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WHATCHA KNOW? Bible Learning Center Quiz Click Screen To Begin. Level 1B. Level 1B. How did God create the world and the things in it?. By speaking. By experimenting. By a big explosion. Level 1B. In what image was man created?. Man’s. Ape’s. God’s. Level 1B. What is God?.

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Level 1b


Bible Learning Center Quiz

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Level 1B

Level 1b1
Level 1B

How did God create the world and the things in it?

  • By speaking

  • By experimenting

  • By a big explosion

Level 1b2
Level 1B

In what image was man created?

  • Man’s

  • Ape’s

  • God’s

Level 1b3
Level 1B

What is God?

  • God is a man with great power.

  • God is a spirit.

  • God does not exist.

Level 1b4
Level 1B

From what did God create the man?

  • one of God’s ribs

  • dust of the ground

  • man evolved from an ape.

Level 1b5
Level 1B

When did man become a living soul?

  • As soon as God formed him.

  • About 6 million years ago

  • When God breathed life into him.

Level 1b6
Level 1B

Where did God plant a beautiful garden home for man?

  • Galilee

  • Eden

  • Babylon

Level 1b7
Level 1B

What grew in the Garden of Eden?

  • Every tree that was good for food and pretty to look at.

  • Fruit trees and grapes.

  • Giant oaks and elm trees.

Level 1b8
Level 1B

How was the garden of Eden watered?

  • It rained every third day.

  • The man had to carry water from the river to water the plants.

  • A mist rose up from the ground.

Level 1b9
Level 1B

Which of these rivers did not flow out from the garden?

  • Tigris River

  • Jordan River

  • Euphrates River

Level 1b10
Level 1B

What tree did God command the man not to eat from?

  • Tree of Life

  • Apple Tree

  • Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil

Level 1b11
Level 1B

What would happen if the man ate from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil?

  • He would die.

  • Nothing

  • He would be very sick.

Level 1b12
Level 1B

God saw that it was not good for the man to be ______.

  • sick

  • lazy

  • alone

Level 1b13
Level 1B

From what did God create man’s helper?

  • dust of the ground

  • one of man’s ribs

  • one of man’s hands

Level 1b14
Level 1B

What did the man call his helper?

  • woman

  • slave

  • wife

Level 1b15
Level 1B

What does the word woman mean?

  • slave helper

  • taken from man

  • rib bone

Level 1b16
Level 1B

The man and woman were naked but not ashamed. Why?

  • They were blind so couldn’t tell.

  • There were no other people so it was okay.

  • There was no sin or evil in the world.

Level 1b17
Level 1B

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