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ACCOUNTING SERVICES. ACCOUNTS PAYABLE . Presentation Contents. Invoicing Travel Reimbursements Travel Advances Education & Training Reimbursements Forms . Invoicing. Invoices.

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Presentation Contents

  • Invoicing

  • Travel Reimbursements

  • Travel Advances

  • Education & Training Reimbursements

  • Forms 

Invoices l.jpg

  • Original invoices are to be submitted directly to Accounts Payable(AP). All vendors should be instructed to send invoices directly to State Health Plan, Attn: Accounts Payable, 4901 Glenwood Ave., Suite 300, Raleigh, NC 27612.

  • Electronic copies of invoices are acceptable when they are sent directly to the Accounting Services staff. The group email account ([email protected]) should be used to do so. Contract business owners(BO) can be copied on the email if they would like to receive an electronic copy of the invoice as well. AP will still date stamp, and forward a copy to the BO to verify and request payment.

  • Accounts Payable will not pay vendors from faxed or copied invoices unless they are certified original copies.

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  • Original invoices cannot be altered for example: marking out sales tax, changing incorrect charges, changes to the remit to address and changes to the total amount due.

  • The Business Owner (BO) must contact the vendor for a corrected invoice.

  • The State of North Carolina is tax exempt. The requestor can obtain a certificate of exemption from accounts payable to fax to the vendor.

  • An approved Vendor Master Form must be submitted to request new vendors to be added to the vendor master file.

  • The BO must request a W-9 from the vendor in order to update the remit to address. The vendor master form and the W-9 must be forwarded to account payables in order to make changes in NCAS.

Purchase order contracts goods or services l.jpg
Purchase Order, Contracts, Goods or Services

  • An approved copy of the Purchase Order Form, as backup documentation for any purchases made using a purchase order, must be attached to the payment request form and forwarded to Accounts Payable.

  • Accounts Payable must be provided copies of current vendor contract payment terms, price lists or price quotes to validate the invoice prior to processing payment, ie whenever changes in rates are driven by consumer price index.

  • The employee receiving the goods or services must sign and date the packing slip, work order or receiving report and attach as documentation to the payment request form and forward it to Accounts Payable to acknowledge receipt of goods and services.  This will serve as proof of delivery, which is required prior AP processing the payment.

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  • Prior to approving and routing a payment request the BO is responsible for reviewing the invoice to ensure:

    • goods or services and other deliverables have been satisfactorily provided.

    • net term are reflected as specified in the contract.

    • the remit to address is accurate according to the contract.

General accounting forms l.jpg
General Accounting Forms

  • A Vendor Payment Request Form must be completed for all invoices. This form will capture all payment information along with payment approvals.

  • The BO is responsible for preparing this form and routing for required approvals.

Vendor payment form points l.jpg
Vendor Payment Form Points

  • Requestor’s Name: Person who prepares the payment request. (Note this maybe an Administrative Assistant).

  • Request Date: The date the payment request is prepared.

  • Vendor Invoice#: The number on the invoice.

  • Date Needed: According to Payment Terms or Contract. (Do not use ASAP or upon receipt unless specified in the contractual payment terms).

  • Please issue funds in the amount of $: This is the total amount of the invoice without tax. The state is tax exempt (Ensure that tax is not included in the total).

  • Delivery Type: This is how payment should be delivered, if a paper check is generated.

  • Vendor Name: The name on the invoice.

  • Description of Expense: A brief description of the type of service.

  • Account Distribution:(To be completed by Accounts Payable), except for Medco Invoices.

  • Requested by: No signature needed.

  • Date: The date payment request is prepared.

  • Print Name & Title: The person who is preparing the payment request name and Job title.

Approvals for contracts l.jpg
Approvals for Contracts

  • First approved by: Contract Business Owner.

  • Second approved by: Contract Executive Sponsor (ES).

    • If the BO is a member of the Executive Committee then a Second Approval is not needed, unless the amount of the invoice exceeds the Executive Sponsor’s signing authority

  • Third approved by: CFO, Deputy if invoice exceeds signing delegation of ES

  • Fourth approved by: Executive Administrator if invoice exceeds signing delegation of CFO and Deputy

Approvals for purchases of supplies or equipment l.jpg
Approvals for Purchases of Supplies or Equipment

  • First approved by: Purchasing Coordinator.

