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Automated Road Vehicles

Automated Road Vehicles Developments during 2005 Robert Johnson R. E. Johnson Consulting Rockville, Maryland www.autoroadvehicles.com Advanced Transit Association Technical Seminar January 22, 2006. Automated Road Vehicles. Steer themselves on a flat surface No mechanical constraint

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Automated Road Vehicles

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  1. Automated Road VehiclesDevelopments during 2005Robert JohnsonR. E. Johnson ConsultingRockville, Marylandwww.autoroadvehicles.comAdvanced Transit Association Technical SeminarJanuary 22, 2006

  2. Automated Road Vehicles • Steer themselves on a flat surface • No mechanical constraint • Self contained power source • All sizes: 4 passenger to 50 passenger • Also called: • Automated (or Automatic) Guided Vehicles • Road based people movers

  3. ULTra 4-passenger vehicle

  4. Original ParkShuttle in Airport Parking Lot

  5. Major Developments During 2005 • EU-China Project (began December 2004) • Toyota IMTS bus at EXPO 2005 in Japan • BAA selects ULTra for Heathrow airport • Grand Challenge has five finishers • ParkShuttle II begins operation near Rotterdam

  6. Grand Challenge 2005 • Winner was “Stanley”, a Volkswagen SUV entered by Stanford University • $2 million prize • 132 mile course • Much more difficult than controlling Automated Road Vehicle (ARV) • But ARV must be more reliable

  7. TRB Session 732 on Automated Road VehiclesWednesday, Jan. 25, 2006, 4:30 - 6:00, Hilton • Benefits and Operation of Hybrid-Electric Road Trains, Bruce McHenry • CyberC3: Cybercar Automated Vehicles in China, Ming Yang, et al. • Automated Chain Mobility: Each Mode Its Own Niche, Robbert Lohmann • Personal Rapid Transit in Relation to Other Forms of Automated Transport, Martin Lowson

  8. Hybrid-Electric Road Trains • Session devoted to road trains at 12th World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems, November 2005 • All-electric vehicles might be physically coupled to form “road trains” led by manually driven ICE or electric vehicles • Could triple lane capacity, double fuel economy • Could be combined with electric short-term rental cars that are redistributed at low speed by robotic driving

  9. CyberC3: Cybercar Automated Vehicles in China

  10. “For the trial program in Century Park….vehicles will be connected with a central controlling system to carry tourists around the park”“Passengers choose their destination stop after boarding and get off when the car stops -- just like an elevator”

  11. CyberC3 Test Vehicle

  12. ParkShuttle II

  13. ParkShuttle II Vehicles at Station

  14. Grand OpeningDecember 1, 2005Prime Minister Balkenende rides the ParkShuttle

  15. Toyota IMTS bus at EXPO 2005 • Intelligent Multi-mode Transport System • Driverless platoons on exclusive roadway • Manual operation of single bus on ordinary streets • 30 km/hr (19 mph) max at EXPO 2005

  16. Toyota IMTS bus at station

  17. Toyota IMTS Platoon at Station

  18. Toyota IMTS Interior

  19. Toyota IMTS Operator’s Compartment with Transparent Wall (Morizo at wheel)

  20. For more information aboutAutomated Road VehiclesPlease see www.autoroadvehicles.com

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