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Clinical Modality - Emulation use context – MDIB tool - Use Guide

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Clinical Modality - Emulation use context – MDIB tool - Use Guide - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Clinical Modality - Emulation use context – MDIB tool - Use Guide. D1-jw ClinicalModality -Emulation-VPT-MDIB- DBtools . Prepared by Jan Wittenber, JWG ISO /IEC/IHE PCD RTM- VentilatorNomenclature_DPI -ICE-PAC/IEEE11073 MDDL/PHD. Introduction.

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clinical modality emulation use context mdib tool use guide

Clinical Modality - Emulation use context – MDIB tool- Use Guide

D1-jw ClinicalModality-Emulation-VPT-MDIB-DBtools. Prepared by Jan Wittenber,


JWG-VentilatorHarmonization- DB tools


This document is a ‘use guide’ for the MDIB Emulator. It is not as much of a “user” as a “use” guide, since not much content deals with particular user interactions but rather using the package and deployment, hopefully doing some useful things.

JWG-VentilatorHarmonization- DB tools

basic structure of package
Basic structure of package

See Figure at right. The main package is a self-loading (into C:\Temp) executable (.sexe.exe). The unloaded contents are a set of executables in a set of highly structured DIRectories, mainly ‘_sys…’, which contains executables, and ‘_DIR…”, which contains the “_MDIR” and its Device (Vent’d Pt. Trf (VPT) ‘actor’) MDIB’s.

There are two different relational database (RDB) executables, an integrated one and a “distributed” one. This use guide will deal mostly with the distributed one.

The distributed tool has two core parts, a code part and a data part (denoted by ‘…_be.accdb’. The data part remains in this partion, while the code part gets distributed to actor DIRectories, corresponding to Initiating, Via, Intermediary, and Terminating VPT actors.

This deployment uses the VPT instead of the Device MDIBs, which are reserved for, ummm, Device models! : ).

JWG-VentilatorHarmonization- DB tools

basic structure of gui
Basic structure of GUI

See following Figure. The main screen starts up by dbl-clicking Switchboard (at left), then clicking in the box “RDC Emulation” (Rapid Device Config) (at top middle), then the main form comes up with the various pushbuttons representing functions performed by the tool. Sourceimpoted formats are done with the left set of form pushbuttons, and “MDIB” operations are done with the right set of pushbuttons, with the lower right ones being for doing optimized [re]formatting and send/receive operations.

JWG-VentilatorHarmonization- DB tools

mdib overview
MDIB - Overview

See following Figure. The main MDIB construct is the table that contains the set of actor “OpSettings” vectors, for “Global Handles” 1-4, corresponding with Init, Via, Intermed, and Term actors’ Op Settings 1-n=7, for Vent Mode and 6 related Numerics. [It is assumed that these are to be ‘read-only’ w.r.t. MDIB actual values, although updates may be pushed or pulled, depending on use context.

Individual actor views are recommended for distributed management, although the main view (MDIB_All) can be used for “Global” supervisory control.

JWG-VentilatorHarmonization- DB tools

mdib medrecelem mre
MDIB – “MedRecElem (MRE)”

See following Figure. The set of actor partitions comprises a VPT ‘virtual’ MRE (vMRE) value set.





Technically, each MDIB has its own codeset but uses a shared MDIB ‘owned’ by the Emulator tool. However, the particular RDB ‘assistants’ could be [highly] distributed and communicate either through the respective GUIs or by outfile interchanges of e.g. MDER-ized EVRI’s, formatted and exported/imported among actors. As noted, a “Global” edit[or], or supervisory control function is represented by the Emulator codeset.

JWG-VentilatorHarmonization- DB tools

ecosystem environment
EcoSystem - ENVironment

See following Figure. A set of tables is used to manage ‘ENVironmental’ VARiable definitions. See lower left hand part of the main form.

Key environmental variables, including Global Handle for the local MDIB, are included in a separate table, which is importable/exportable in HTML format (intended for import from XML format adapted from ICS Generator intermediate format. IEEE 11073-10101 Nomenclature “CommInfra”structure naming and coding conventions are used for identifying/naming “Clinical Modalities” such as “Ventilated Patient Transfer (VPT).

JWG-VentilatorHarmonization- DB tools