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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution. Helping People Create Solutions Presentation to GSFC Supervisors May 3, 2011. Alternative Dispute Resolution. Goddard Space Flight Center. Dispute Resolution Processes. Equal Opportunity. Administrative Grievance. Chief Counsel. Negotiated Grievance. OSC.

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Alternative Dispute Resolution

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  1. Alternative Dispute Resolution Helping People Create Solutions Presentation to GSFC Supervisors May 3, 2011

  2. Alternative Dispute Resolution Goddard Space Flight Center Dispute Resolution Processes Equal Opportunity Administrative Grievance Chief Counsel Negotiated Grievance OSC Anti-Harassment Employee Assistance Program Office of the Ombuds

  3. DIRECT COSTS – Travel, Attorneys, Experts, Investigation PRODUCTIVITY – Lost time, distraction, customer service (internal and external), opportunity (what could be created) UNITY – Hiring new employees, relationships EMOTIONAL COSTS – Looking back, stress CAREER COSTS – Finding another job Alternative Dispute Resolution Program Conflict Is Costly

  4. Alternative Dispute Resolution Program What Does the ADR Program Offer? • Consultation • Facilitation • Mediation • Training • Conflict Management • The Effective Supervisor: Communicating for Performance • Gender Differences in Negotiation (beginning/advanced) • Cross-cultural/international communication • ADR for Supervisors • Negotiations in Technology-Driven Environments • The Art of the Apology Respectful Confrontation

  5. Consultation or other intervention Alternative Dispute Resolution Intervention Flow Chart Employee & First Line Supervisor Attempt to Work Out Issues First • PARTICIPANTS: • Work In Neutral Environment • Control Process • Discuss & Clarify Issues • Explore Solutions Contact Referral or Request Mediation

  6. Alternative Dispute Resolution Program Usage Rate: Calendar Year 2010 • 101 Consultations • - All organizations represented • - Spikes due to performance appraisals/midterms/discussions • 19 Interventions (mediations/facilitations) • Some interventions took as many as 5 follow-up sessions (numbers don’t include follow-ups) • - Referrals from OHCM, Legal, EEO, Union, Supervisors, Employees

  7. Bases for ADR Intakes - Calendar Year 2010 Total Intake = 100

  8. Types of Issues Raised • Communication, communication, communication • Style issues, management issues, interpersonal issues, problems communicating with another person, not getting information that one needs to do their job, “he said/she said,” slanderous comments • Performance • Rating, mid-term, trying to head off a bad rating/unpleasant conversation at the pass • Harassment • “Attitudes” making work environment unpleasant, “bullying”, inappropriate comments, yelling, harassing e-mails

  9. Types of Issues Raised • Career Issues • Bad organizational “fit”, career crossroads or stalled career, full-cost, feeling like being forced out of a job, detail assignments • EEO Issues • Informal complaints or intakes that led to the filing of EEO complaints • Other • Union issues, issues more appropriate for Security, personal life spilling into work performance, consults from other Centers

  10. Types of Issues Raised • Promotion • Accretion process, non-selection, unmet expectations • Disciplinary Actions • PIP, suspension, termination • Reduction of/Change in Duties • Reassignments, reorganizations • Conduct • Antisocial behavior that may lead to disciplinary action

  11. Alternative Dispute Resolution Program • Timely process • Voluntary • Confidential • Collaborative process • Resolution vs. Settlement • Focus on relationship building • Future focused • Resource savings

  12. Alternative Dispute Resolution Dr. Dan Krieger, Program Manager (301) 286-0482 Daniel.A.Krieger@ NASA.Gov

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