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Best IVF Centres in Delhi | ElaWoman

Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Narayan Hospital (LNJP) was set up in Central Jail complex, named for the bulwark of British Viceregality - Lord Irwin.on 10 January 1930. Lok Nayak is one of the best IVF Cost Delhi.

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Best IVF Centres in Delhi | ElaWoman

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  1. Best IVF Centres in Delhi |ElaWoman IVF-ICSI In-vitro fertilisation is an Assisted Reproduction Technology (ART) process whereby eggs are harvested from the woman, after hormonal stimulation of the ovaries, and then fertilised manually in a laboratory by combining the egg with the partner’s sperm. The embryo is then transferred to the uterus. An IVF treatment is required in cases where the fallopian tubes are blocked or damaged, there is decreased sperm count or sperm motility, there is a history of genetic disorder, women have uterine fibroids, ovulation disorders, when women have had their fallopian tubes removed and other such unexplained infertility. Sometimes, if thereisaproblemwiththesperm,anIntra-CytoplasmicSpermInjection(ICSI)is

  2. used along with IVF to further increase the chances of conception. ICSI involves the direct injection of a single sperm into each egg, under microscopiccontrol. • IVF steps vary from one patient to the other but for the most part consist of the following steps: • Administering hormone injections to ensure 10-12 days of ovarian stimulation. The medication to be prescribed and dosage are monitored through regular scans and blood tests throughout thisperiod. • Usually 36 hours prior to egg collection, on the final day of ovarian stimulation, an hCG injection is administered in order to mature theeggs. • Egg collection is conducted at the same time as sperm collection, under sedation or a mild generalanesthetic. • Insemination or ICSI is conducted on the day of eggcollection. • Bourn HallClinic Professor Robert Edwards and Dr. Patrick Steptoe, the Nobel award-winning pioneers of In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF), originally established Bourn Hall in1980.

  3. Bourn Hall has the unique distinction of being a fertility clinic unlike any other, with treatment options specifically tailored to suit patient needs. Bourn hall Clinic is affordable IVF Cost Delhi, We have the advantage of using our unparalleled expertise in understanding both female and male fertility. At Bourn Hall, we enable all our patients’ access to cutting-edge treatment and best-in-class support towards achieving the best possible outcome, while also upholding the highest possible qualitystandards. In India, Bourn Hall Clinicis one of the Best IVF Centres in Delhi, is committed to fulfilling the aspirations of childless couples and bringing their dreams of parenthood. Spread across three cities, our clinics are located in Gurgaon, Delhi and Kochi. With a proven track record in IVF (with the birth of the first IVF baby Louis Brown) and other fertility treatments, we are dedicated in our efforts to help couples overcome difficulties in conception. As the premiere chain of IVF clinics worldwide, Bourn Hall aims to provide emotional, ethical and advanced technical support to couples facing fertility issues. All our clinics are equipped with the latest technology and have well-qualified, trained and experienced doctors in the field of IVF. We have the distinction of receiving the 'Best IVF Service Provider' (2014) award at the Frost & Sullivan Healthcare Excellence Awards.Patient experience, quality care and clinical excellence have always been our core guiding principles in out treatment approach and have helped us win many laurels. We have been bestowed with the 'Best IVF and Fertility Clinic in North India' (2017) award at the National Quality Excellence Awards,2017. World ClassTechnology What sets Bourn Hall Fertility clinics apart is that we carry out advanced IVF procedures, using leading-edge technologies across all our clinics, with great precision and hygiene. Our tracking and witnessing system assures that samples are correctly identified during all the procedures and given our strong lineage; patients have great confidence in our treatmentprocedures.

