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Chuck Morganson HNTB Corporation, Sr. Project Manager San Francisco, CA PowerPoint Presentation
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Chuck Morganson HNTB Corporation, Sr. Project Manager San Francisco, CA

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Chuck Morganson HNTB Corporation, Sr. Project Manager San Francisco, CA - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Transportation Management Center: Business Process Review and Playbook for Transition. Jim Kelly SFMTA, Deputy Director, Operations San Francisco, CA. Chuck Morganson HNTB Corporation, Sr. Project Manager San Francisco, CA. Presentation Outline. • Legacy Control Centers

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Presentation Transcript

Transportation Management Center: Business Process Review and Playbook for Transition

Jim Kelly

SFMTA, Deputy Director, Operations

San Francisco, CA

Chuck Morganson

HNTB Corporation, Sr. Project Manager

San Francisco, CA


Presentation Outline

• Legacy Control Centers

New Integrated Transportation Management Center (TMC)

Business Process Review

Move-In Playbook

new transportation management center tmc
New Transportation Management Center (TMC)

SFMTA / MUNI Operations:

Legacy Control Centers

Transit Power



Transit Lines



Parking Control

& Security

new transportation management center tmc1
New Transportation Management Center (TMC)

Retrofit of existing decommissioned Bank of America control center to be LEED Certified TMC facility


business process review
Business Process Review

Contract Implementation

Design by HNTB-B&C JV, Central Subway Contract

Included Business Process Review of SFMTA Operations

Phase 1 Construction,

Tenant Improvements (TI)

Building owner is Hudson Pacific Property

Work Performed by Hudson Pacific Property

Phase 2 Construction,

Work Outside Tenant Improvements (OTI)

Work performed by Job Order contracts

Procurement for Furnishings and City Agencies

business process review1
Business Process Review

Achieve TMC Project Objectives



Stakeholder Focused

Start-Up Aspect of the TMC Project

Creating a New Business process

Creating a New Operational Organization

Hiring New TMC staff

Creating New / Revising SOP & training programs

Budgeting TMC Operations

Utilize Lessons Learned and Best Practices

business process review2
Business Process Review

Major Areas for Change:

Staffing – Organizational Structure

Technology, Training, Support

Internal Cultural Barriers / Silos

  • SFMTA Policies – SOPs

Situational Awareness:

Big Picture

Small Picture

business process review3
Business Process Review

Peer Review Session – August 2010

BART, San Francisco, CA

MBTA, Boston, MA

Montgomery County, Rockville, MD

OC Transpo, Ottawa, Canada

Tri-Met, Portland, OR


move in playbook
Move-In Playbook

Move-In Phases

2012 2013 2014 2015 2016

Pre-Phase 1: Nov. 2012- Feb. 2014

Phase 1: Feb. 2014

Pre-Phase 2: Feb. 2014-Oct. 2014

Phase 2: Oct. 2014-Sept. 2015

Post Phase 2: Sept. 2015-Sept. 2016

move in playbook1
Move-In Playbook

Move-In “Playbook” and Time Frame

Pre-Phase 1

Move-In Tasks


Create Labor Class

Hire TMC Ops. Mgr.

Conduct TMC Scanning Tour

Create Trans. Operator Job Descriptions

Develop New SOP Manual

Develop Training Program

Phase 1



Pre-Phase 2

Move-In Tasks


Revise SOP Manual – Phase 1 transition to Phase 2

Revise Training Program – Phase 1 transition to Phase 2

Phase 2



Post-Phase 2

Move-In Tasks


Revise SOP Manual – Post Phase 2 Enhancement

Revise Training Program – Post Phase 2


move in playbook2
Move-In Playbook

Staff Physical Move-In Phasing

Phase 1 Move Phase 2 Move

Line Management Center

(Transit Pilot)



Traffic Signals

  • Lenox Muni OCC
  • Transit Controller & Dispatchers
  • Power Control
  • Trouble Desks
  • Subject to Radio Replacement Schedule
    • CAD/AVL Cutover




Towing Dispatch

Security Monitoring

move in playbook3
Move-In Playbook

TMC Start-Up Committee


Move-In Playbook

Transit Division

TMC Organizational Structure

TMC Deputy Director

Senior Ops Manager

Sustainable Streets Division


Facilities Manager/ Reception

Finance & IT Division

TMC Operations Manager/ Incident Manager/Transportation Floor Manager

Third Party Security Monitoring


Towing Dispatching

SFGo Operations

Operations System Onsite Support

Rail Trouble Desk

Traffic Trouble Desk

Transportation Management Control (Rail, Trolley, Bus)



Trouble Desk


Passenger Information Officer

Operations System IT Support


Motive Power Control




TMC Operations Floor / Operations Theater

move in playbook4
Move-In Playbook

New Attitude: Failure is Not an Option!

move in playbook5
Move-In Playbook

SOP Master Checklist

Each incident will follow these stages:

Verification (Validation, Class 1-3)


Implement Response (Checklists)

Event Management

Service Modification

Service Restoration

move in playbook6
Move-In Playbook

Incident Classifications

Class 1: Service Disruption

Equipment Specific

Line Specific / Mode Specific


Class 2: Accident

Accident with No Injury

Accident with Injury

Accident with Fatality

  • Class 3: Serious Threat
  • Threat to Facility
  • Threat to Passengers / Personnel
move in playbook7
Move-In Playbook

New Positions

TMC Operations Manager

TMC Transportation Shift Manager

TMC Transportation Operator


5 Legacy Control Centers combined into 1 new TMC

Implement Business Process Review

Develop Findings and Recommendations

See for Yourself

Wednesday Technical Tour - SFMTA

Line Management Center & New TMC (under constr.)