Dars 2001
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DARs 2001. 1. Allow Administrators the access to packages without being an approver Should be able to do thru PKGESI... VIEWED by CA to be a level 2 bug....they will open an incident. DARs 2001. 2. REUSABLE PACKAGES or ADMIN OVERRIDE

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Dars 2001
DARs 2001

  • 1. Allow Administrators the access to packages without being an approver

  • Should be able to do thru PKGESI...VIEWED by CA to be a level 2 bug....they will open an incident

Dars 20011
DARs 2001


  • Allow an administrator to set global sync and jump options for package after its execution fails. Most of the time the other elements in the package have been processed and the package cannot be reset and reused as is. A new package must be created with the proper sync options and then cast, approved and executed. An administrator should be able to set a global sync or jump option and force these packages to completion. Alternatively, allow packages to be reused without losing the audit trail from previous package actions.

  • Divided in 2 parts...first part of allowing global sync options should not be needed with element locking in 3.92nd part... I-NUGE will open a DAR

Dars 20012
DARs 2001

  • 3. User reports for cross reference between processors & processor groups to find ‘where used’ information.

  • I-NUGE to open DAR to produce this report from the MCF.DAR issued: 11407461

Dars 20013
DARs 2001

  • 4. MOVEACM at Stage1DESCRIPTION: Client would like some way to keep component information up to date when element is moved (using the move processor) from stage to stage under Endevor control. In particular the output components. When using Quickedit to browse a listing of a production element, the listing can't be found because Quickedit uses the component information to determine where to find the listing, and this information reflects the location of the listing when is was generated which was prior to the production level (like having the ability to append the move information to the existing component list and not overlay it)

  • CA has this as a maybe for 4.0

Dars 20014
DARs 2001

  • 5. Allow Change of Subsystem or Type Without Using TransferDESCRIPTION: Inventory moves from one team to another frequently in our company. The only way we can handle this is to 'transfer' the inventory from the old team to the new team. We would like a method to change the subsystem or the type at the production stage without using 'transfer'. We are aware that inventory below the production stage will get a footprint mismatch error and we will need to generate the program again.

  • Rejected.. User can use archive and restore for this function, if they do not want to use transfer.

Dars 20015
DARs 2001

  • 6. Display element name on all Browse pagesDESCRIPTION: Display element name near the end of file name on the top of each Browse page. This way users do not have to scroll back to the top of very large elements to double check the name of the element. I have sample screen prints in WordPerfect format. If you will give me an e-mail address, I will send them to you as an attachment.

  • I-NUGE to open DAR request for this featureDAR issued: 11407504

Dars 20016
DARs 2001

  • 7. Have MAXRC Perform as Indicated by the ManualDESCRIPTION: My DAR was for the description of the MAXRC to perform as indicated by the manual. The manual states: **************************************** MAXRC defines the highest acceptable OS return code for a processor step. If the return code exceeds the value specified, the CA-Endevor return code is set to 12, and a processor-failed flag is set for the element within CA-Endevor. Processor execution ends immediately, and none of the succeeding steps are executed.

  • Documentation has been corrected !

Dars 20017
DARs 2001

  • 8. QuickEdit: Allow Mult-BatchWhen you enter Option "O" or "G" for multiple Elements on the Quick-Edit selection list and the Action Options are set to Batch, Quick-Edit submits a separate batch job for each element selected. Quick-Edit should allow "GG" and "OO" selection codes to allow submission of a single batch job that will perform the generates/moves for all selected elements, possibly with the same "x Number of Actions will be performed" message shown when "Display List = N" in native Endevor.

  • I-NUGE to open DAR request.DAR issued; 11407519

Dars 20018
DARs 2001

  • 9. List config filesDescription: We would like Endevor having the ability to print out the options from the load modules for: C1DEFLTS, ENCOPTBL, ENDICNFG, BC1TNEQU. As you know we are living in a world where more and more company are merging. Today people like us are installing more and more products among them Endevor, we end up with great number of installation which may be supported by several people. List host configuration files is one thing that would facilitate our work to see what really is inside those files before modifying them again. It is not something that would request much work to be achieved by C.A. people

  • Targeted for Release 4.0

Dars 20019
DARs 2001

  • 10. Endevor OS/390: Display Approver ID's for External Package ApproversEndevor OS/390 cannot currently display the userids of package approvers when they belong to "external approver groups" using ESSI. CA told us during a presentation that Endevor Webstation would be able to display the userids for such approvers. Please add this same capability to Endevor OS/390.

  • I-NUGE to open DAR request DAR issued; 11407547