  • Second approved by: Manager of Contracting and Compliance

  • Third approved by: Director of Contracting and Legal Compliance if invoice exceeds Manager’s signing delegation

  • Fourth approved by: CFO, Deputy if invoice exceeds Director’s signing delegation

  • Fifth approved by: Executive Administrator if invoice exceeds CFO/Deputy’s signing delegation

Electronic payments l.jpg
Electronic Payments

  • OSC encourages agency’s to setup as many vendors on electronic payments as possible.

  • A Vendor Electronic Payment Form will be mailed to all vendors who do not presently receive payments electronically when a paper check is process for a vendor. AP will mail a vendor electronic payment form with the check.

  • All employees are required to complete the vendor electronic payment form before any reimbursements, such as expense reports, are processed.

Rules for travel l.jpg
Rules for Travel

  • For the purpose of determining eligibility for allowances, travel status means being away from the employee’s normal duty station or home and, while traveling, the employee must be acting in his/her capacity as required by his/her work activities.

Subsistence rates meals and lodging l.jpg
Subsistence Rates (Meals and Lodging)

  • Subsistence is an allowance related to lodging and meal costs (including gratuities)(G.S. 138-6)

  • The following schedule, is current as of July 1, 2010, shall be used for reporting allowable subsistence expense incurred while traveling on official state business.

    In State Out of State

  • Breakfast $ 7.75 $ 7.75

  • Lunch $ 10.10 $ 10.10

  • Dinner $ 17.30 $ 19.65

  • Lodging (actual, up to) $ 65.90 $ 78.05

  • Total $101.05 $115.55

    In State Out of State

  • Breakfast $ 7.75 $ 7.75

  • Lunch $ 10.10 $ 10.10

  • Dinner $ 17.30 $ 19.65

  • Lodging (actual, up to) $ 65.90 $ 78.05

  • Total $101.05 $115.55

Authorization for overnight stay l.jpg
Authorization for Overnight Stay

  • “Prior written approval, on the overnight stay authorization form by the department head or his or her designee must be obtained prior to traveling in order to qualify for reimbursement for overnight stays.” (Budget Manual, Section 5.1.5, PG. 125)

  • The overnight stay form must include backup documentation for total cost including lodging cost or conference information.

  • Employee’s supervisor is responsible for verifying that proper documentation supporting the travel reimbursement request is attached prior to approving. For Example: receipts, travel approval forms.

  • Miscellaneous expenses such as internet fees and telephone access fees, are not automatically covered . Exception may be granted when employees are required to perform job duties and prior approval is received by the employee’s supervisor. Documentation of prior approval must be attached to the reimbursement request.

Authorization for overnight stay continued l.jpg
Authorization for Overnight Stay (continued)

  • The travel must involve a travel destination located at least 35 miles from the employee’s regularly assigned duty station or home, whichever is less, to receive reimbursement. “Duty station” is defined as the location where the employee is assigned.

  • Example: If your destination is 35 miles from your duty/work station, but is only 20 miles from home you do not qualify for overnight stay.

Reimbursement request l.jpg
Reimbursement Request

  • Each employee is responsible for his or her own reimbursement request.

  • Requests for reimbursement should be filed within 30 days after travel is completed.

  • Expenses incurred should be reported individually as a daily expense, such as lodging, taxi/shuttle, and parking. Employee must have a receipt in order to be reimbursed, with the exceptions of meals.

  • Departure and arrival times must also be listed on the reimbursement request, as well as a description/reason for travel, ie. conference, meeting etc, if you are seeking reimbursement for meals.

Excess lodging l.jpg
Excess Lodging

  • Prior approval by the EA or designee is required to receive reimbursement in excess of the allowed subsistence rate for lodging.

  • Excess lodging authorization is not allowed for reasons of convenience or personal preference. Exceptions would include a hotel where a conference is being held.

Meals during overnight travel l.jpg
Meals During Overnight Travel

  • An employee may be reimbursed for meals, including lunches, while on official state business when he/she is in overnight travel status.

  • Under specific conditions, employees may be reimbursed for meals for partial days of travel when in overnight travel status and the partial day is the day of departure or the day of return.

Meals during overnight travel21 l.jpg
Meals During Overnight Travel

  • Breakfast: depart duty station prior to 6:00 a.m.

  • Lunch: depart duty station prior to noon (day of departure) or return to duty after 2:00 p.m. (day of return).

  • Dinner: depart duty station prior to 5:00 p.m. (day of departure) or return to duty station after 8:00 p.m. (day of return).

Meals during daily trave l l.jpg
Meals During Daily Travel

  • Allowances shall not be paid to employees for lunches if travel does not involve an overnight stay; however, employees may be eligible for allowances for the breakfast and evening meals when the following applies:

    a) Breakfast: depart duty station prior to 6:00 a.m. and extend the workday by 2 hours.

    b) Dinner: return to duty station after 8:00 p.m. and extend workday by 3 hours.

