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New Venture Opportunity

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New Venture Opportunity - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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New Venture Opportunity. "Let him that would move the world, first move himself” Socrates. Ian Hardcastle - Zhang Guo – Daniel Caballeros – Nicole Camacho – Kimberly Cafarelli. Recognizing Opportunity: The Key factors that turn a novel Idea into a booming business.

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New Venture Opportunity

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new venture opportunity

New Venture Opportunity

"Let him that would move the world, first move himself”


Ian Hardcastle- Zhang Guo – Daniel Caballeros – Nicole Camacho – Kimberly Cafarelli

recognizing opportunity the key factors that turn a novel idea into a booming business
Recognizing Opportunity: The Key factors that turn a novel Idea into a booming business
  • Good Opportunities address important market needs.
  • Any Big Problem is a Big Opportunity: No Problem, no solution, no company.
  • Find a “Long wave”, immutable trend that will last .
  • Important to match capabilities and interests
  • Mobilize Resources
emerging markets
Emerging Markets
  • Innovations in Energy
  • Information Technology
  • Bio-Engineering
new venture risk
New Venture Risk
  • Not all risk can be removable
  • Entrepreneurs are people that are willing to take risk
  • Focus on managing risk instead of taking risk
  • Two types of risk in a new venture:
    • The risk of the uncertainty surrounding the business
      • The Market Risk
      • Operational Model Risk
      • Financial Model Risk
    • The risk of what is at stake if the business fail
      • Opportunity Risk
      • Financial Risk
two types of risk
Two Types of Risk
  • External Risk
    • The risk surrounding the business
  • Internal Risk
    • The risk inside the business
external risk
External Risk
  • The Market risk
    • A large enough market to support the business
    • Whether the market is growing
    • What trend exist in the industry
    • How competition is structure
    • Distribution of products/services
  • Operational Model Risk
    • A business’s internal operation to deliver goods and services to customers effectively
  • Financial Model Risk
    • The “number” issue that determines if a business can work or not
internal risk
Internal Risk
  • Opportunity Risk
    • A risk that comes if the business fails and it allows you to do something else with your time and money
  • Financial Risk
    • The tangible value that you and the investor lose if the business fails
marketing a new venture
Marketing a New Venture
  • Strategic Planning
  • Rely on subjective assumptions & qualitative marketing research
    • Interview potential clients & relevant business partners
  • Information to be collected in order to decrease level of “uncertainty”
    • Macro environment
    • Competitive trends
    • Consumer behavior trend
    • Partial SWOT
marketing to do s
Marketing To-Do’s
  • Business Model
  • Branding
  • Business Website or Webpage
  • Communication
  • Public Relations
business model
Business Model
  • Mission statement
  • Target audiences
  • Develop a logo or company name
business websites
Business Websites
  • “About us” section highlighting the business’s mission statement
  • Keywords for search optimization
  • Send emails or letters to clients, influential third-parties, or customers
public relations
Public Relations
  • Social Media Strategy