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OGT - Writing

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OGT - Writing.

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ogt writing
OGT - Writing
  • State legislatures believe that students’ driving privileges should be directly linked to their performance and attendance in school. For example, students should be required to maintain a certain grade point average and attendance record in order to drive. Or, if students fail a class, they would not be allowed to drive until their grade was improved. State and defend your position on this issue to an audience of state legislators. Be sure to include specific reason to support your position.
ogt writing1
OGT - Writing
  • In his famous “I Have a Dream” speech, Martin Luther King, Jr. described his vision of equality in America, that his four children “will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” Suppose you were asked to share with a group of students your vision for a better society.
  • Explain to these students what vision for society that you would like to see occur. Be specific and support your explanation with details and examples.
ogt writing2
OGT - Writing
  • Write a story in which a character or characters experience an ordinary day that becomes unforgettable. Develop your story with details.
ogt writing3
OGT - Writing
  • A presentation or essay is more effective if the presenter or writer anticipates the questions and concerns of the target audience. Imagine Kerry has been asked to speak to a group of elementary school children who will be going to the middle school next year. This will be their first experience with following a schedule and changing classrooms. Give two questions or concerns that Kerry should anticipate from the children, and explain how she would effectively respond to each one.
ogt writing4
OGT - Writing
  • People often make a positive difference in others’ lives. Think of a person who affected your life or the life of someone you know. Provide specific details about the person, what the person did, and how this person made a positive difference in someone’s life.
ogt writing5
OGT - Writing
  • Your town is considering a curfew. According to the curfew, no person under age eighteen may be out after ten o’clock on weeknights and after midnight on weekends.
  • You are planning to address your town council to discuss the issue of the curfew. Write two arguments you would use to support or oppose the curfew.
ogt writing6
OGT - Writing
  • Think about a time you or someone you know was given advice and then had to decide whether to follow it. Write a story of such a time. Make sure your story includes details about the situation, the decision, and the consequences that followed.