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Short Story Review. Foreshadowing Setting Mood Tone Denotation Irony – dramatic, situational, verbal Metaphors Similes. Symbols Plot Conflict Protagonist Antagonist Setting Theme Point of view. Terms to know:. "The Necklace". *Guy de Maupassant *Protagonist: Madame Loisel

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Irony – dramatic, situational, verbal










Point of view

Terms to know:

The necklace l.jpg
"The Necklace"

  • *Guy de Maupassant

  • *Protagonist: Madame Loisel

  • *Antogonist: the necklace*Setting: late 1800’s, Paris

  • *Tone: bitter, serious

  • *Theme: Materialistic wants can be the downfall of us all.

  • *Point of view: 3rd person limited

The most dangerous game l.jpg
"The Most Dangerous Game"

  • *Richard Connell

  • * Protagonist: Rainsford

  • *Antogonist: Zaroff

  • *Setting:Caribbean Sea, Ship-Trap Island, jungle, Zaroff’s manision

  • *Tone: serious, deadly, dangerous

  • *Theme: inhumanity, violence, cruelty of humans to animals, etc.

  • *Point of view: 3rd person limited

The scarlet ibis l.jpg
"The Scarlet Ibis"

  • James Hurst

  • *Protagonist: narrator

  • *Antagonist: narrator’s pride

  • *Setting: South, World War I, cotton fields, Old Woman Swamp, Horsehead’s Landing, etc.

  • *Tone: death, bittersweet

  • *Theme: Pride can make people do cruel things to those they love.

  • *Point of view: First person

Poison l.jpg

  • Roald Dahl

  • *Protagonist: Harry Pope

  • *Antagonist: krait

  • *Setting: India, mid- 1950s

  • *Tone: ironic

  • *Theme: racism

  • *Point of view: first person (Timber Woods)

The sniper l.jpg
"The Sniper"

  • Liam O’Flaherty

  • *Protagonist: Republican Sniper

  • *Antagonist: Free Stater sniper

  • *Setting: Ireland, civil war

  • *Tone: serious, suspenseful

  • *Theme: War can pit brother against brother.

  • *Point of view: third person limited

The interlopers l.jpg
"The Interlopers"

  • *Saki*

  • Protagonist: Ulrich von Gradwitz

  • *Antgonist: Georg Zynaeym and their feud

  • *Setting: Carpathian Mountains, winter, nighttime, border of the two men’s land

  • *Tone: respect for the men and contempt toward the feud

  • *Theme: A trap you set for someone else might lead to your own demise.

  • *Point of View: 3rd person omniscient

Full circle l.jpg
"Full Circle"

  • *Sue Grafton

  • *Protagonist: Kinsey Millhone

  • *Antagonist: Terry Layton (or the death of Caroline Spurrier)

  • *Setting: the scene of the wreck of Caroline Spurrier on a California freeway)

  • *Tone: suspense

  • *Theme: What goes around comes around.

  • *Point of View: first person

The cask of amontillado l.jpg
"The Cask of Amontillado"

  • *Edgar Allan Poe

  • *Protagonist: Montressor

  • *Antagonist: Fortunato

  • *Setting: Carnival, Italy, Montresor’s catacombs

  • *Tone: death and murder, irony

  • *Theme: revenge

  • *Point of View: first person ***UNRELIABLE NARRATOR*** (may not know the whole truth or may purposely to choose to deceive the reader!)

The lady or the tiger l.jpg
“The Lady, or the Tiger?”

  • Protagonist: Princess

  • Antagonist: King? tiger or beautiful new bride?

  • Setting: Middle Ages, coliseum

  • Tone: irony, suspense

  • Theme: Difficult decisions vs. Moral decisions

  • Point of View: third person