
  • Bylaw
    • Earliest practical opportunity.
    • Must be prior to NLI or written offer of admission/financial aid.
understanding how it works
Understanding How it Works
  • Actual graduation date versus expected graduation date.
  • What you should be on the lookout for?
    • Diversion from prescribed academic path.
    • “Split file.”
    • Participation after grace period.
what you always need to know
What You Always Need to Know

Common questions to ask.

common questions
Common Questions
  • When will/did the PSA graduate from high school?
  • In what institution is the PSA enrolled?
  • Do we need/have permission to contact?
  • Has the PSA taken an unofficial visit or official visit?
  • Is the PSA on the institution’s IRL?
common questions48
Common Questions
  • Does the institution have an official transcript?
  • Is the PSA admissible to the institution?
  • Has the PSA received information regarding the organized-competition legislation?
  • Has the PSA signed an NLI or written offer of financial aid?
  • Has the PSA requested final amateurism certification?
  • Official Visit Form
  • Unofficial Visit Form
  • Student-Host Form
  • Sample Tryout Form
  • Student-Athlete Information Sheet
  • Two- and Four-Year Transfer Tracer Form
  • Financial Aid Agreement
  • Located on Division II Compliance Page.
    • www.ncaa.org
audience participation
Audience Participation

Share what you know.