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What Does UNIDO Do? PowerPoint Presentation
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What Does UNIDO Do?

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What Does UNIDO Do? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What Does UNIDO Do?. Two core functions: Normative function as a Global Forum: Generates and disseminates knowledge Enhances cooperation, establishes dialogue and develops partnerships Operational function, Technical Cooperation: Designs and implements programs

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what does unido do
What Does UNIDO Do?
  • Two core functions:
    • Normative function as a Global Forum:
      • Generates and disseminates knowledge
      • Enhances cooperation, establishes dialogue and develops partnerships
    • Operational function, Technical Cooperation:
      • Designs and implements programs
      • Tailor-made specialized support for development
thematic areas of activities
Thematic Areas of Activities
  • Industrial governance and statistics
  • Investment and technology promotion
  • Industrial competitiveness and trade
  • Private sector development
  • Agro-industry
  • Sustainable energy and climate change
  • Montreal Protocol (substances that deplete the ozone layer)
  • Environmental management (POPs)
unido in china
UNIDO in China
  • Regional Representative office for P.R. China, D.P.R. Korea, Mongolia, and the R.O. Korea
  • Coordinating office for programs and activities in the region
  • National network of subsidiary offices: (2) ITPOs, (4) SPXs, (1) ICSHP, (1) ITPC, (1) ICM, (1) ISEC

Investment Technology Promotion Center (ITPO), Industrial Subcontracting and Partnership eXchange (SPX), International Centre for small Hydro Power (ICSHP), International Technology Promotion Centre (ITPC), International Centre for Materials Technology Promotion (ICM), International Center for Promotion and Transfer of Solar Energy Technology (ISEC)

map of unido offices in china
Map of UNIDO Offices in China

ITPO: Investment Technology Promotion Center

SPX: Industrial Subcontracting and Partnership eXchange

ICSHP: International Centre for Small Hydro Power

ITPC: International Technology Promotion Centre

ICM: International Centre for Materials Technology Promotion

ISEC: International Center for Promotion and Transfer of Solar Energy Technology

UNIDORegional Office in Beijing, China

2-141, Tayuan Diplomatic Office BuildingNo. 14 Liang Ma He Nan Lu, Chaoyang District,Beijing, 100600, China

Tel: +86 10 653 234 40



Contact person: Mr. Alessandro E-mail:

unido itpo
  • Investment & Technology Promotion Offices
  • 2 Locations:
  • Beijing (National Office), Shanghai
  • Mission: Facilitate inward and outward investment, trade, and technology transfer through providing knowledge, technical and management skills, human and financial resources.
  • Conduct research, consultation and assistance to ease the process of internationalization of local sectors and enterprises, and act as a consultant in the formulation of government policy.
  • Financed by the Chinese Government
itpo priorities
ITPO Priorities:
  • Chinese outbound investment
  • SME international cooperation projects
  • High-tech and export oriented projects
  • Environmental protection oriented projects
  • Renewable energies investments and technology transfer
  • South-South cooperation program/projects
itpo contacts
ITPO Contacts:
  • Beijing (National Office):

2-141, Tayuan Diplomatic Office BuildingNo. 14 Liang Ma He Nan Lu, Chaoyang District,Beijing, 100600, ChinaTel: +86 10 653 261 40 or 6141 Fax: +86 10 653 261 45E-mail: Web: person: Mr. Hu Yuandong

  • Shanghai:

UNIDO Shanghai Investment Promotion Center16F New Town Center 83, Loushanguan RoadShanghai, 200336, ChinaTel: +86 21 623 688 00 Fax: +86 21 623 680 24E-mail: person: Mr. Yu Deshng











  • Industrial Subcontractingand Partnership eXchanges
  • Centre for technical information, promotion and matching capacities,productionprocesses and industrial service specialities
  • Mission: to help bring together demands andoffers of subcontracting work and outsourcing
spx offices
SPX Offices
  • 4 Locations already operative:
      • Beijing
      • Chongqing
      • Shanghai
      • Xi’an
  • 2 Locations to be implemented:
      • SPX Guangzhou (July 2007)
      • SPX Harbin (planned)
spxs contacts
SPXs Contacts
  • Beijing:

Room 804, Building B of Beijing Productivity Building No.31 Beisanhuanzhonglu, Haidian District, Beijing 100088, China Tel:+ 86 10 820 029 01 Fax: +86 10 820 029 03 E-mail: Web: person: Ms. HE Mingxia

  • Chongqing:

No.269, Keyuansi Road , High-Tech Development Zone , Chongqing 400041, China Tel: + 86 23 686 334 04 Fax: + 86 23 686 337 84 E-mail: Web: www.spx-chongqing.orgContact person: Ms. EVA Leng, SPX-CQ

  • Shanghai:

Room 337, 815 Dong Da Ming Road, Shanghai 200082, China  Tel: +86 21 659 51197 / 659 52607 Fax: +86 21 659 503 02 E-mail:   Web: www.spx-shanghai.orgContact person: Ms. SONG Joanne

  • Xi’an:

