Selling the Océ Arizona T220
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Selling the Océ Arizona T220. Beyond Display Graphics!. Jeff Edwards & Peer Kaasgaard. Agenda. Why consider digital printing anyway? USP of flatbed technology from Océ Applications Beyond Display Graphics Why use solvent inks instead of UV inks? Thermoforming applications Project Plan

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Selling the oc arizona t220

Selling the Océ Arizona T220

Beyond Display Graphics!

Jeff Edwards & Peer Kaasgaard

Selling the Arizona T220


  • Why consider digital printing anyway?

  • USP of flatbed technology from Océ

  • Applications Beyond Display Graphics

  • Why use solvent inks instead of UV inks?

  • Thermoforming applications

  • Project Plan

  • Q & A

Selling the Arizona T220

Why digital printing anyway
Why Digital Printing Anyway?

  • Customer demand for shorter-run production

  • Faster turn-around times required

  • Increasing need for flexibility/customization

  • Print directlyonto a variety of substrates

  • Reduce traditional set up costs

  • Expand your business opportunities!

Selling the Arizona T220

Flatbed technology from oc
Flatbed technology from Océ

Océ Arizona T220

Selling the Arizona T220

Unique selling points t220
Unique Selling Points – T220

  • Flatbed solvent inkjet printer, unique design

  • Production mode printing at 16,7 m²/hr Quality mode printing at 8,4 m²/hr

  • Maximum print size (full bleed):159 x 306 cm! Maximum media thickness: 5,1 cm!

  • Stationary media and moving gantry features printing of rigid, irregularly-shaped substrates and multiple jobs simultaneously

Selling the Arizona T220

Unique selling points t2201
Unique Selling Points – T220

  • Linear encoder technology on table and gantry for precision printing

  • Four-zone, configurable vacuum table holds substrates firmly during printing

  • Special stretchable, high optical density, solvent inks for new industrial applications

  • Eliminate costs associated with post-print finishing

Selling the Arizona T220

Why choose solvent inks
Why choose solvent inks?

  • Capable of printing onto a wide variety of uncoated media using a single formulation

  • Capable of stretching with formed media

  • Great quality, saturation and colour gamut

  • Proven outdoor durability of 2-3 years

  • Images won’t crack when flexed

  • Superior adherence and scratch resistance

Selling the Arizona T220

T220 industrial application inks
T220 Industrial Application Inks

  • Much higher optical density than the original 3M inks

  • Capable of stretching over extraordinary draw depths with the formed media

  • Slightly reduced colour gamut due to darker yellow

  • Can be positioned as a vinyl replacement

Selling the Arizona T220

Beyond display graphics

Custom Tiles



Table tops

Water colour/canvas art

Custom Furniture

Point of Purchase


Flat-pack furniture

Beyond Display Graphics

Selling the Arizona T220

3 d printing exclusively from oc
3-D Printing - Exclusively from Océ

Selling the Arizona T220

3 d printing exclusively from oc1
3-D Printing - Exclusively from Océ

  • Océ is pioneering this revolutionary concept

  • Allow sign makers to create 3D signs by printing directly onto the formable substrate.

  • Reducing material and labour costs by as much as 70%!

Selling the Arizona T220

3 d printing exclusively from oc2
3-D Printing - Exclusively from Océ

  • Can be used for 2D signs as well; replacing vinyl and/or paint

  • Production speeds of up to 16 m²/hour

  • This production technique is exclusive to Océ!

Selling the Arizona T220

3 d printing exclusively from oc3
3-D Printing - Exclusively from Océ

  • What is thermoforming?

  • Where is it used?

    • Applications are everywhere; just open your freezer door!

  • Common thermoforming applications

    • Vehicle parts - exterior and interior

    • Three-dimensional signage

    • Water or light-tight products or decorative articles: toys, boats, cargo boxes, etc.

    • Product packaging/containers

Selling the Arizona T220

3 d printing exclusively from oc4
3-D Printing - Exclusively from Océ

  • Print quality not seen before in this market, especially photographic images!

  • Short turn-around times

    • Traditional production requires 6 - 7 hours for a single sign - same product produced using the Arizona T220 in less than 1 hour!