  4. Successful embryology requires an exceptionally sterile and sanitary environment and Bourn Hall Clinic is the only infertility clinic in all of Asia to have a Clean Room IVF Lab. A Clean Room IVF lab is absolutely essential for procedures like Single Embryo (Blastocyst) Transfer. A sterile environment allows for a healthy embryo to develop. This holds especially true given todays polluted environment. Airborne concentrations of microbes and nanoparticles can compromise embryo quality and lead to lower pregnancy rates. The Bourn Hall Clean Room IVF lab is a hi-tech, advanced lab specially designed to completely eradicate the harmful effect of virus, bacteria and other Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) on the growth of the embryo. In a Clean Room lab, external parameters such as humidity, airflow filtration, room pressure and air velocity are constantly monitored, so as to make the environment conducive for the healthy growth of anembryo. Dr. AnjuYadav Dr. Anju Yadavis a senior infertility specialist and endoscopic surgeon with over 8 years of experience in this field. She completed her post graduation in Obstetrics and Gynaecology from the prestigious Lady Hardinge Medical college, Delhi and got higher training in Infertility and laparoscopic surgeries from BJ Medical College, Ahmedabad. She has also done advanced course in obstetrics ultrasound and doppler from FOGSI recognized centre. Dr. Anju has experience of managing morethan3000infertilecouplesandisextremelyproficientinpresentscenarioof

  5. fertility challenges. She believes in practicing evidence based medicine and has special interest in recurrent IVF failure, recurrent pregnancy loss and surrogacy. She has published research articles in peer reviewed National and International journals and contributed chapters in various textbooks. After a successful stint in Private and Sunrise Hospitals, Dr. Anju joined Bourn Hall Clinic, Gurgaon in April 2015. A warm and affable personality with a positive attitude, Dr. Anju works to give the best IVF treatment outcome to everycouple. Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Narayan Hospital(LNJP) Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Narayan Hospital (LNJP)was set up in Central Jail complex, named for the bulwark of British Viceregality - Lord Irwin.on 10 January 1930. Lok Nayak is one of the best IVF Cost Delhi, It was in 1936 that under Lt. Col. Cruickshank, I.M.S., this Lok Nayak Hospital was commissioned as Irwin Hospital. Initial hospital had 350 bed, which was big enough to cater to the small population of Delhi during that era. With the attainment of independence in 1947 and the partition which brought in its wake an influx of thousands of refugees from Pakistan, existing medical facilities were found to beinadequate. The growing metropolis, therefore, saw a great deal of expansion of infrastructure facilities for the public. By early 50s Irwin Hospital had become one of the largest hospitals of Northern India.It remained & continues to be one of the most prestigious and most premier teaching hospital of Govt. of Delhi. In November 1977 the name of Irwin Hospital was changed to LNJP Hospital . LokNayak

  6. Hospital christened in 1989 from Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Narayan Hospital (LNJP) was originally popular and still continues to be known as Irwin Hospital. Recognizing the need for a Medical College in this area, the Government of India, in August 1957, recommended in its Second Five Year Plan opening of a Composite Medical College. Irwin Hospital was obviously chosen to be the venue for this college. Maulana Azad Medical College is attached to thisHospital. Dr. SudhaPrasad Dr. Sudha Prasad(Lok Nayak Hospital) in Darya Ganj has established the clinic and has gained a loyal clientele over the past few years and is also frequently visited by several celebrities, aspiring models and other honourable clients and international patients as well. They also plan on expanding their business further and providing services to several more patients owing to its success over the past few years. The efficiency, dedication, precision and compassion offered at the clinic ensure that the patient's well-being, comfort and needs are kept of top priority. The clinic is equipped with latest types of equipment and boasts highly advanced surgical instruments that help in undergoing meticulous surgeries or procedures.

  7. Dr. Sudha Prasad (Lok Nayak Hospital) in Delhi treats the various ailments of the patients by helping them undergo high-quality treatments and procedures. Among the numerous services offered here, the clinic provides treatments for Uterine Fibroids or Myomas, Ovarian Cysts, Endometriosis, Pelvic Organ Prolapse, Urinary Problems, Vaginal Discharge, Subfertility, Menopause, Gynaecological Cancers, Abnormal Pap Smears - Pre-Invasive Cervical/Vaginal Disease and Vulva Conditions. Know more about Doctor and clinic IVF CostDelhi Dr. AnjuYadav Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Narayan Hospital (LNJP) Dr. SudhaPrasad For more information, Call Us : +91 –7899912611 Visit Website :www.elawoman.com Contact Form :https://www.elawoman.com/contact

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