Transportation by personal vehicle l.jpg
Transportation by Personal Vehicle

  • Actual mileage is reimbursable.

  • The business standard mileage rate set by the Internal Revenue Service (.51 cents per mile effective January 1, 2011) is reimbursable if specific conditions are met.

  • A State employee shall be reimbursed the business standard mileage rate set by the Internal Revenue Service when using their personal vehicle for state business when the round trip does not exceed 100 miles or when a state-owned vehicle is not available.

  • If the employee chooses to use a personal vehicle when a state owned vehicle is available, the agency will only reimburse the employee at the motor fleet rate for mileage of .30 cents per mile effective May 1, 2010.

Transportation by state vehicle l.jpg
Transportation by State Vehicle

  • Procedures for obtaining and using state vehicles owned by the Division of Motor Fleet Management (Department of Administration) are set out in their Rulesand Regulations.

  • To request a vehicle from motor pool call 919-733-7776. Forms are found on the website below.


Commuting l.jpg

  • No reimbursement shall be made for the use of a personal vehicle in commuting from the employee’s home to his duty station.

Travel to from airport at employee s duty station l.jpg
Travel to/from Airport at Employee’s Duty Station

  • Reimbursement for travel between the employee’s duty station or home (whichever is less) and the nearest airline terminal and for appropriate parking may be made under the following circumstances:

    a)For travel by taxi or airport shuttle-actual costs with receipts.

    b) For travel by personal vehicle-the business standard mileage rate set by the Internal Revenue Services for a maximum of two roundtrips with no parking charge, or for one round trip with parking charges. Receipts are required for airport parking claims.

    c) For travel by public transportation-in lieu of using a taxi or airport shuttle, employees may be reimbursed without receipts, $5 for each one-way trip from the airport to hotel/meeting or from the hotel/meeting to the airport.

Travel to from airport at employee s duty station27 l.jpg
Travel to/from Airport at Employee’s Duty Station

  • Employees should use the most economical mode of transportation to and from airports. This may vary depending on the cost of taxis/shuttles, and the length of time a personal vehicle would be parked at the airport.

  • Employees should keep in mind excess parking fees are not allowable for reasons of convenience or personal preference. An example of excessive or inappropriate

    parking would be the use of an airport’s hourly parking lot for an overnight trip.

Travel advances l.jpg
Travel Advances

  • All employees who travel on state business may request advances when authorized by the department head or his/her designee in order that personal funds will not be required.

  • Travel advances for occasional travel must not exceed the estimated cost of the trip and may not be issued more than five working days prior to the date of departure.

  • Advances must be deducted from the reimbursement request on the travel expense report which shall be submitted within 30 days after the travel period has been completed. Any advances that exceed the actual costs of travel must be repaid within five business days upon return to work.

Education and training reimbursement l.jpg
Education and Training Reimbursement

  • Employee training involves courses that develop an employee’s knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform the duties of his/her present job, such as courses on computer usage or management skills development.

  • An approved copy of the training request form should be attached to the payment request form as back up documentation for training and forwarded to Accounts Payable.

  • Tuition fees are those costs for courses included in an academic program directly related to the employee’s job or field of work and which are necessary to complete a degree program from an accredited educational institution. A Tuition Assistance Form must be approved by appropriate personnel prior to taking such courses to qualify for reimbursement.

  • Employee is expected to pay tuition fees upfront and seek reimbursement for approved courses after the successful completion of the course. Exceptions are conferences, and skills training courses where no grade is received & the Plan is invoiced.

Continued32 l.jpg

  • An employee expense form should be used to request reimbursement of training/education costs. A copy of the receipt for payment made by the employee for the course and a grade of (C ) for undergraduate,(B) for graduate or better or verification of a satisfactory completion of the course must be received prior to processing reimbursement to the employee.

  • Reimbursement must be submitted to Accounts Payable within 30 days of course completion.

  • Related travel expenses & subsistence expenses are also reimbursable under previously stated guidelines for travel reimbursements.

The following are a list of forms that can be downloaded from einstein l.jpg
The following are a list of forms that can be downloaded from Einstein:

  • Travel Authorization Form

  • Travel/Reimbursement Related Forms

  • Payment Request Form

  • Vendor Electronic Payment Form

  • Travel Advance Form

  • Delegation of Authority Form

  • Training Request Form

  • Vendor Master Form