  • Reduced production costs

    • No screen printing, painting or finishing required to complete sign

  • Reduced inventory expenses

    • No vinyl stock required to colour signs

Selling the Arizona T220

3 d printing exclusively from oc5
3-D Printing - Exclusively from Océ

  • Printer can still be used for standard applications

    • Printing on vinyl, glass, acrylic, wood, canvas, Di-Bond, Sintra, Fome-Cor, banner, etc.

  • Allows for more colour variations and higher quality photographic images

  • Eliminate outsourcing of digital work

Selling the Arizona T220

Questions about customers
Questions about Customers

  • Who are they?

  • How do they differ from typical display graphic arts customers?

  • Why have they shown a propensity to buy this solution?

  • What do they see as the actual benefits after installation?

  • Can we find examples of them in every country?

Selling the Arizona T220

Typical thermoforming customers
Typical Thermoforming Customers

  • Tend to be more tolerant of systems requiring regular maintenance

  • Very innovative and more self-reliant

    • Often stock spares and perform system repairs

  • Not as demanding of “perfect” print quality as typical display graphics customers

  • Experience real benefits in terms of production costs, inventory costs and turn-around times

  • Identifiable and located in every country

Selling the Arizona T220

Pop display manufacturing janis plastics antioch il usa

Manufacturer of full-size POP display stands

Use Arizona T220 for prototyping of new designs and short run production

Reduced time to produce prototype (or product) by more than 70%

Consume more than 36 litres of ink per month

POP Display ManufacturingJanis Plastics - Antioch, IL, USA

Selling the Arizona T220

Sign makers ultrasigns san diego ca usa

Sign maker specializing in large, 2D signage

Previously contracted all digital printing to other firms

Saved more than $10,000 in production cost on their first job on the Arizona T220 – over 70%

Limited thermoforming at present, but lots of backlit 2D signs being produced

Sign MakersUltrasigns - San Diego, CA, USA

Selling the Arizona T220

Manufacturers of moulded products stampede products camanche ia usa

Manufacturer of automotive parts and hunting accessories

Allows them to create product as needed, rather than stocking printed sheet inventory

Can offer many more patterns for customers without stocking $50,000 inventory for each

Allows them to create new products for their current market

Manufacturers of Moulded ProductsStampede Products - Camanche, IA, USA

Selling the Arizona T220

See it for yourself
See it for Yourself!

Selling the Arizona T220

How can the odgs bu help
How can the ODGS BU help?

  • Provide expert sales assistance on-the-ground during this early start-up phase

  • Help you find and qualify prospects

  • Help you get that elusive first order

  • Assist with demonstrations and benchmarks

  • Assist at Open House events and exhibitions

  • Provide equipment and personnel to support exhibitions

Selling the Arizona T220

Thermoforming activity overview
Thermoforming Activity Overview



Active Selling

Not yet Active:







Czech Republic





l Italy

l Germany

l Direct Export

l France

l Spain

l Australia


l UK


Qualified prospects


1st placement


Actively selling

Selling the Arizona T220

Thermoforming project phases
Thermoforming Project Phases



  • Expert working to train sales Champion

  • Open House/Demo arranged (optional)

  • Prospect list developed

  • Prospect qualified


  • Sales training complete

  • Prospects qualified

  • Project plan agreed



  • Prospects visited by Expert and Champion

  • Benchmarks/demos arranged

  • Proposals presented

  • First system placed


  • Service training complete

  • 1st customer placed, trained and Referenced

Active Selling


  • Expert gradually withdraws

  • Champion trains other salespeople

  • Funnels building

  • Additional placements


  • Selling independently

  • More placements

  • OPCO tracking to sell consistently

Note: Each phase is approximately 3 months in duration and is considered complete when the indicated milestone has been achieved.

Selling the Arizona T220

What we need from the opco
What we need from the OPCO

  • Time and energy of a sales “champion” to lead the effort

  • Time and energy of marketing to assist in prospect generation

  • Train Service personnel to work with these new inks when first customer found

  • Agreement with the Project Plan

  • A little faith!

Selling the Arizona T220

Selling the oc arizona t220

Display Graphics - Partnership Included

The only limitation, is your imagination!


Selling the Arizona T220