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Real Estate Inventory System PowerPoint Presentation
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Real Estate Inventory System

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Real Estate Inventory System - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Real Estate Inventory System. Guidelines on how to work with the Promise System. Training Seminar - September 12, 2011, Bucharest, Romania.

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Presentation Transcript

Real Estate Inventory System

Guidelines on how to work with the Promise System

Training Seminar - September 12, 2011, Bucharest, Romania


Part I - Configuration of the Inventory System Part II – Recording Estates in the Inventory SystemPart III - Demonstration of Tools for calculating financial indicators

part i content
Part I – Content
  • System features
  • Terms used in the system
  • Phases of system exploitation
    • Installation
    • Configuration – default and additional options
    • Recording real estates
  • Demonstration of default system
  • Demonstration of additional configuration options
software requirements server
Software requirements - server
  • Information system is compatible with Linux and Windows. It may be installed on every OS that supports PHP and MySQL.
  • Web server - Apache or IIS
  • Database – MySQL
  • Scripting language - PHP
software requirements client
Software requirements - client
  • Information system is web based and may be used with every OS that has web browser with the following capabilities:
  • HTML and CSS support
  • Javascript support
real estate inventory system
Real Estate Inventory System
  • Public section– available information for any visitor
  • Private section – accessible only by municipality experts
  • Web based system
public section
Public section
  • Information about PROMISE project
  • Instruments for searching in the database of recorded estates owned by the municipality
  • Filtering and sorting of the search results
  • Printing search results and downloading in excel file.
private section 1
Private section (1)
  • Default data configuration in the system:
    • According to the elaborated concept within the project;
    • Described characteristics and prototypes;
    • English as default language in the system.
  • Options for additional data configuration:
    • Made only by municipality experts after system installation
    • Creating/editing/ deleting new characteristics
    • Language translation instrument
private part 2
Private part (2)
  • Recording Real Estates in the system
  • Presentation of the linked estates based on the Inventory Identification No
  • Instruments for smart searching in the database
  • Instruments for calculating financial indicators
system exploitation
System Exploitation



User 2

User 1


System administrator in the municipality is responsible for:

  • Installation of the system on a municipality server. The system will be available for installation on a disk and is web based.
  • Management of user profiles and rights.
  • Additional data configuration in the system, according to the municipality requirements and needs.
  • Translation of the system interface using language translation instrument.
terms used in the system
Terms used in the system
  • Prototypes – a set of characteristics, describing a property type.Default prototypes – 2 (land and entity)
  • Characteristics – basic units of information in the system
  • Groups of characteristics – similar characteristics could be assigned to a group
  • Data types– used in characteristic description during configuration
  • Inventory Identification Number – linking between estates is a result of automatic analysis of the IIN of each estate.






Cadastral Nr


Building Permit Date



entity prototype
Entity Prototype



default system configuration
Default system configuration

The system is configurated, including:

  • Prototypes – 2
  • Characteristics – more than 70
  • Groups of characteristics - 23
additional data configuration 1
Additional data configuration(1)
  • Performed by an authorized user directly in the system by entering the „Configuration” menu.
  • The process of configuring the data is prior to the estate recording. This is the reason why some of the configuring functions will not available in the process of recording the estates.
options for data configuration 2
Options for data configuration(2)


  • Characteristics
  • Groups
  • Prototypes
inventory system prototype demonstration http promise bgnet biz username test password test1
Inventory System PrototypeDemonstration testpassword: test1
part ii content
Part II – Content
  • Recording Estates in the system
  • Services offered by the system
  • Publicly available information and services
  • Demonstration of recording estates
  • Demonstration of public part
estate recording
Estate Recording



User 2

User 1

recording estates
Recording Estates

Recording Estates is done by a user in the municipality with granted access to the system by using options under menu Estates.

options 1
Options (1)
  • Describe and record an estate in the system
  • Print the record of the described estate
  • Edit characteristic of recorded estate
options 2
Options (2)
  • Review the history of characteristic data changed by a user
  • Relations between estates based on the IIN
  • Review and search in the list of recorded estates
search in the database
Search in the database

Searching in the list of recorded estates is available through applying the following filters:

  • Inventory Identification Number
  • Description
  • Both – IIN and Description
constant values
Constant Values
  • Investment cost
  • Investment of acquisition cost
  • Discount rate or required rate of return
  • Nr of years of the cash flow
  • Changing every year
  • New values are filled in the system for each year
  • Participates in calculating the financial indicators
financial entries
Financial Entries
  • Exceptional Maintenance Costs = K1 + K2 + K3
  • Market price
  • Market rent
  • Total capital invested
  • Transaction expenses
  • Employees
  • Net usable area
  • Energy consumed
  • IC – Investment Cost
  • IAC – Investment Acquisition Cost
  • Leasable area
  • Used area
  • Area
  • Annual rent
  • Other income
  • Management fees
  • Utilities
  • Supplies
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Recoveries
financial indicators
Financial Indicators
  • Automatic calculated in the system through formulas including constant values and entries.
  • Calculated values are presented in a table and in a graphic
  • Print of the tables and graphics
inventory system prototype demonstration http promise bgnet biz
Inventory System PrototypeDemonstration