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Catch Phrase

Catch Phrase

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Catch Phrase

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  1. Catch Phrase Location Big Bear Lake Latitude Mercator Globe Compass Rose T-O Maps Northern Hemisphere Time Distance Formal Region 180º South Pole Africa Ptolemy Goodes Equator Scale Contour Interval Principal Highway Blue Island

  2. Catch Phrase Direction Distortion Relative Location Human-Environment Interaction 90º Greenland Mecca Parallels Prime Meridian Asia Terra Incognita Psychological Distance Shape Peters Absolute Location Movement Southern Hemisphere Steep Slope Distance

  3. Catch Phrase Place Tollways Time Distance Good Schools Meridians Latitude Unincorporated Areas Region Perceptual Region • Expressways • Midwest • Chicagoland • Route 60

  4. 24 hours Precipitation High Pressure Topography Tropical Rain Forest Trench Hot Spot Peninsula Orographic Precipitation Equinox Ozone Lithosphere Rotation Axis Ecosystem June 21st Hydrosphere Industrial Revolution Subduction Methane Coriolis Effect Ocean Currents CFCs Catch Phrase

  5. Weathering Glaciation Westerlies Rain Shadow Highland Convectional Precipitation Elevation Condensation Divergent Spreading Marine West Coast Forest Chemical Weathering Tundra Isthmus Translation Savanna Steppe Xerophytic Transpiration Polar Easterlies Front Montreal Protocol Catch Phrase

  6. Permafrost Low Pressure Evaporation Mechanical Weathering Loess Earthquakes Moraines Summer Solstice March 21st Plateau Boreal Forest 365 ¼ Days Greenhouse Effect Atmosphere Arctic Circle Frontal Precipitation Equinox Erosion Global Weirding xerophytic Ocean Currents Prairie Taiga Catch Phrase

  7. Demographic Model • Cultural Hearth • Dictatorship • Nation State • Universalizing Religion • Mercantile Colonialism • Per Capita • Infrastructure • Central Business District • Raw Materials • Crude Birth Rate • Age of Discovery • Diffusion • Natural Increase • Population Density • Ethnic Religion • South Asia • Acculturation • Exponential Growth • Democracy • Neo-Europes • Artificial Boundaries • Kim Jong Il • Value-added products • Acculturation • Stationary Population Level • Agricultural Revolution

  8. Communism • Primary • Cash Crop • Diffusion • Transportation • Commercial • Newly Industrializing Country • Mixed Economy • Stateless Nation • Age-Sex Pyramid • Purchasing Power Parity • Dependency Theory • Monotheism • Industrialization • GDP • LDC • Natural Boundaries • Lakefront • Neocolonialism • Polytheism • Tertiary • IMF • Grid System • MDC • Research & Development • Human Development Index

  9. Developed • Linear Growth • Nation • Services • Central Business District • Daniel Burnham • Commercial Farming • Domestication • Median Household Income • Innovation • East Asia • Push Factor

  10. Piedmont Louisiana Purchase Urbanization Beringia Ontario Tariff Parliament Rust Belt Pierre Amendment Mackenzie River Megalopolis Columbian Exchange Continental Divide Breadbasket Globalization GM Silicon Valley Atlanta Corn Belt Alberta Legislative Dominion of Canada California Gold Rush

  11. Water Street Pavillion Ozark Plateau High-Technology Corridor New York City Dairy Belt Olympia Sunbelt Asian Population Tourism NAFTA Prime Minister Santa Fe Fur Trading Inuit Territories Yukon Manitoba Manufacturing Export Zone Mexican-American War Nova Scotia Sierra Nevada Mts. New Brunswick

  12. Ottawa Core Provinces British Columbia New Int. Division of Labor Midwest Chicago Film Making Humid Continental Executive Barack Obama Nunavut Roman Catholic Prairie Provinces Coastal Plain Lake Erie Hudson Bay Rio Grande Alaska Range Interior Plains Newfoundland Westward Movement New Orleans Denver

  13. Quebec Prince Edward Island Tallahassee Nashville Helena Oklahoma City Jefferson City Concord Augusta Albany Michael Moore Judicial European Immigrants Logging Mississippi River Harsh weather

  14. Shade Agriculture Caracas Maquiladoras PRI Reggae Informal Economy Argentina Mato Grosso Plateau Wildlife Deforestation Simon Bolivar American Revolution Junta Chile Andes Mountains Spanish Mercosur Aztec Rio de Janeiro Global Carbon Cycle Voodoo Haiti Pampas Parana River

  15. Cortez Tenochtitlan Vincente Fox Capoeira African Influence Natural Resources El Salvador Evo Morales Santiago Caudillo Jamaica Santo Domingo Mercosur Oligarchy Mestizo Fishbone Deforestation Guatemala City Quechua Chiquita Bananas Subsidy Bob Marley Havana

  16. Guerrillas Amazon Basin Lima Southern Argentina Slash & Burn Agriculture Logging Sierra Madre Oriental Incas Isthmus of Panama Brazilian Highlands Indigenous International Monetary Fund Catholicism Carnival Democracy Ecuador Income Gap Privatization Land Reform Subsistence Farming Amazon River Globalization

  17. Rastafarianism Erosion Poncho Villa Managua Guinea Highlands Suriname La Paz Montezuma Banana Republics FTAA McDonalds Treaty of Tordesillas San Jose Hugo Chavez Carnival Coup Peru Current