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FY2013 Exhibit 54 Guidelines . Exhibit 54: PURPOSE. Tool used for assisting agencies in completing their Space Budget Justifications Basis for Annual Rent Payments PY : Current GSA Rent Bill + Anticipated Inventory Changes .

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Exhibit 54 purpose l.jpg
Exhibit 54: PURPOSE

  • Tool used for assisting agencies in completing their Space Budget Justifications

  • Basis for Annual Rent Payments

    PY : Current GSA Rent Bill + Anticipated

    Inventory Changes.

    CY & BY : GSA Base Rent Estimate + Anticipated Inventory Changes

    BY+1 : Automatically calculated using

    BY Budget Request x OMB CPI +

    Anticipated Inventory Changes

Omb fiscal year naming convention template color coding descriptions l.jpg
OMB Fiscal Year Naming Convention [template color coding descriptions]

PY = 2011 Fiscal yearCY = 2012 Fiscal year BY = 2013 Fiscal year

BY+ 1 = 2014 Fiscal year

Statement of use l.jpg
Statement of Use

NOTE: The GSA Rent Estimate calculations, the GSA Anticipated Inventory Changes file and the modified Exhibit 54 template are provided to assist you in completing your Space Budget Justification report.

However, the user of this information is ultimately responsible for accuracy of their Agency Budget Request.

We strongly recommend that you thoroughly review all of the data in these files and to make all necessary adjustments for any errors or omissions on our part that may have occurred in the compilation of this data.

Accessing exhibit 54 l.jpg
Accessing Exhibit 54

  • From the Internet Explorer, open the Exhibit 54 by going to the following website: http://www.gsa.gov/exhibit54

  • When prompted, save to your hard drive

Circular a 11 rental of payments for space land l.jpg
Circular A-11: Rental of Payments for Space & Land


Preparation submission and execution of the budget l.jpg

  • Detailed OMB requirements for Exhibit 54 submission can be found on page 151, Section 54.1 – 54.5/Rental Payments for Space and Land; Circular A-11


Accessing exhibit 548 l.jpg
Accessing Exhibit 54

  • From the “Rent Library” click on the 2nd document named “Shell Exhibit 54”

Required files to complete exhibit 54 l.jpg
Required Files to Complete Exhibit 54

  • Open the GSA Base Rent Estimate file

  • Open the Anticipated Space Changes File

  • These files are based on the February 2011 GSA rent bills

  • After opening files, filter to your agency bureau code

How to access row l.jpg
How to Access ROW

  • How do I request access to ROW (for me/my employees) to review our rent bills?

    • Log onto this web site: https://www.pbs-billing.gsa.gov/row

    • Click on “Register an Account” button

    • Complete the form on-line

    • Print out the form (print button must display on printout)

    • Obtain the appropriate signatures

    • Fax the form to: 202.208.7092

Gathering required files row l.jpg
Gathering Required Files: ROW

  • Pull your February 2011GSA rent bill

    (snapshot used for the base rent estimate) from Rent On the



  • Enter your four digit agency bureau code

New template l.jpg
New Template

  • A simplified template was created, which will automatically populate all tabs.

  • Annotate any necessary IC changes, if needed

New template gsa ic worksheet tab 1 l.jpg
New Template: GSA IC Worksheet/Tab #1

  • On Tab #1/GSA IC Worksheet do the following:

    1.Click “Enable Macros” (at security prompt)2. Click “Run Import Macro” button3. Enter information at prompts (Agency A/B Code, Agency Name, Bureau Name, etc)

New template cont gsa ic worksheet tab 1 l.jpg
New Template (Cont): GSA IC Worksheet/Tab #1

4. At prompt, enter your CY Budget Year (2012)

5. Enter your BY Budget Year (2013)

6. Click on your saved BRE & Anticipated Space Change files; saved to your desktop or My documents.

7. All data is now populated and template complete!

Slide15 l.jpg
Tab 1: GSA IC WorksheetIf using the old version: these slides merely explain how data was comprisedEntering RSF & RENT ESTIMATE BASE

  • Begin by entering the 2011 RSF data under the PY column (cell C2) of the GSA IC worksheet. The RSF is equivalent to the “Charge Basis” from your rent bill enter the “Charge Basis” (line A of the February 2011 rent bill).

