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motorcycle accident claim

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motorcycle accident claim - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

  • Uploaded on you plan to bring your motorcycle accident claim to court it is best that you retain the skills of a qualified lawyer. A specialised lawyer will help start your motorcycle accident claim quickly and move any court proceedings along as quickly as possible. This can reduce the sometimes long and frustrating waiting periods./nAdditionally, if you have the option to setting your motorcycle accident claim out of court, a qualified lawyer will be of great assistance. They will help you prepare a strong case that will help you gain the compensation that you are entitled to. This is particularly useful if your opponent also has strong legal representation. Settling out of court usually saves you both time and money./nThere are many motorcycle accidents every year. Not all of these are the riders fault. They may be due to another party, road conditions or other unavoidable circumstances. Let’s have a look and some tips on how to best prepare for your motorcycle accident claim./nIf you are able and it is safe enough it is a good idea to take photo’s of the accident scene and surrounds. Additionally it is useful to write down your recount of the events as soon as you can, again providing that you are able. It is also a positive ide to get the names and contact details of any eye witnesses to the incident. The greater the amount of relevant evidence that you can gather to support your case and show that the incident was not your fault, the higher the likelihood of you achieving a successful motorcycle accident claim. The amount of compensation for your motorcycle accident compensation claim (should you win) can vary. Some of the variables can include age, sex, seriousness of the incident and injuries and other losses incurred. As such it is common for there to be a considerable wait to determine how much your motorcycle accident claim is worth./nIt’s important to know your rights and entitlements when it comes to compensation. If you are not clear on these issues yourself, a skilled lawyer may just be your best ally. They will be able to give you expert guidance on what you can and should be claiming in your motorcycle accident compensation claim. They will also be able to give you a realistic indication of whether your claim will in fact ‘hold up’./nInsurance companies are increasing concerned about the rise in motorcycle accident compensation claims. Some of these firms have taken measure to make it more and more difficult to make a motorcycle accident compensation claim. If you are faced with this barrier, you will most certainly need the support of an experienced lawyer in such matters./nThis article is intended for general information purposes only. It is not intended to be definitive legal advice. You are advised to consult with a suitable qualified legal profession on your individual situation and motorcycle accident claim./n

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Presentation Transcript
are you taking your claim to court
Are You Taking Your Claim to Court?
  • If so you will need a skilled lawyer
  • They will help you start quickly
  • They will make sure you receive your full entitlements
settling out of court
Settling Out of Court?
  • A lawyer will be helpful here too
  • Insurance companies can be tough negotiators
there are thousands of motorbike accidents each year
There are Thousands of Motorbike Accidents Each Year
  • If your accident wasn’t your fault, here’s how to prepare for your cliam…
preparing for your claim
Preparing for Your Claim
  • Take photo’s of the scene
  • Write down your detailed recount of the accident
  • Get eye witness reports
  • Get the details of the other driver
  • List out all of your costs in detail
  • Take advice from your lawyer
the amount of compensation can vary
The Amount of Compensation Can Vary
  • Depending on things like…
    • Your gender
    • Your age
    • The seriousness of your injuries
    • And more…
you need to know your rights
You Need to Know Your Rights
  • A skilled lawyer will be your best ally
  • Insurance companies can be tough negotiators

This presentation is intended for general information purposes only. 

It is not intended to be definitive legal advice. 

You are advised to consult with a suitable qualified legal profession on your individual situation and motorcycle accident compensation details.