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People First New Zealand Inc. – Nga Tangata Tuatahi PowerPoint Presentation
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People First New Zealand Inc. – Nga Tangata Tuatahi

People First New Zealand Inc. – Nga Tangata Tuatahi

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People First New Zealand Inc. – Nga Tangata Tuatahi

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  1. People First New Zealand Inc. – NgaTangataTuatahi “Nothing about us without us” From across the Tasman

  2. Kiaora Hello from New Zealand Kia Ora Hello From Aotearoa New Zealand -the land of the long white cloud

  3. My Hometown - Nelson

  4. What we are going to talk about • About People First NZ • Our work with the United Nations Convention

  5. People First is International • People First started in Salem Oregon in America in 1974. • People First is in many countries like England, Scotland, Canada and Germany and here in Australia.

  6. People First in New Zealand • People First was started in 1984 in New Zealand. • It was started and supported by Ihc for the first 20 years. 1984

  7. Going Independent • In 2003 Ihc supported People First to become an independent organisation. • On the 16th of October 2003 People First launched the independent organisation at Parliament and then we had a party!

  8. People First – NgaTangataTuatahi • People First NZ is a Disabled Persons Organisation ( DPO). This means People First only has Disabled people in its governance structure. • It is a national self advocacy organisation led by and for people with learning disability. • People First is an Incorporated Society and there are hundreds of members from all over New Zealand. Incorporated Society

  9. People First – NgaTangataTuatahi To be a member you need to have a learning/intellectual disability and be over the age of 18.

  10. People First Groups and Regions • People First has around 30 local groups that are split into 6 regions

  11. People First Local Groups • Members learn about their rights and how to self advocate for what they want: • in their lives • In their community • Local groups have guest speakers

  12. Local groups work with other disability advocacy organisations such as DPA • Members get involved in local events

  13. People First – NgaTangataTuatahi

  14. People First National Office Staff People First NZ has a national office in Wellington National office staff are: Cindy Johns National Manager Crystal Fang National Finance Manager-based in Auckland Phyllis McPherson Members Database Coordinator-based in Dunedin Janet Doughty Projector Coordinator

  15. Friends of People First NZ - Nga Tangata Tuatahi • If you can‘t be a member, you can still support People First by becoming a Friend. • Friends get the People First newsletter. • Friends can give their time or money or both to assist People First at local, regional or national levels.

  16. People First Projects People First also does a range of projects Two of these projects are: • leadership development • speaking up courses

  17. People First Leadership People First has a national project doing leadership development in the regions and holding a national leadership forum at the end of the year.

  18. Speaking Up Courses • Speaking Up courses assist people to speak up in their life • People First has trained members and assistants to lead Speaking Up groups

  19. More about People First NZ - Nga Tangata Tuatahi People First also: • provides disability information and advice • has an Easy Read translation service • Has an employment advocacy service – Works4Us

  20. More about People First New Zealand People First also: • Has members at many national advisory groups and committees • Speaks up at government level • Is part of the UN Convention Coalition monitoring the rights of Disabled people

  21. People First’s Work with the UN Convention

  22. Robert Martin at the UN

  23. Speaking up Use the Easy Read convention to speak up

  24. Learning and teaching others

  25. The Convention Coalition Disabled Persons Organisation ( DPO)

  26. Convention Coalition work

  27. Convention Coalition work Writing a report

  28. Easy Read Translations Having information in ways we can understand

  29. Winning an award

  30. Keep speaking up Our work with the Convention will not stop here