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An Effective Flyer

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An Effective Flyer

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  1. An Effective Flyer Desktop Publishing By

  2. Elements of an Effective Flyer 1st Element 2nd Element Have a short, catch phrase. For example; Environmental Racism? catches people's attention. This Catch phrase should also be enlarged, bolded, underlined, or any other technique to grab the passerby's attention. Next make sure you include the date time and place of the event. What works best is if you bullet these items so as to create an easy way to find out when and where to go. Once they are pulled in by the catch phrase, give them all the relevant info they need, by using as little words as possible. 3rd Element

  3. Elements of an Effective Flyer 4th Element 5th Element It also helps to add a compelling picture. Pictures can say a lot in just a little space and they make the flier more visually pleasing. . Make sure that people can identify who put out the flier. What is extremely important and often forgotten is contact info where people can go to find out more info. 6th Element

  4. Proof-read • Proof-read it to make sure all content is correct and that the flier is visually pleasing.

  5. Test You Work What does that say?! • Place it up, and walk 15 feet away. • Can you read the catch phrase? • Does it look too wordy?

  6. Flyer Layout TITLE: The title of your event should be the most prominent thing on the page, generally towards the top. Vital Information: This should be located somewhere beneath the event title. You have the vital information that people need to know including date, time, location, and cost, if there is any involved.

  7. Neon paper will grab the most attention on its own, but it can overpower the text or pictures. Consider using a color that's bright but still soft enough to create contrast with dark ink (e.g. sky blue). Or, if you do stick with a neon color, use a dark color for the text and images. Use brightly colored paper.

  8. Your Task Create a flyer for: • What: Great America Fall Fun Trip for DeForest DECA/FBLA Members • When:Friday, October 19, 2012 • Time:CharterBus leaves at 3:15p.m. and returns at 12:00 a.m. • Cost: Great America Ticket: $35 Bus Transportation $15 • Food: We will not be stopping on the way down. Bring your own food/soda/juice. (Money for other food and/or souvenirs is your responsibility) • Sign up: Money and permission forms are due no later than Wednesday, October 3