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Revolution in Libya

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Revolution in Libya - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Revolution in Libya
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  1. Revolution in Libya By Grayson

  2. Recently in Tunisia, citizens were beginning to tire of their leader, Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali, who had been dictator for 23 years. The protests began when a man set himself on fire because he was frustrated with the government.

  3. People violently protested for weeks until their leader gave up. Sure enough, Egypt began to protest their president Hosni Mubarak, until he resigned as well. Many nations in Northern Africa have been trying to make a more Democratic government. But one leader, the one of Libya, is not giving up.

  4. Col. Moammar Gadhafi has been ruling Libya for 46 years, and he doesn’t care that people want him out of office. He even thinks his people still love him. He refuses to relinquish power even after a month of protesting and rebellion.

  5. A rebellion has started and have been trying to take the capitol city of Tripoli. Unlike the other leaders though, Gadhafi is not afraid to attack his own people. He has allowed his troops to shoot on protesters and rebels. Countless rebel, protester, and uninvolved lives have been taken from the violence.

  6. But the rebels are ready to keep fighting for what they believe in. They have managed to get weapons, ammunition, tanks, aircraft, and have gained control of many cities. They continue to try to take the capital city of Tripoli.

  7. Gadhafi’s actions have not been ignored by the rest of the world. Accounts of money he has in other nations have been frozen, or he cannot use them. The UN has sent airstrikes and have been at the rebels’ aid. We have been helping these people get their freedom.

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