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ISE Advisory Group Session March 30, 2006 PowerPoint Presentation
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ISE Advisory Group Session March 30, 2006

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ISE Advisory Group Session March 30, 2006 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ISE Advisory Group Session March 30, 2006
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  1. Institute for Sustainable Enterpriseat the Silberman College of Business Fairleigh Dickinson UniversityMEMBERSHIP & SERVICES COMMITTEE REPORT ISE Advisory Group Session March 30, 2006

  2. Role Of ISE Membership and Services Committee (M&S) • ISE Membership and Services Committee • Develops strategies to attract and retain members for ISE • Sets policies for service offerings • Develops processes to assess quality of service offerings • Develops processes to ensure transfer of learning between service projects • Identifies potential sources of funding and organizes activities to generate funds • Provides advice and support for grant application activities Project Support Group FDU Advancement office FDU Public Relations, Publications Office, et al. Membership & Services Project Team 2 Membership & Services Project Team : Workshop Design Team Membership & Services Project Team 3

  3. Membership & Services Operating Norms • Inclusive (operative principle is “transcend and include”) • Come from abundance, collaboration, win-win, integrity, “and” not “or” • Be open and honest with each other and those beyond the team • Set clear BHAG stretch goals and clearly say what we’re intending • Reposition funding role to focus on what is required to make ISE sustainable, continually reflect on the process that will make and keep us sustainable. Change “fundraising” to “sustaining ISE for the long-term.” • Find ways to meet committee member’s individual and professional goals • Ensure we continually acknowledge people who have contributed to the work

  4. Status of Membership, Issues and Challenges Status of Membership Four Founding Members: O NJ Higher Education Partnership for Sustainability (NJHEPS) - John Cusack O Philips Lighting, North America - Govi Rao and Eric Marsh O Interface, Inc. (UN Global Compact Co.) - Joyce LaValle and Jeff Gentile O Ricoh Inc. (UN Global Compact Co.) - Mike Sarasin and Marilyn Michaels

  5. Status of Membership, Issues and Challenges Status of Membership Potential Corporate Partners: A. Under active discussion/seeking high level support through ISE contacts and/or representatives: • Sony Electronics – Dave Lipsky • IBM – Mal Conway • Kraft Foods – Nadine Pearce • First Energy – Everton Scott • Johnson & Johnson – Cindy Karst (and others) • Schering Plough – Michael Schneider • Roche – Dave Dickey (formerly Kim Steckley) • Smith Barney/Citigroup – Bruce Kahn • Huber Corporation – through Kathryn Zukof, now with Schindler Elevator (Schindler declined)

  6. Status of Membership, Issues and Challenges Status of Membership B. Meetings scheduled/being scheduled: • Alcoa – Meeting scheduled with Worldwide head of Sustainability Have contacts and referrals for each of the following: • Aventis • BASF • BMS • Dupont • Pfizer • Unilever • Verizon • Con Ed • Hackensack Hospital

  7. Status of Membership, Issues and Challenges Progress To Date • Developed Corporate Partner offering and associated brochure • Developed presentation for use in approaching potential Corporate Partners • Developed Overview of Managing Sustainably I Workshop and detailed design

  8. Status of Membership, Issues and Challenges Challenges in Enrolling Corporate Members • Multiple and unclear points of entry, ownership and accountability (i.e., EH&S, Sustainability, CSR, HR, Leadership/OD, etc.) • Difficulty in reaching the high level decision-makers with budgets and authority • Effectively communicating the value from their point of view - WIFM • Centralization of power outside the U.S. in many multinational corporations • Centralization of power outside N.J. in U.S. based corporations • Creating a sense of urgency to sign up

  9. Status of Membership, Issues and Challenges Status of Seed Funding • Submitted Seed Proposals to 24 Foundations • Nine Declined: Carnegie, Ford, The Nathan Cummings Foundation, Glaser Progress Foundation, HSBC in the Community USA Inc. Foundation, Max and Anna Levinson Foundation, MacArthur Foundation, Mott Foundation, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Inc. • Eleven Pending: 3M Foundation, Jenifer Altman Foundation, Con Ed, FirstEnergy/JCP&L, Shell Oil, Sloan Foundation, Surdna Foundation, Survival in Freedom , Towards Sustainability Foundation, Unilever US, J.M. Huber • Two “under consideration”…at $10K: The Kettering Family Foundation, The Lawrence Foundation • Two Other: BASF (re-direct), Global Environmental Project Institute, Inc. (not accepting unsolicited proposals)

  10. Status of Membership, Issues and Challenges Status of Seed Funding Challenges: • Addressing the specific focus and requirements of each foundation • Cache of FDU • To be determined – need more and specific feedback

  11. Possible ISE Membership & Services Roadmap Goals

  12. Ideas & Issues • Be explicit about the business case and linkages • Define sustainability clearly and consistently • Focus on global, regional, NJ companies? • Relative focus on leading companies, those in the middle, and/or laggards? • Relative Focus on UNGC companies vs. others? • Relative Focus on business community vis a vis NGO’s, government, nonprofit social networks? • Possibly establish formal linkages with fundraising activities at other universities? • Focus on creating a mutually beneficial collaborative relationships with corporate partners (as distinguished from a pure consulting relationship) • Co-sponsor and coordinate a big, high-visibility conference to increase FDU 'cache' and open doors to engaging executive decision makers