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motorbike accident compensation

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If you have a motorbike accident and are seeking motorbike accident compensation, you will most likely need a lawyer if your matter is going to court. Your case will be most strongly represented by a lawyer who specialises in motorbike accident compensation matters. You are also better placed to receive your full entitlements if you engage a specialised lawyer./nmotorbike accident compensationLegal proceedings such as motorbike accident compensation hearings will involve legal fees. If you are concerned about fees then you may like to research whether legal aid services or ‘no win no fee’ offers are available. Taking the time to do your research into what offers are available may pay off for you. A no win no fee option is particularly attractive as you will normally pay a pre agreed percentage of any damages that you are awarded. Also if you do secure a no win no fee arrangement for your motorbike accident claim you can rest assured that your lawyer will be working every angle to secure a finding in your favour./nDetermining the value of damages you should pursue for your motorbike accident compensation/nThe best way to get what you deserve is to consider all of the cost and loss factors at the outset. Being prepared early also helps facilitate any out of court settlement if they are offered. This saves both time and money wading through the court system. If on the other hand your case will be decided by a jury, you’ll need to have your best case prepared. So some upfront preparation is a good idea./nA jury will typically assess your claim for ‘reasonableness’ so don’t go overboard and take the considered advice of your legal counsel. When putting your motorbike accident compensation claim together you may like to consider some or all of the following (again your own legal counsel will help you finalise the list)./n Damages to your bike Equipment replacement costs Loss of income Hospital and other medical costs Surgery costs Emotional stress/nIf you will no longer be able to perform in your current job, talk to your lawyer about claiming for job retraining costs and loss of income during the transition./nSettling your motorbike compensation claim may take a long time. It is important that you prepare your case immediately and file as soon as you can. The sooner your case is ‘in the system’, the sooner your case can be heard and judged./nThis article is intended for general information purposes only. It is not intended to be definitive legal advice. You are advised to consult with a suitable qualified legal profession on your individual situation and motorcycle accident compensation details./n

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motorbike accident compensation

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    1. Motorbike Accident Compensation

    2. Had a Motorbike Accident and Seeking Compensation? • If you are going to court, use a specialist lawyer

    3. Expect to Pay Legal Fees • Going to court costs money • You can seek ‘no-win-no-fee’ arrangements

    4. Determine The Value of Your Damages • These include • Medical and surgical costs • Time off work • Motorbike and possessions • Emotional stress

    5. You may even be able to claim job re-training costs if you are no longer able to perform your current job

    6. Disclaimer This presentation is intended for general information purposes only.  It is not intended to be definitive legal advice.  You are advised to consult with a suitable qualified legal profession on your individual situation and motorcycle accident compensation details.