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the fall of five characters and legacies n.
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The Fall Of Five: Characters and Legacies PowerPoint Presentation
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The Fall Of Five: Characters and Legacies

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The Fall Of Five: Characters and Legacies
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The Fall Of Five: Characters and Legacies

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  1. The Fall Of Five: Characters and Legacies By Jerry

  2. All Garde • All Garde possess Enhancement (enhanced physical strength, speed, reflexes, endurance and durability) and Telekinesis (the ability to move things with the mind).

  3. Number Four Four aka John, is natural leader. He is fighter like Six and Nine. • Lumens – The ability to control light, fire, and heat • Animal Telepathy – The ability to talk to animals via mind • Healing – The ability to heal people

  4. Number Five Five is (spoiler) traitor. He was captured by the enemy, the Mogodorians, but he cooperated and joined their side. His ability of externa allows him to take on the quality of anything, like steel. He carries two balls, one rubber, one steel, and squeezes on them to take their form. • Externa – The ability to take on the qualities of whatever he is touching • Flight – He can fly

  5. Number Six Six is a pure born fighter. She uses her invisibility to sneakily weave between opponents. • Invisibility – the ability to be unseen • Elemental Manipulation – the ability to control the four basic elements – Earth, Fire, Water, and Air

  6. Number Seven Seven, or Marina, was jealous of all the others since they were amazing fighters; she more like a backup. Fortunately, she develops Cryokinesis, and rips out Fives eye after he kills Eight. • Healing – She can fix peoples wounds. • Underwater Breathing – She can breathe while underwater. • Night Vision – See in the dark • Super Speed – Abnormally fast • Cryokinesis – Ability to manipulate, create, and control any type of ice.

  7. Number Eight Eight is a casual fighter. He hid in the mountains of India and convinced them that he was their god Vishnu reincarnated. He would take the form of Vishnu’s forms, like this creepy 10-armed monster that has claws on them. • Teleportation – able to go wherever he wants • Shape-Shifter – can change form into any creature he imagines. • Hydro-locomotion – he can walk on water • Extrasensory Perception – predict events in the future

  8. Number Nine He is a born fighter. He prefers to pace on the ceiling to annoy others. • Antigravity – He can walk on all surfaces, like the ceiling. • Animal Telepathy • Super Hearing – can hear from longer distances. • Super Speed • Legacy Transfer – He can allow others to “borrow” his powers.

  9. Ella (Number 10) Ella was sort of a mistake. The Elders that the Garde represent used to be ten. Loridas died early. That was Ella's grandpa, so technically she is the Tenth. • Aeternus – change age • Telepathy – ability to communicate via mind

  10. Thank You Don’t worry there’s more 