Entering rsf rent estimate base l.jpg

  • Enter Rent Estimate Base amount for the PY/2011 column(C3), by looking at the February GSA rent bill for your bureau and using the following calculation:Line D “Total Monthly Rent” * Remaining months of the fiscal year(7 from February billing) + Line F “Total Rent Amount YTD” = PY Rent Estimate Base (Cell C3)

  • Line D * 7 + Line F Year to date = Rent Est Base amount, PY

Tab 1 gsa ic worksheet l.jpg
Tab 1: GSA IC Worksheet

  • Enter CY/2011, by opening the “Base Rent Estimate” file, Click on the 2012 Detail by Billing Line tab (tab #4 shown below).

  • Scroll to the column M, named “Rentable Sq Ft” and enter the value in cell D2 under the CY column RSF. Do same for BY

RSF Total

Entering rsf rent estimate base18 l.jpg

  • Enter the Rent Estimate Base amounts for CY, BY of the worksheet by going back to the Base Rent Estimate file 2012& 2013 (tabs 4 & 5) Detail by Billing Line and entering the amounts listed under “Total Rent Amount” Note:2012 Total Rent Amount is entered as CY on worksheet 2013 Total Rent Amount is entered as BY on worksheet

Step 2 entering inventory changes l.jpg
Step 2: Entering Inventory Changes

  • From your Anticipated Space Changes file, highlight all data in maroon under column “J” labeled “Total Impact of 2011”, and enter the subtotal (shown at the bottom right of your excel screen) in cell C4 of the PYsection of the GSA IC Worksheet

  • If there are no anticipated space changes color coded in maroon on the no data entry is required on the GSA IC worksheet (maroon PY), cell C4.

  • List anticipated space changes for the CYand BY (cells D5 & E5)of the “Owned” section ofthe GSA IC Worksheet, by highlight all data in Green and enter on the CY & BY rows. Repeat same process for leased

Step 2 entering inventory changes owned leased l.jpg
Step 2: Entering Inventory Changes Owned & Leased

  • To enter Owned PY, CY and BY data of the GSA IC Worksheet, open your “Anticipated Space Changes” file

  • Scroll to the “Total Impact on 2011 Rent” (PY) column for your bureau



BY = BLUE 12

Step 2 entering inventory changes21 l.jpg
Step 2: Entering Inventory Changes

  • Enter the Owned Inventory changes data on the CY section (cells D5, E5, G5, look at the Anticipated Space Changes “Total Impact of 2012’ rent, highlight those anticipated space changes which are green and enter the sum in cells D5 – E5. Repeat same process for leased portion.Remember: Totals will be at the bottom right corner of your excel spreadsheet

Step 2 entering inventory changes23 l.jpg
Step 2: Entering Inventory Changes

  • To enter CY data of the GSA IC Worksheet, do the same using the “Total Impact of 2012 Rent” of the Anticipated Space Changes. Repeat same process for leased portion.Reminder: BY + 1 (yellow) is automatically populated. No entry required.

Step 2 entering inventory changes24 l.jpg
Step 2: Entering Inventory Changes

  • Enter the RSF data of the GSA IC Worksheet by following the same fiscal year color coding methodology and enter data from the “Anticipated Space Changes” file from the “Change in RSF” totals. Enter data in cells G4 – G6Reminder: BY + 1 (yellow) is automatically populated. No entry required.BY + 1 calculates based on multiplying the BY * the OMB Escalation Factor of 1.7%

Step 2 entering inventory changes25 l.jpg
Step 2: Entering Inventory Changes

How The Owned PY Rent Sq Ft Amount (90,522) was derived

Step 2 entering inventory changes26 l.jpg
Step 2: Entering Inventory Changes

  • Continue this methodology

  • Summary (bottom section) of the GSA IC Worksheet section will populate. No entries required

  • Worksheet is complete!

Sum tab l.jpg

  • This worksheet summarizes the information entered from the previous worksheets and provides opportunity for entry of additional information regarding sources of funds for rental payments to GSA and rental payments to others, which should be included in your budget request.

  • Only the yellow shaded areas require entries. The remaining cells will be calculated automatically. Control Difference should be $0

Exhibit 54 summary l.jpg
Exhibit 54 Summary


GSA IC Worksheet- Include color coded data from Anticipated Space Changes & BRE files for PY/2011, CY/2012, BY/2013, BY + 1/2014

- Highlight & incorporate data where instructed

- Remember totals will populate. No entry required in bottom portion

PY Corrections Tab

- Only include incorrect billings captured in February/Chargebacks only, not missed billings.

PY, BY, BY + 1

- Enter discrepancies with in your Anticipated Space Changes

Summary Tab

- Populates/Summarizes data from previous tabs

- Opportunity to incorporate funding to GSA from other sources