Yr 13 induction sept 2014
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Yr 13 Induction Sept 2014. Welcome back!. Some excellent results Some disappointing ones – what do you need to do to improve? This is the most important year of your academic life Role models – top of the school Dress Code Attendance & Punctuality Behaviour/attitude.

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Yr 13 induction sept 2014

Yr 13 InductionSept 2014

Welcome back
Welcome back!

  • Some excellent results

  • Some disappointing ones – what do you need to do to improve?

  • This is the most important year of your academic life

  • Role models – top of the school

    • Dress Code

    • Attendance & Punctuality

    • Behaviour/attitude

Top achieving yr 13 students
Top achieving Yr 13 students

  • Julian Rodrigues: 4A* grades in Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry and Physics. He is expecting to accept a place at UCL to read Mathematics.

  • Michaela Aurelio: A*AAA in Biology, Chemistry, Psychology and Maths. She will be taking a gap year to gain medical work experience before applying for Medicine courses next year.

  • Adrian Hession: A*AA in Economics, Maths and Physics. He will be joining The University of Sheffield to study Civil Engineering

  • Stephanie AkomiahAAB in Politics, Sociology and Psychology. She will be taking a fantastic gap year opportunity to complete an Apprenticeship scheme via the Parliamentary Academy, in the office of Ed Miliband MP before studying Social Policy at the London School of Economics.

Difference between as and a2
Difference between AS and A2

  • Harder modules (often longer exams)

  • Same weighting as AS in terms of UMS (50% of your A Level)

  • In some cases similar to degree level study

  • AS is easier – so you may want to think about re-sitting a module in order to reach the grade you want/need

Ums not grades
UMS not Grades

  • If you are continuing on an AS subject into A2 you can now IGNORE the AS grade!

  • UMS scores are the important factor here

  • UMS = Uniform Mark Scale

  • Think of it as (roughly) the percentage you got on each module

  • This is NOT the same as the raw marks

  • See the additional sheet for guidance

Yr 13 induction sept 2014

  • The small grade next to your UMS scores can be ignored

    Module 1 Module 2

    (PSYA1) (PSYA2)

    76 (b) 68 (c)

    Total: 144

    At AS you need the following UMS for grades:

    2 Module AS 3 Module AS

    (out of 200) (out of 300)

    A= 160 A= 240

    B= 140 B= 210

    C= 120 C= 180

    D= 100 D= 150

    E= 80 E= 120

Ums at a2
UMS at A2

At A2 you need the following UMS for grades:

4 Module A2 6 Module A2

(out of 400) (out of 600)

A= 320 A= 480

B= 280 B= 420

C= 240 C= 360

D= 200 D= 300

E= 160 E= 240

  • To get an A* grade you need:

    • To get an A grade overall

    • To gain an average of at least 90% across your A2 modules

Yr 13 induction sept 2014

  • 144/400 = a U grade at A2

  • To get a B grade at A2 this student needs to get a UMS total of 280/400

  • This means they need 136 more UMS on their A2 modules

  • Can they do this without re-sitting an AS module? Probably...

  • What if they want an A?

  • They need 320 UMS. That’s another 176 UMS

As module re sits
AS Module Re-sits

  • Think CAREFULY about your re-sit strategy

  • What overall grade do you need to reach your TMG?

  • Can you reach this without re-sitting one AS module?

  • Talk to your teachers and Personal tutors

  • Entries to Exams officer in March – form signed by subject teacher and Mr Delf

  • Pay for module re-sits:

    • If UMS score increases, you get a refund!

    • Between £20-£30 approx per module

Yr 13 induction sept 2014

  • If you are working beneath your TMG you are underachieving for a student of your ability

    • If you are performing consistently poorly on reports and/or Mock exam results you will be ‘dropped’ back down to the AS version of your subject.

    • This is particularly relevant if you gained an E grade, or even a D grade on your AS subject

    • Dropping down to the AS in your subject could massively impact on your University offers...


  • Version 1 available today, V2 Friday am.

  • Please see Mr Delf during Lunch, or after the Enrichment fair if you think there are errors/omissions

  • Yet to include:

    • Some subjects which are pending/clashing

    • GCSE Maths/English

    • Enrichment

Study programmes
Study programmes

  • The School is funded on whether a student completes a Programme of study of minimum 540 GLHs per year

    • Timetabled lesson time (150hrs per subject)

    • Timetabled Form time / PD time

    • Timetabled Enrichment

    • Timetabled study sessions

      This means you will need to be enrolled on a

      minimum of 3 subjects

January mock exams
January Mock Exams

  • Mock exams in all examined subjects

  • 1 week exam leave block (no lessons in exam subjects – BTECs continue)

  • w/b Mon 19th Jan

  • Exam will cover teaching from Sept-Dec

  • Exam timetable to follow

  • Results available end of Jan and will be in Feb report

Yr 13 induction sept 2014





Yr 13 induction sept 2014

  • You need to get predicted grades from your teachers via the Form provided today

  • You will not be predicted more than one grade higher than your AS ‘grade’

  • You MUST apply to courses that are making offers that are achievable by you.

