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  1. Payroll Tracey Richardson, Controller Dora Sanchez, Payroll Supervisor Abel Del Real, Payroll Technician

  2. Staff • Dates & Deadlines • Earn Types • Time Card Entry • Differential Codes • Time Card Errors • Negative Leaves • Comments • Questions Agenda

  3. Data Entry

  4. Department: Who reports to me?Make a check off list of time cards submitted to your department/area.

  5. Time Card Entry Dates and Deadlines (example)

  6. Earn Type Codes

  7. Time Card Entry Monthly Cycle: Classified, Hourly, & Student employees 1. Enter “TCDE” into the Quick Access box. (You must be in the HR module.)

  8. Time Card Entry 2. Pay Cycle (enter either M for monthly or A for Academic). Press ok. You can also enter “…” then select a cycle.

  9. Time Card Entry 3. Enter period end date. Always the 10th of the month (except for June 30th).

  10. Time Card Entry 4. Enter “N” unless you are entering back-pay (BCP).

  11. Time Card Entry 5. 3 ways to lookup employee: Datatel ID (easiest), Social Security #, or Last Name.

  12. Time Card Entry 6. Enter “…”. If the employee has more than 1 position open it will allow you to select it. If the employee has only 1 position open, skip step #7.

  13. Time Card Entry 7. Enter the Number that corresponds with the position in box below and press “Enter”

  14. Time Card Entry 8. Make Changes to Time Card and Approve. Press “F10” to save and move on to next employee.

  15. Time Card Entry 9. Things To Remember The “Sched Hours” total should match the “Work Hours” totalfor Permanent Classified Employees unless you enter Over-Time. Non Academic Employees’ time is recorded in Hours, Faculty in Days, Adjunct in Hours. Hourly and Student employees do not use the UNPD code, just enter “0” for scheduled days not worked. Never ZERO out hours for Permanent Staff. Use CNWP for Non-Academic (CSEA, L-39).

  16. Time Card Entry Differential Codes10. Certain “Earn Types” require manual input of thedifferential code (PHOL, UNPD, & CNWP).

  17. 11. If you are having to insert dates prior to the first day or after the last day in TCDE, check WAGS dates. Time Card EntryWAGS Errors (Start or End Dates)

  18. Time Card Entry Check WAGS 12. WAGS indicates this student is not authorized to work prior to 1/24. Contact HR in order for their position dates to be adjusted.

  19. Time Card EntryNegative Leave Balance error13. If you see this pop up on the screen do not update. Go to LEVS to review leaves.

  20. Time Card Entry Check LEVS14. Determine balance of Leave type that is negative andcontact employee with options (UNPD, or other leave type).

  21. Time Card EntryComments Screen15. Place comments for Over-Time, Substitutes, Saturday work for Students or other Hourly Staff.

  22. Examples of Time Card Entry Student Non Academic Academic Website: Time Card Entry

  23. Questions? Time Card Entry

  24. Dora Sanchez Payroll Supervisor Ext. 6951 Classified, Student & Hourly Payroll Abel Del Real Payroll Tech Ext. 6993 Academic Payroll Payroll Contacts