piper the pig has a day out by heather branson l.
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Piper the Pig Has a Day Out By: Heather Branson PowerPoint Presentation
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Piper the Pig Has a Day Out By: Heather Branson

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Piper the Pig Has a Day Out By: Heather Branson - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Piper the Pig Has a Day Out By: Heather Branson.

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Presentation Transcript
Piper the pig was a very curious pig. He was always snooping around and getting into trouble. One day as the other animals were playing in the fields Piper decided that he was going to sneak out. He had heard that there was a fair in town and he wanted to see just what that was.
So Piper had packed a lunch and some extra toys just in case he got bored and left for the fair. The first friend he ran into was Dixie the Duck. “Where do you think you are going,” quacked Dixie? Piper stood so proudly and replied “To the fair.” Dixie stood in shock for she knew no one was allowed to leave the farm. “Framer Dave is going to be soooo mad” Dixie said with a quiver. But Piper didn’t listen and went on.
Finally Piper arrived at the fair. Everything was so big and sparkly. As he walked around he heard some noises that sounded like his friends at home. Thinking that they were there he ran into the barn. To his surprise it was a rainbow of animals. He had never seen so much color.
He saw a red, pink and brown thing that looked like him but wasn’t the same color. “Hey, what are you?” Piper asked. “What? Squirt are you talking to me?” replied the other pig. “Well, yes. Are you a pig too?” Piper asked timidly? “Yes I am a pig—just a different color. I am Dale, the Duroc, and everything comes in different colors, man.” replied Dale. “Wow, I never knew that. Thanks” said Piper. “No problem, Dude” yelled Dale.
Piper continued on to see more of the fair when he saw another funny looking thing. It was a big Oreo Cookie. That was his favorite treat. He couldn’t believe he was seeing one that was that big. Piper walked right up to the cookie and, ”CHOMP.” He bit it! The cookie began to scream and squeal. Piper became very scared. “What are doing?” yelled the cookie. “I thought you were . . . I am sorry” said Piper. “You can’t just walk up and bite things. Are you crazy? I am not a cookie. I am a pig, just like you! Sergeant Henry Hampshire speaking,” he said sternly. Piper felt bad. He knew now that he had to be very careful at the fair.
“What is a Hampshire?” Piper asked. “Well I am just like you, but I am black and white,” answered Henry. “Oh I am sorry that I bit you. I just love Oreos,” said Piper. Sergeant Henry Hampshire began to mumble something about respect and how Piper needed the Army, but Piper sneaked away when Sgt. Hampshire wasn’t looking.
Piper walked toward the end of the barn and sat down to eat the lunch he had packed. “Hey whatcha got there?” asked a sweet voice. Piper turned around and saw the most beautiful pig. “It’s just a sandwich and some chips. Do you want some?” replied Piper. “Yes, of course. Hey what is such a small piglet doing at the fair?” she asked. “I wanted to see what all was here. What’s your name?” Piper asked.

“My name is Suzy Spots, and I am a prize- winning pig,” Suzy remarked. Piper had never seen a spotted pig before, especially a show pig. After a long chat they both realized what time it was and what a long walk Piper had back to the farm.

For the long walk home Piper had to remember how to get there. He thought and thought but couldn’t remember. Suzy Spots said “Just walk back through and tell all your new friend’s goodbye. It’s called retracing you’re steps.”

“What a great idea” Piper exclaimed. “Bye Suzy.”

“Bye, Dear Piper,” said Suzy.

As Piper began his long walk home, he stopped to say goodbye to all of his friends. First was Suzy Spots, then Sergeant Henry Hampshire, then Dale, the Duroc. The last friend he meet was Dixie the Duck.

“It is about time you came back. Farmer Dave was calling you for dinner,” said Dixie. Piper ran home and ate dinner. After dinner he told all of the animals at the farm about his day and his new friends.

piper the pig questions
Piper the Pig Questions
  • Where did Piper go?

A. The library

B. The movies

C. The fair

What kind of pig was Dale?

A. Spotted

B. Duroc

C. Hampshire

3. What kind of pig was Suzy?

A. Hampshire

B. Spotted

C. Duroc

4. What kind of pig was Henry?

A. Hampshire

B. Spotted

C. Duroc

5.Who did Piper tell his story to?

A. Dale

B. Suzy

C. Dixie

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