  • Some students have trouble getting places in August because they did not make the grades and did not choose a sensible insurance offer.

  • Big focus in PSD from now on.

  • References will be written by either your Form Tutor OR you can ask a subject teacher who knows you well (they are not obliged to do this, so ask nicely!)

Ucas personal statement

  • The personal statement is the only opportunity to personalise your application. It is very important that take time to prepare this.

  • UCAS now use software to detect plagiarism in personal statements

  • Get this done as soon as possible!

  • You should all have a draft complete already from last term

Yr 13 induction sept 2014

  • An extra UCAS apply session will be held P5 on Wednesday 10th Sept in the study room

  • It is vital that you ensure the online form is completed accurately

  • Please attend if:

    • You are not yet logged on to the UCAS system

    • You need help completing aspects of the form

      Ms Pastides has your log in details if you have

      forgotten them

Yr 13 induction sept 2014

  • Things to consider...

  • Difference between Grade and Points offers (UCAS Tariff)

  • Gap year or not applying? Please notify Mrs Warwick if either of these apply to you

  • Increased competition and rising offers

  • REMINDER: Internal Deadline

    10th November

Not ucas

  • If you are not planning on applying for University please notify Mrs Warwick

  • This will allow us to support you appropriately be it for:

    • Apprenticeships

    • Further training

    • Higher education outside of UCAS

    • Employment

      There are lots of alternative routes out there for you

      but you MUST be willing to research and take the


If you need extra help support
If you need extra help/support…

Just ASK!

Speak to your FT and the Sixth Form team


  • Not compulsory in Year 13, but still excellent to be involved in – especially as you were all so good at it

  • Specific ones for you - Silver surfers and mentoring of year 10s

  • Particular need for students to run events for new Year 12s

  • Enrichment Fair P5 Walthamstow Hall today

  • Attendance by Senior Prefects please

Changes to morning tutor time
Changes to morning tutor time

  • Registration as normal for now…

  • The plan is to swap to a fortnightly morning tutorial system in about 4 weeks

  • This depends on full attendance and high levels of punctuality during September

  • You would attend a fortnightly assembly and a fortnightly meeting to discuss progress

  • Only 2 out of 10 mornings at 8.40am!

  • If people abuse the system we will go back to normal registration


  • Attendance / Punctuality to lessons

  • Dress code

  • Role models for all other year groups – including Yr 12

  • Sixth Form areas of the school

  • Security – doors, passes etc.

  • Entering/exiting the building

  • Food, headphones, mobiles etc.

  • Study room

  • 5pm finish

Attendance punctuality
Attendance & Punctuality

  • UCAS references!!!

  • Job references!!!

  • Volunteering references!!!

  • Charging for exam entries

  • Please ring Sixth Form Admin before 8.40am if you are not in through illness or VALID excuse - If not it’s a phone call home

  • Self certification

  • Ensure you catch up with work – contact teachers


  • When Registration stops you will need to take more responsibility for being up to date with important information

    • Assemblies

    • School email address

    • Twitter

    • School website

    • Notice boards

    • Screens!

Electronic lesson attendance
Electronic Lesson attendance

  • You will have noticed staff using iPads to register during lessons last term

  • These feed directly into your reports

  • This feeds directly into your references...

  • Procedures for applying for time off and self certification are the same but people forgot to do this which impacted on their attendance figures.

  • If you are not sure then ASK

Why has my tutor group name changed
Why has my tutor group name changed?

  • Numbering of form groups has changed to the letters: A,S,P,I,R,E

  • This applies to the whole school

  • Each letter links to a Saint

  • Opportunity to make links vertically to other form groups with your Saint

  • New Personal Tutors

Prefect team
Prefect Team

  • Head Girl Chelsea

  • Head Boy Jeffrey

  • All SPs to help for rest of the day

  • Other Prefects and volunteers welcome

  • Short meeting at 4pm in the study room (SPs only)

Important dates other info
Important Dates & other info

  • Yr 12 induction Period 3-4

  • Enrichment fair P5

  • Day off tomorrow (don’t forget holiday homework!)

  • Lessons start Friday Period 2

  • Please register on Friday in Wiseman Canteen for Year group photo

  • UCAS deadline!!!

  • Please see Ms Pastides for any Sixth Form admin issues (eg: Forms, attendance, log-ins)

  • Senior Prefect team meet at 4pm

  • Time table issues – see Mr Delf Period 2

  • Next – Tutor time