Gary A. Vela, M.D
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Gary A. Vela, M.D. is an experienced plastic surgeon who has helped many patients reclaim their physical selves and their emotional well-being. Cosmetic surgery can be used in a reconstructive manner to help people who have suffered injuries that alter their physical appearances and Dr. Vela, along with his colleagues, works hard to help all patients through such traumatic times.

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Gary a vela m d reconstructive surgeon

Gary A. Vela, M.D

Reconstructive Surgeon

Gary A. Vela, M.D. is aware of the many social issues that people have to deal with if they have been left physically disfigured due to accidents. In his work as a reconstructive surgeon he helps many people to remedy such disfigurements, allowing them to enjoy greater confidence and move on in life. This is beneficial in many different ways to his patients. Gary A. Vela, M.D. completed advanced specialty training in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the University of Oklahoma Medical Center. He works hard to improve his knowledge base so that he can offer all patients the highest possible standards of care.

Gary a vela m d reconstructive surgeon

Gary A. Vela, M.D

Experienced Surgeon

Gary A. Vela, M.D. has dedicated his career to his work as a surgeon, undergoing extensive training to develop the skills that he brings into his work. He received his Doctorate of Medicine from the Medical College of Virginia School of Medicine and has also undertaken additional training at the University of Miami, the University of Maryland at Baltimore and the University of Oklahoma Medical Center. Gary A. Vela, M.D. recognizes that all of his patients have individual desires and requirements, which is why he customizes his services to the patient. He spends time consulting with prospective patients so that he can learn more about them, provide more information about the procedures that they are considering and help them to feel more at ease with the concept of surgery.

Gary a vela m d reconstructive surgeon

Gary A. Vela, M.D

Medical Residency

Before committing himself full-time to his career as a cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon, Gary A. Vela, M.D. served his residency in general surgery at the Medical College of Virginia Hospitals, obtaining his certificate in general surgery. This residency followed the completion of his graduate training, which he completed at the Medical College of Virginia School of Medicine. Gary A. Vela, M.D. works hard to educate every single patient that he consults with, so that they understand the various procedures he is capable of performing and any risks that may be attached to their surgeries.

Gary a vela m d reconstructive surgeon

Gary A. Vela, M.D

Helping Patients

Gary A. Vela, M.D. is a talented reconstructive surgeon who offers a range of procedures, including tummy tucks, breast lifts and Brazilian butt lifts, to his patients. His practice is focused on educating patients to help them understand more about cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries so that they can make smarter decisions and receive the highest standards of care possible.

Gary a vela m d reconstructive surgeon


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