Students election results january 23 2013
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Students Election Results January 23, 2013. Social Studies – 7 th Grade Booker T. Washington Middle School 1961 Andrews Street Mobile, AL 36617 Mr. Ron McCants, Teacher. 1 st Period Election Results. President - Samatha T 11 Vice President – Maurice W 9

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Students election results january 23 2013
Students Election ResultsJanuary 23, 2013

Social Studies – 7th Grade

Booker T. Washington Middle School

1961 Andrews Street

Mobile, AL 36617

Mr. Ron McCants, Teacher

1 st period election results

1st Period Election Results

President - Samatha T 11

Vice President – Maurice W 9

Secretary – Malayjah W 8

Section Leader:

Window Section – Tyneria J 10

Center Section – Catherine J 7

Doorway Section – Kina P 9

Back Room Section- Jakari S 8

3 rd period election results

3rd Period Election Results

President – Karen Y 12

Vice President – Cynthia P 11

Secretary – Bobby C 12

Section Leader:

Window Section – Tyrus M 5

Center Section – Camryn W 6

Doorway Section – Akeira R 5

Back Room Section- Kesean S 4

4 th period election results

4th Period Election Results

President – Trakayla Butler 18

Vice President – Chasity F 18

Secretary – Keon D B 18

Section Leader:

Window Section – Mack W 15

Center Section – Tyreek M 8

Doorway Section – Tameika H 13

Back Room Section – Cedrielle R 11

Student class leaders and duties

1. Student Class President: Responsible for informing each student of the rules, control restroom passes, help keep order in the class, recommend misbehaved students to the teacher for parent conference or referral, and assist the teacher as a helper.

2. Student Class Vice President: Assist the Vice President in performing duties.

3. Student Class Secretary: Keep records of students using restroom and students with good behavior, as well as those who receive certificates. Write birthday cards, sympathy cards, and get well cards. Give them to the class president.

4. Section Leaders: Responsible for informing each student in his or her section of the rules, help keep order in the section, submit good behavior students names to the class president.

The Sections are (1) Window Section; (2) Center Section;

(3) Door Side Section; (4) Back Room Section

Our class goals

1. Every student earn "B" or "A" grades

2. Every student learn the course of study lessons.

3. Students with failing grades complete make-up work.

How we do this

1. 5 Minutes: Students write lesson objectives journal folder notes from bell ringer. Listen (means no talking) for essential question.

  • 20 Minutes: Teacher will give lesson direct instructions

    (I do). Students listen (means no talking) to the teacher and write.

    3. 10 Minutes: Students and teacher actively engaged in guided practice. Map or graphic organizer with characteristics explained by the teacher. Students listen, draw, answer questions, and write. (We do)

    3. 15 Minutes: This is students time for independence practice (You do) and remain seated in section. Students help each other in peer tutoring understand the lesson vocabulary. Students talk in soft, low tone voices. Talk in a whisper so voices cannot be heard in the hallway.

    4. 10 Minutes: This is time for closure. Students will watch a short video on the lesson topic and respond by writing the 5W's.

    NOTE: Try to put all writings on one sheet of paper, front and back, if possible. Use black or blue ink pen.

Students can do

1. Use the restroom after the first 15 minutes of class and before the last 15 minutes of class. Always use it before leaving home. The student class president or vice president will control passes to the restroom.

2. After completion of assignments, the student class president may give permission to good behavior students to write or draw on white board with dry markers. Clean the board after use.

3. On Friday, the section leader may recommend good behavior students to enjoy snacks.

4. Students who complete the assignments may lay their head on the desk.

Students cannot do

1. Do not display cell phones, iTablets, iPads, or other electronic devices. This is a school rule and the teacher has no authority to change this rule.

2. Do not disturb other students by walking, throwing objects, horse playing, or loud talking. Disturbances keep other students from making good grades. Keep the room clean and take care of school property.

3. Do not do anything dishonest or disrespectful.

We care for each other

1. The student class president give birthday cards with gift from the teacher.

2. The student class president give sympathy cards because of death of a family member.

3. The student class president give get well cards to students who go into the hospital.

4. The student class president give certificates for good behavior signed by the teacher.

Our class motto

"Do Our Best with

Honesty and

Care for One Another"