No.1 Huan Cheng Dong Lu Nan Duan, 9F Productivity Office Building, Xi’an 710048, ChinaTel. +86 29 824 017 93 Fax. +86 29 824 017 88E-mail: jk@xappc.comWeb: www.xappc.comContact person: Mr. JIA Kai, Deputy Director

international centre for small hydro power icshp
International Centre for Small Hydro Power (ICSHP)
  • Internationally coordinating and promoting the global development of small hydro power (SHP)
  • Co-sponsored by the UNDP and UNIDO, Ministry of Water Resources (MWR), Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation (MOFTEC)
  • Mission: promotion of SHP development through triangle technical and economic cooperation among developing countries, developed countries and international organizations

ICSHP Hangzhou

POBox 202, Nanshan Road 136, Hangzhou 310002, ChinaE-mail: hic@mail.hz.zj.cnWeb:

Tel: +86 571 870 700 70 (Chinese)

+86 571 870 791 13 (English)

Fax: +86 571 870 233 53

Contact person:

Prof. Tong Jiandong, DirectorTel : +86 571 870 233 80 / 871 327 99 Ms. Huang Yan, Service CoordinatorTel : +86 571 871 327 90

international technology promotion centre itpc
International Technology Promotion Centre (ITPC)
  • Intermediaryin organizing and promoting technology transfer
  • Mission: Achieve sustainable industrial developmentthrough addressing the issues of energy and environment related technologies.
  • Serve as a national/regional forum for promoting environmental technologies and innovations
  • Promote technology transfer, business partnerships and policy dialogue

ITPC Shenzhen

41st floor, No.2068 Shennan Rd., Futian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong 518031, China Tel.: +86 755 836 841 02 / 836 842 25 / 836 843 01 Fax: +86 755 836 842 21E-mail: bluesky@unido-itpc.orgWeb:

international centre for materials technology promotion icm
International Centre for Materials Technology Promotion (ICM)
  • Established by UNIDO, the Ministry of the Science and Technology (MOST), and China International Center for Economic Technical Exchanges (CICETE) under the Ministry of Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation (MOFTEC)
  • Mission: to set up global framework and mechanisms to facilitate technology transfer and diffusion processes in new materials technologies.

ICM Beijing

No.1, Guanzhuang Dongli, Chaoyang District Beijing  100024, ChinaTel: +86 10 511 674 99 / 511 673 01  

Fax: +86 10 654 762 60 / 657 617 14  E-mail:


unido international centre for promotion and transfer of solar energy technology
UNIDO International Centre for Promotion and Transfer of Solar Energy Technology
  • Engaged in the studies and application of new and renewable energy, especially for solar energy technique, domestic and foreign technical cooperation and training, technical consultation and exchange, and new product development.
  • Made with the support of the former State Science and Technology Commission (SSTC), Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation (MFOTEC), and Gansu provincial government


229 S. Dingxi Rd., Lanzhou, 730000, China 

Tel: +86 931 863 5315

Fax: +86 931 861 6243

Web: Email:

Contact person: Ms. ZHANG Lanying

promotion and transfer of marine current exploitation technology in china and southeast asia
Promotion and Transfer of Marine Current Exploitation Technology in China and Southeast Asia
  • Aims to promote innovative technologies for the exploitation of marine currents in Southeast Asia
  • Partnership with the Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion, the University of Naples and Ponte di Archimede SpA, Italy
  • Plans to develop, produce locally and test two pilot applications of the Kobold turbine, to adapt and customise the technology in order to launch its use and application on a large scale
corporate social responsibility in the chinese textile industry
Corporate Social Responsibility in the Chinese Textile Industry
  • Joint implementation with ILO
  • Aims to facilitate socially responsible growth in the textile sector by fostering a business development approach to promoting good labour and environmental standards of production.
  • The project will build the capabilities of CNTAC to deliver comprehensive and integrated training, advisory and information services to enterprises.

CNTAC (China National Textile and Apparel Council)

integrated program of technical cooperation with mongolia
Integrated Program of Technical Cooperation With Mongolia
  • Aims to develop a competitive and sustainable export-oriented agro-industrial sector
  • 3 focus areas
    • Building competitiveness of livestock-based industries
      • Upgrading operations of 3 main sectors: cashmere and wools, meat and milk processing, leather product industries
    • Building industrial competitiveness and trade capacity
      • Strengthening the trading capacity of the country by upgrading the conformity assessment infrastructure and by developing competencies of testing laboratories
    • Cleaner production and environment management
      • Establishing a National Cleaner Production Centre aimed at improvement of environmental performance of the industrial sector

UNIDO cooperates with:

  • Government at national and local levels
  • Donors (EU, GEF, Multilateral funds of the Montreal Protocol, etc.)
  • UN Agencies
  • Research institutions
  • Other stakeholders
global forum activities
Global Forum Activities
  • Industrial Development Report
    • Capacity building for catching-up: historical, empirical and policy dimensions (2005)
    • Industrialization, environment and the Millennium Development Goals (2004)
    • Competing through innovation and learning (2002-2003)
  • Other Recent Publications:
    • Industrial development, trade and poverty reduction through South-South cooperation (2006)
    • Combating marginalization and poverty through industrial development (2006)
  • Reports about China:
    • Evaluation of the country service framework on the environmentally sustainable development (Feb.2006)
    • Western China: enhancing industrial competitiveness and employment (Oct. 2005)
  • Reports about Mongolia:
    • Mongolia: industrial and trade development policy review (Nov. 2002)