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Valle D’Aosta. By Alana Bianchin-Phillips. Coat of Arms, Valle D’Aosta. About Valle D’Aosta.

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Valle d aosta

Valle D’Aosta

By Alana Bianchin-Phillips

Coat of Arms, Valle D’Aosta

About valle d aosta
About Valle D’Aosta

  • Valle D’Aosta is an Italian provenance. It sits in a completely mountainous area, which is surrounded by France which is to the west, Switzerland which is to the north and Piedmont which is to the east and the south.

  • Valle D’Aosta is the smallest region in Italy.

What is produced here
What is Produced here?

  • Produced in Valle D’Aosta is the famous Fontina Cheese. The two most important elements of this cuisine are bread and soup, which often contains bread.

  • The local bread, ‘Pane Nero’ which is black bread is made from rye.

  • Pasta is not traditional from here but other foods like polenta and rice are more traditional.


  • Valle D’Aosta is surrounded by lots of mountains as it is on the border of Italy, France and Switzerland which is very mountainous.

  • It is the least popular region in Italy

  • It holds some of Europe’s tallest Mountains and a huge national park.

  • Some mountains are: Monte Rosa, Matterhorn, Monte Gran Paradiso and Monte Bianco (Monte Blanc) which is Europe’s tallest Mountain.

Festivals celebrated
Festivals Celebrated

  • Some Festivals that are celebrated in this region are:

  • Aosta- fair of saint Orso in August.

  • La Salle-Traditional Folk Festival in March.

  • Valpeline- Seupa Frieda food Festival in June.

  • Fenis- Sheperd and white wine Festival in September.

Fondue with cheese and truffles
Fondue with Cheese and Truffles

Description servings: 6 calories: highcategory: secondcost: mediumdifficulty: mediumpreparation time: 150

Ingredients Fontina Valdostana cheese  400 grMilk  200 grButter  20 grEgg yolks  4White truffles  1

Preparation Slice or dice the Fontina cheese finely. Put them into a bowl with the milk and let them steep for 2 hours. Put the butter into a stainless steel saucepan and as soon as it has melted, add the softened fontina cheese.Go on stirring with a wooden spoon until the cheese is stringy. You can cook on a very low heat, otherwise on bain-marie. Add the yolks, one at a time, folding them in slowly until the fondue becomes dense and creamy. Slice the truffles finely and arrange them on the top of the dish. Serve hot.

The Chef's tips Blanc de Cossan is a dry 10° aromatic white wine to be served at 18°C. with your recipe.

Curiosity The Valdostana Fontina cheese is a very tasty genuine cheese to be found in all parts of the Valle D'Aosta produced by the local farmers. It is used in many dishes in this region.

The end
The End

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