Caerau and brynglas market garden community engagement strategy
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Caerau and Brynglas Market Garden Community Engagement Strategy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Caerau and Brynglas Market Garden Community Engagement Strategy. Community Engagement Strategy Vision Challenges Helps What the community wants Solution = Problem Rules of Engagement (suggestions) Next step Questions. Vision.

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Caerau and brynglas market garden community engagement strategy
Caerau and Brynglas Market GardenCommunity Engagement Strategy

  • Community Engagement Strategy

  • Vision

  • Challenges

  • Helps

  • What the community wants

  • Solution = Problem

  • Rules of Engagement (suggestions)

  • Next step

  • Questions


  • Generate positive sentiments about the project in the local area

  • Recruit volunteers and achieve consistent volunteer engagement

  • Secure the site and the capital investment

  • Develop community ownership of project to guarantee continuity and embedding into community

  • Generate benefits for the community members: improved health, increased skill-levels and self-confidence, reduce crime and ASB, local food production, improvement of local environment and beauty

  • Bring forth success of project and achieve Groundwork’s targets

  • Serve as model and lay the ground for future projects


  • Make scheme popular with locals & generate curiosity

    • Disillusionment: “we’ve seen this before”

  • Generate flow of curious people to site

    • ‘Tribal’ community that is very ‘gangy’ and that might not go to certain parts of the town

    • project is in a ‘dead end’ part of Caerau; you only go there with a purpose on mind

  • Create consistency in volunteer engagement & maintain momentum

    • Flow to site issues as above

    • Reach out to ‘middle-aged’ group: local groups already working with kids/ youth and elderly – but not the middle range

    • Passive/ ‘poor me’ attitude: “council needs to do things for us”

  • Secure against vandalism & theft

    • Area is prone to metal theft, ASB, and drug dealing


  • Experience & established groups in the area:

    • Youthworks, Communities First …

  • Hyder consultancy:

    • Needs & wishes of neighbourhood established

  • Awareness of challenges

    • Problem = Solution

What the community wants
What the community wants

  • Existing use: kids play, dog walking and walk through (lane)

  • Anti-social issues: burning & fire setting, rubbish dumping, drug dealing, off-road bikes & hypodermics

  • Proposed use: fencing is definitely needed, wanted are: allotments, kids play facilities with trees, community & schools involvement with training, a tidy area / improved scenery

Problem solution
Problem = Solution

  • Popularity/ Pride:

    • Ensure / aim towards continuity by sustainably embedding project into community

    • Work out benefits/ what motivates people in the area: “why should I get involved, what good is it for me?”

  • Create flow to site & Volunteer consistency:

    • Target to people’s interests: come up with as many fun & interesting workshops/ projects/ events as possible

    • Start engagement as early as possible & offer regular events/ activities

  • Security:

    • Establish pride of area & get neighbouring households on side & involved: neighbourhood watch ;-)

Rules of engagement suggestions
Rules of Engagement (Suggestions)

  • Find an appealing fun / positive project name & slogans

    • CaerOasis, Land of Milk and Honey, Together we are growing …

  • Make it ‘not just about growing’ through events & time banking

    • reach a greater number and variety of people and create a sense of ownership and pride

  • Find ‘out of the box’ ways to create sources of income from the plot for locals

    • How can the scheme improve the community’s future?

    • Output for locally created arts, produce, and objects created during workshops -> gift shop or exhibitions

Cont rules of engagement suggestions
Cont. Rules of Engagement (Suggestions)

  • Start engagement as early as possible & offer regular events/ activities/ training

  • Event ideas:

    • Launch event – Noodfa Chapel

    • ‘You name it’ -? Finding a name for the project competition & vote

    • ‘Caerau in a day’ – à la ‘Life in a day’: photographic competition on a certain day; handing out single use cameras

    • Graffiti design for the building

    • Tile making for the building (Youth services)

    • Willow workshops

    • Cob building (Pizza oven with a Pizza baking finale on completion)

    • Fences

    • Drystone building

    • Cooking classes

    • Introduction to horticulture courses to prepare community members for growing: basic growing (pop a seed in a pot & water it), urban growing solutions, window sill growing

Cont rules of engagement suggestions1
Cont. Rules of Engagement (Suggestions)

  • Marketing: produce awareness raising materials:

    • Leaflet dropping in adjacent streets

    • Posters for public

    • PR for local groups (emails, tap into community first’s newsletter, facebook/hub?)

    • Signage for site itself!

    • Local newspaper article

  • Tap into existing & further develop a community hub

    • Linking up existing community groups, cross-promote and inform each other on workshops/ training courses and events. Thus creating a close-nit network that is more apparent for volunteers -> cultivating/ fostering more of a communal feel and allowing volunteers to build relationships with several organisations at the same time and thus tying them in better.

    • What has Groundwork got to offer for other groups?

    • Have other groups run events for our project: graffiti, tile making

  • Tap into existing time-banking scheme in the community – across various groups

    • Incentives

  • Incorporate scheme for substance abusers à la Monty Don ‘Digging out of drug abuse’

Next steps
Next steps …

  • Incorporate Hyder report results

  • Develop community evaluation scheme

  • Produce awareness raising materials:

    • Posters for public

    • PR for local groups (emails, tap into community first’s newsletter, facebook/hub?)

    • Signage for site itself!

    • Local newspaper article

  • Organise launch event

  • Start linking up with other organisations and start setting up training events / workshops

    Achieved end Feb 2012

Next steps march
Next steps (March - …)

  • Confirm training dates:

    • Film making & editing OCN accredited course with [email protected]

    • Growing workshop with Edible Landscapes

  • Arrange site visits for interested volunteers:

    • Coed Hill’s Rural Artspace Riverside Market Garden & Forest Garden for end of April / beginning of May

    • Routes 2 life project @Groundwork Caerphilly

  • Decide on project name: after Easter (end of ‘You name it’ campaign)

  • Analyse community survey: begin April (deadline for surveys: 30th March)

  • Network and establish more links:

    • Local primary schools

    • Mental health Matters

    • Addiction centre

    • Disability network

    • Allotment Society

    • Sasha – Willow

Next steps march cont
Next steps (March - …) cont

  • Develop own marketing material for the project

    • flyers, posters for volunteers to point out benefits:

      • Health, learning, making friends, work experience, fun..

    • Use Bryan’s video for Caerau promotion

    • Use Ystradynglais case study for marketing

  • Logistics: Toilet facilities: check with Noddfa

  • Learn from experience: set up meeting with Bryan from Caerphilly

    • Setting up training courses

    • Benefits

    • Craft catalogue!

  • Get in touch with training providers:

    • Sasha -> willow / cob oven …

Next steps march cont1
Next steps (March - …) cont

  • Build a pop-bottle greenhouse – maybe with schools/ scouts/ Noddfa?

Development ideas
Development ideas

  • While we haven’t got a house – use polytunnel as workshop space

  • Get the play area set up

  • Participate in GHOP

    • Benefits of ‘social gardening’

      • Health, physical activity, diet, well being, social relationships, self-esteem, community involvement

  • Set up link with Food co-op

  • Grow juicing ingredients & start a juice cafe-> Beth: healthy eating campaign


  • Will groups have access as they please? Key holders? Supervision? Liability?

  • Cost – Quality – Reliability

  • How to calculate amount of produce & loss?