male self exam gender related prevention and health promotion l.
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Male Self Exam; Gender-Related Prevention and Health Promotion PowerPoint Presentation
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Male Self Exam; Gender-Related Prevention and Health Promotion

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Male Self Exam; Gender-Related Prevention and Health Promotion - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Male Self Exam; Gender-Related Prevention and Health Promotion . Killinger Gender . Testicular Cancer. Most common cancer in young males 5 X more common in Caucasians Increased incidence w/ cryptorchidism (or elevated testicular temp over time)

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testicular cancer
Testicular Cancer
  • Most common cancer in young males
  • 5 X more common in Caucasians
  • Increased incidence w/ cryptorchidism (or elevated testicular temp over time)
  • Aggressive, rapidly spreading cancer (if not detected early)
who should do monthly testicular self exam and why
Who Should Do Monthly Testicular Self Exam and Why?
  • Testicular CA is the most common CA in young men
  • So, every adult male should do self exam (to detect testicular tumors/diseases of the genitalia)
  • Even more important for males who are sexually active and who have had more than one partner, or whose partner has had more than one partners (to detect STDs)
steps of the male self exam
Steps of the Male Self Exam
  • Examine head of penis- look for any lesions, discoloration, warts or lumps
  • Examine urethral meatus-should be pink, glistening, slit like, and free of discharge
  • Strip the urethra-look for discharge
  • Inspect entire penis, and pubic hair area
  • Palpate scrotum/testes-feel for lumps front and back
educate your patients about signs symptoms of stds
Educate Your Patients About Signs/Symptoms of STDs:
  • Reddened urethral meatus- Most STDs
  • Swollen lymph nodes-Esp. in herpes or L venerium.
  • Pain/burning with urination-Several STDs
  • Discharge from penis- Esp. Gonorrhea
  • Lesions, sores, bumps, discolorations on penis-Varies depending on which STD
  • Pain or itching on penis-Herpes?
remember 3 curable 3 incurable




Genital Warts (HPV)

AIDS But, treatments have come a long way!

Remember…3 Curable 3 Incurable
what about prevention
What about Prevention?
  • Abstinence is the best strategy
  • Monogamy, if sexually active (and regular testing if either partner may be unfaithful)
  • If sexually active, with multiple partners, USE A CONDOM EVERY TIME
  • Hygiene; shower/wash immediately after sex (most viruses are fairly fragile)
prostate cancer prevention american cancer society 2001
Prostate Cancer Prevention(American Cancer Society-2001)
  • Limit intake of animal fat
  • Choose most foods from plant sources
  • Eat 5 or more servings of fruits & vegetables each day
  • Include breads, grains, rice, past and beans in your diet
more from acs
More from ACS...
  • Eat high Lycopene foods-Tomatoes, Grapefruit, Watermelon (Antioxidant substance that helps prevent DNA damage and prostate CA
  • Take Vitamin E and Selenium
  • Saw Palmetto and Stinging Nettles (herbal remedies for BPH and prostate disease)
other herbal strategies prostate health
Other Herbal Strategies: Prostate Health
  • Saw Palmetto
  • Stinging Nettles- decreases nocturia
  • Pumpkin Seeds/Pumpkin Seed Oil
    • They all block 5-alpha-reductase so testosterone does not convert to DHT (DHT causes prostate enlargement)
  • Pygeum Africans-(bark of African pine) Reduces DHT formation
recommend the appropriate screenings
Recommend the Appropriate Screenings...
  • Annual DRE and PSA test for all men over 50, and high risk men over 40
  • Medicare pays for it totally (no co-pay)
  • 25 states have laws stating that all private insurers cover procedures to diagnose Prostate CA (DRE and PSA)
what can present as low back pain
What Can PresentAs Low Back Pain?
  • BPH-?
  • Prostatic CA-Usually with perianal pain
  • Acute or Chronic Prostatitis- Usually with Perianal pain too
male infertility
Male Infertility
  • Risks include
    • Diabetes
    • Heart disease and heart meds
    • Atherosclerosis
    • Kidney disease
    • Elevated testicular temperature
    • Impotence- Also related to heart, blood flow, etc.
    • So….EXERCISE!