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Breast Cancer

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Breast Cancer. By Hannah Caldwell. What Is Cancer?.

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breast cancer

Breast Cancer

By Hannah Caldwell


What Is Cancer?

Cancer occurs as a result of mutations (abnormal changes) in the genes responsible for controlling the growth of cells and keeping them healthy. The genes are in each cell’s nucleus, which acts as the “control room” of each cell. Normally, the cells in our bodies replace themselves through an orderly process of cell growth: new healthy cells take over as old ones die. But over time, mutations can “turn on” certain genes and “turn off” others in a cell. That changed cell gains the ability to keep dividing without control or order, producing more cells just like it and forming a tumour.

the facts
The Facts
  • Approximately 15,700 women are diagnosed with breast and gynaecological cancers every year.
  • Breast cancer is an uncontrolled growth of breast cells.
  • Women have a 13% chance of developing breast cancer if they reach the age of 80. But your personal risk may be higher if family history, reproductive history, lifestyle, environment, etc. are factored in.
  • Out of all deaths worldwide, breast cancer is the killer of 0.84.
the signs of breast cancer
The Signs of Breast Cancer

Initially breast cancer might not cause any symptoms. But sometimes there will be a lump on your breast that you or your doctor can feel. If the lump is painless, hard, and has uneven edges, it is more likely to be cancer. But sometimes cancers can be tender, soft, and round. These symptoms may also come with breast cancer – Swelling of all/part of the breast, skin irritation/dimpling, breast pain, nipple pain/nipple turning inward, redness, scaliness, thickening of the nipple/breast skin, nipple discharge(other than breast milk) or a lump in underarm area.

preventing breast cancer
Preventing Breast Cancer

Dr Ann Kulze from ‘Womens Health says these ten things may help reduce risks of breast cancer – Maintain a healthy body weight throughout your life, minimize or avoid alcohol, eat as much fruit and vegetables as possible, exercise regularly, minimize consumption of omega-6 fats, minimize consumption of the high glycemic foods, eat whole food soy products regularly, minimize exposure to pharmacologic estrogens and xeno-estrogens, take your supplements daily, maintain a positive mental outlook.