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Dr. Sharon Yang Rider University

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RDA and Linking Library Data VuStuff III Conference Villanova University, Villanova, PA October 18, 2012. Dr. Sharon Yang Rider University. Latest Development-Linked Data Model. On May 22, 2012 -“translate the MARC 21 format to a Linked Data (LD) model” 1

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RDA and Linking Library DataVuStuff III ConferenceVillanova University, Villanova, PAOctober 18, 2012

Dr. Sharon Yang

Rider University

latest development linked data model
Latest Development-Linked Data Model
  • On May 22, 2012 -“translate the MARC 21 format to a Linked Data (LD) model”1
  • LC contracted Zepheira to help the process headed by Eric Miller2
  • The Linked Data (LD) model will serve as the starting point for further discussion and revisions.
  • LC at
  • Graphic from
  • LC Bibliographic Framework Transition Initiative
a word may have many meanings
A Word May Have Many Meanings…
  • I love Boston-Which of the 26 Bostons in the world?1
  • UC Berkeley –People write it in 50 different ways on the Internet.2
  • Apple (fruit) vs. Apple (computer)
  • Kings-monarchs, the hockey team, the basketball team or the TV series?3

1 & 2 - Metaweb Inc . at


4. Graphic from

the solution is
The Solution Is …
  • Map words to things (or entities)
  • An entity is a thing, place, person, concept, object or anything
  • An entity (a description of an entity) on the Web is called a resource
  • URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) identifies a unique resource
  • One resource/entity links to more resources/entities through relationships
  • RDA is based on entities and their relationships
rda entity relationships
RDA Entity Relationships

FRBR-Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records

so here is the linked data model
So Here is the Linked Data Model…
  • Tim-Burners Lee’s principles in 20061 and 2009
    • Use URIs as names for things (Uniform Resource Identifier)
    • Use HTTP URIs so that people can look up those names
    • When someone is looking up an URI, provide useful information
    • Include links to other URIs that lead to other related information on the Web


uri uniform resource identifier
URI (Uniform Resource Identifier)
  • An URI (URL) uniquely and globally identifies a resource on the Web
  • Examples of URI from LCSH in SKOS
    • Example of URI - Shakespeare
    • Example of URI – 911 Terrorist attacks
    • Example of URI- Semantic Web
  • URI is am important basic building block in linking data
resource description framework rdf entity relationship model
Resource Description Framework (RDF)-Entity Relationship Model

Predicate (Property)

RDF is the data format for linked data

RDF statements are called triples

RDF is about writing down relationships between entities.


Object (Value)

resource description framework
Resource Description Framework

The predicate must be an URL

Subject must be an URI

URI or text

Text is a dead end; URL links; Use URIs as much as you can; create more URIs so we have URIs to link…

subject properties and values
Subject, Properties, and Values

Graphic from

rdf triples
RDF Triples
  • Subject – an entity (must be a URI)
  • Predicate -property or attribute (must a URI)
  • Object – a property value (can be a URI or text)
  • More examples:
    • Humans-property (gender)-value (M/F)
    • Clothes-property (color)-value (red, green, yellow, orange)
  • Semantic languages: RDF/XML, N3, Turtle, N-Triples, Json
vocabularies and ontologies
Vocabularies and Ontologies
  • Vocabulary - A collection of terms given a well-defined meaning that is consistent across contexts.
  • Ontology - Allows you to define contextual relationships behind a defined vocabulary. It is the cornerstone of defining a knowledge domain.1
  • Library vocabularies

1. Semantic Modeling Tutorial at

semantic web ontologies
Semantic Web Ontologies
  • “An ontology is a formal specification of a shared conceptualization”1
  • “the success of the semantic Web depends predominantly on the proliferation of ontologies…” 2
  • Different domain has different ontology
  • Ontologies are written in Web Ontology Language (OWL) and RDFS (RDF Schema) and others.

1. Tom Gruber at

2. Kaushal Girl “Role of Ontology in Semantic Web”

ontologies vocabularies


Worldcat linked data –example by Google, Yahoo, Bin

Open Metadata registry

power of inference in semantic web
Power of Inference in Semantic Web
  • Inference establishes new relationships
    • Tom is a cat
    • Every cat is a mammal (defined in ontology)
    • Tom is a mammal

Graphic from

linked data
Linked Data
  • URI identifies a unique resource/things/entities on the Web
  • RDF establishes relationships between entities
  • Semantic inference establishes more relationships
  • Millions/billions/trillions of RDF triples
  • The Web is one big database in RDF format pointing to URIs which lead to more URIs
  • Linked data is a graph database (graph data)
  • Subject services/applications (SPARQL) searches URIs and display data
linked data 1
Linked Data1
  • If two people creating data use the same URI, then they describe the same thing.
  • Merge data from different Web sites
  • Power of inference
  • Assemble more information about entities by following links
  • Subject applications/subject services
  • SPARQL is the query language to do this
  • 1.
web of data vs web of html docs
Web of Data vs. Web of HTML Docs
  • OCLC /demo
  • Google Knowledge Graph
  • Friend of A Friend at
  • Isearch at
  • Dbpedia at
  • BBC Nature Wildlife
  • Swedish Union Catalog
  • Hakia
questions and answers
Questions and Answers

Image from