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CUNY Coalition for Students with Disabilities PowerPoint Presentation
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CUNY Coalition for Students with Disabilities

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CUNY Coalition for Students with Disabilities
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CUNY Coalition for Students with Disabilities

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  1. CUNY Coalition for Students with Disabilities Empowering CUNY’s more than 9,000 Students with Disabilities By Madeline Schwartz, Chairperson

  2. Disabilities Civil Rights… Education has been mandatory for American children since 1917, but it was not until after Ed Roberts in the 1960s that the Disability Rights movement drew national attention. When he was paralyzed from the neck down when he gained admission to the University of California at Berkeley.

  3. History… • In the early 1970s, only 20% of children with disabilities were educated in U.S. schools. • In 1972, the Federal courts determined the right to a basic education EqualProtection Clause in the 14th Amendment and demanded that “states to provide disabled children with an education, and financial assistance to create and maintain this service within local communities.” • In 1973, Federal Rehabilitation Act, Section 504 established the legislative obligation for all colleges and universities receiving Federal dollars to increase physical and programmatic access and to provide auxiliary aids and prohibit discriminatory procedures.

  4. History… • In 1975, Education most be guarantee free and appropriate public education for children with disabilities. • In 1992, the Reauthorization of the Rehabilitation Act, at CUNY each campus for students with disabilities to request reasonable accommodations, and a budget is provided at each campus to provide those accommodations for students with documented disabilities.

  5. History… • In 1984, Don Passantino enrolled at Queens College in the effort to acquire the skills necessary to change prevailing disability policies. While at Queens College, he became involved at every level of student government, including serving as the Chair of the College’s Committee for Disabled Students, as President of its Evening Student Association, and as leading member of the College’s Academic Senate.  As Vice Chair of CUNY’s University Student Senate, Don worked tirelessly to enhance access and opportunity for the City University’s more than 9,000 students with disabilities… …The CUNY Coalition for Students with Disabilities

  6. Our Founder Donald Passantino Advocate, Artist, Environmentalist 1950-2004

  7. Reestablishing… In the summer of 2003, Passantino invited a group of student leaders with disabilities to gather together in a leadership training held at Queens College followed by a barbecue to celebrate the anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). At the event Donald Passantino reorganized the CUNY Coalition for Students with Disabilities once again. As a result of that event, the CCSD has been working very strongly with a common purpose, which is to reestablish and renew old friendships with those who are involved in advocating for the disabled.

  8. The CUNY Coalition for Students with Disabilities Represents a diverse, empowered University-wide organization that is actively and dramatically transforming the perception and experiences of people with disabilities at CUNY.

  9. Our Current Members are Students and Alumnus: BMCC QCC La Guardia City College Baruch College Hunter College Queens College Staten Island Kingsborough Community College John Jay The board of directors: Chairperson Vice chairperson Treasurer Secretary Member at Large Structure…

  10. Identity… A Logo Contest !

  11. Independence of CUNY students with disabilities Leadership by CUNY students with disabilities Advocacy by CUNY students with disabilities Spirit of community among people with disabilities at CUNY Equal access for people with disabilities at CUNY Equal opportunity for people with disabilities at CUNY Excellency of CUNY students with disabilities Students with disabilities as an integral part of CUNY Students with disabilities contributions to CUNY’s diversity Logo Contest … A Logo Design that reflects the essential spirit and values of the group:

  12. Webpage … Fliers… Arts Department Disabilities Service Offices Listserv About Us Photo Gallery Guidelines Application Join Us Event

  13. Sponsor… • Disability Awareness Month Kick Off Reception • $1,000.00 • CUNY Coalition Logo Design Competition & Reception • $2,300.00

  14. Award Presentation… April 19, 2005 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm Borough of Manhattan Community College Richard Harris Terrance Guest Speakers: USS Chair Lauren Fasano Dean Harry Franklin

  15. The Winner… Cesar Rivera New York City College of Technology

  16. The ToolKit is another project designed by CCSD “to ensure there are a student disabilityorganization and/or club on each of the CUNY college campuses.” The TRIOProgram; by August 2005, more than 2,000 CUNY students in need of support services, including many with disabilities are schedule to lose their funds in 12 institutions in New York State and nine are CUNY colleges. Current Projects…

  17. What can I do to stop these cuts? Together, We Can Make a Difference! 1. Log on to 2. Sign up with Support CUNY 3. Click on “To Do” 4. Click on the “Take Action” icon corresponding to the category that best describes you as a constituent (I.e. “Student-Federal Issues” , “Student with a Disability”, etc..). Modify the sample letter to write to your U.S. Senators and Representatives asking them to stop the cuts to CUNY’s Student Support Services (TRIO) Programs!

  18. Our Goal… It is our long-term goal is to implement these plans and especially to remove the physical barriers to education and safety, to create awareness within the community, and to fully establish and be a recognized organization on each and every CUNY campus.

  19. Our Future…