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Situation Awareness poster

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Situation Awareness poster - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Situation Awareness poster. Situation Awareness What is similar to these three fires?. All three fires were in the early stages of development. All similar in topography. Time of day. Weather forecast for hot, dry, and winds. Seasons where hot and dry. . CRAMER FIRE. Aspects S,N,W. W. S.

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situation awareness what is similar to these three fires
Situation AwarenessWhat is similar to these three fires?
  • All three fires were in the early stages of development.
  • All similar in topography.
  • Time of day.
  • Weather forecast for hot, dry, and winds.
  • Seasons where hot and dry.


Aspects S,N,W




West Wind @ 1500

The Cash Bar drainage is in full alignment with wind, slope and solar preheating.

more similarities
More Similarities
  • Firefighters working mid-slope or on ridges.
  • Small groups working on isolated sections of the fire.
  • Some personnel did not have a good idea of where the fire was or commo with anyone who did.
cramer fire
Cramer Fire

Wind, Slope

& Preheat

forces are aligned

@ 1500







The Trigger Points for the fatal run of the two fires

Cramer and South Canyon similarities

Both burnovers happened within 1/2 hr of 1600 when full force alignment was between the position of the fire and the firefighters.

wrap up
Wrap up

We talk about these three fires and come up with several similarities that contributed to the incidents on each. We have been given many tools to work with to mitigate the hazards in the fire environment;

- 10 Standard Orders

- 18 Watch Out Situations

- Risk Management Process

- Look Up, Look Down and Around

- LCES Checklist

These tools and more are found in the Incident Response Pocket Guide and help to organize and focus our thoughts and actions in the fire environment. They all help to build and maintain our Situation Awareness.

situation awareness
Situation Awareness

To maintain our Situation Awareness we need to continually be assessing the fire and the environment around us. We need to have the answers to several basic questions that we can get from the tools provided.

An easy way to remember these basic questions is to think of a 2x4. Two rows of four items that we can use to increase our safety.


- Fire Behavior - Lookouts

- Topography - Communication

- Weather - Escape Routes

- Fuels - Safety Zones

These elements are at the heart of our Situational Awareness and need to be reevaluated on a continual bases while we are working. If we have the answers to these elements and have a system in place to monitor them we can mitigate many of the hazards we face everyday.