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‘You’ en e spa ñol. Tú vs. Usted. Remember…We’ve already seen a few ways to refer to people in Spanish!!. He → Él She → Ella. Well, for most Spanish speakers there are TWO ways to say “you ”. Tú. Usted. &. Tú.

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You en e spa ol

‘You’ en español

Tú vs. Usted

Remember we ve already seen a few ways to refer to people in spanish
Remember…We’ve already seen a few ways to refer to people in Spanish!!

He → Él

She → Ella


Tú is the FAMILIAR form of ‘you’ in Spanish. It is used when talking to:

  • Friends

  • Family

  • People Your Own Age

  • Children

  • Pets

Usted “you

Usted is the more FORMAL version of ‘you’. It is used when talking to:

  • Strangers

  • People Older Than You

  • Authority Figures

  • People You’ve Just Met

In writing usted is almost always abbreviated

In writing, “youusted is almost always abbreviated.


*It’s also always capitalized.

T vs ud
“you vs. Ud.

  • If you are uncertain which form to use, it is usually better to use usted until instructed otherwise.

  • Spanish even has a verb, tutear, meaning to address someone using the tú form!

T o usted

¿ “youTúo Usted?

Your Little Cousin

T o usted1

¿ “youTúo Usted?

el doctor Morales


T o usted2

¿ “youTúo Usted?

la señoraHidalgo


T o usted3

¿ “youTúo Usted?

Tu amigo Carlos

T o usted4

¿ “youTúo Usted?

Un perro

T o usted5

¿ “youTúo Usted?



T o usted6

¿ “youTúo Usted?


T o usted7

“you o Usted?

Uncle Enrique

T o usted8

¿ “youTúo Usted?

La mamáde tu amigo


T o usted9

¿ “youTúo Usted?

La amiga de tuhermano

T o usted10

¿ “youTúo Usted?

El profesorMcBoring