Basic arabic useful phrases and grammar rules
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Basic Arabic Useful Phrases and Grammar Rules - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Basic Arabic Useful Phrases and Grammar Rules. For study abroad brought to you by A travel blog of sorts~. Marhaba Ana ismii (Danni) (Ta- sha - ruf - na ). Hello! My name is (Danni) (it’s nice to meet you!). Ana Amrekeeya (I’m American)

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Basic arabic useful phrases and grammar rules

Basic Arabic Useful Phrases and Grammar Rules

For study abroadbrought to you by elusiveambitions.wordpress.comA travel blog of sorts~

Hello my name is danni it s nice to meet you

  • MarhabaAna ismii (Danni) (Ta-sha-ruf-na)

Hello! My name is (Danni)(it’s nice to meet you!)

Further an introduction

  • Ana Amrekeeya (I’m American)

  • Ana askoonfe North Carolina (I live in North Carolina)

  • Ana askoonma’a(m’3) oostrateefebaetsagheer (I live with my family in a small house) – Baet = house ; sagheer = small (large = kabeer)

Further an introduction

Food matters

  • La7em = MeatHaleeb = MilkFawaka = Fruit

  • Samaka = fishMaa = water

  • Vegetable=khodarTea=Chai (Shay)Coffee=alqahuwa

Food matters

What chu want

  • Low-Samat (Excuse me!)

  • Ana oreed an ashrub al-haleeb min fadlak!(excuse me, I want to drink milk please)(oreed= want) (an=to) (Ashrub = drink) (min fadlak=please!)

What chu want?

Wants continued

Wants; continued

Where is it

  • Ayena = Where? Maktab = OfficeMaktaba = LibraryMadrasa = SchoolBaet = House Hammam = Bathroom *(May I go to the bathroom?)Mumkinathhabela al-hammam??(remember low-samat with asking where something is! Be polite! )


How are you feeling

  • KeyfaHalak? How are youAna T3bana (I’m tired)Ana Sa3eeda (im happy!)Ana mareeda (I’m sick)Ana Bakheer (I’m good!)Waenta? (and you?)***Enta is what you say to a MALEENTEE is what you say to a FEMAL And (a)’s represent feminism. If you’re a girl you say “anamareeda) guys say “Mareed”

How are you feeling?

Like don t like with friends

  • Ana la a7eb alwajeb (I do not like the homework)

  • “I’m working on my homework with my friend” (ana a3mal wajabee m3 sadeeqee) a3mal = work; wajabee = MY homework m3=with and sadeeqee = friend (MALE) *Sadee-qa-tee (my FEMALE friend) ASDAQAEEE = MY FRIENDS (plural)

  • Ana a7eb an ashrub al-chai (I like to drink tea)

Like/don’t like/with friends


  • Howa = He ; Heya = She Example Verb: I Play=al3b and Aheb = I like (I) Ana aheb an al3b m3 walidee (I like to play with my dad) (she) HeyaToheb an tal3b m3 walidoha(howa) Howa yoheb an yal3b m3 walidohoo(She/he likes to play with his/her dad)


Conj cont

  • Enta = You (m) Entee (f) (Quick fact: “hal” is what you say when asking a certain kind of question) Talking to male: Do you like the milk? (hal to7eb al-haleeb??)Talking to a female: (Hal to7ebeen al-haleeb?)

Conj. Cont.