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Why Are We Here Today?. The Only Hope of Mankind Is Jesus Christ! John 14:6 Acts 4:12. In the Beginning… Genesis 1. There was God – Father, Son, & H.S. God created all we see & know. God created many things we don’t know about as well! God loved His creation from the start.

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Why are we here today l.jpg

Why Are We Here Today?

The Only Hope of Mankind

Is Jesus Christ!

John 14:6

Acts 4:12

In the beginning genesis 1 l.jpg
In the Beginning…Genesis 1

  • There was God – Father, Son, & H.S.

  • God created all we see & know.

  • God created many things we don’t know about as well!

  • God loved His creation from the start.

A paradise for mankind genesis 1 2 l.jpg
A Paradise for MankindGenesis 1-2

  • God created Adam & Eve

  • He placed them in a paradise called the Garden of Eden

  • He put two trees in the middle of it

  • Their sole duty was to live there in peace and in obedience to God

  • The world seems perfect!

Enter the tempter genesis 3 l.jpg
Enter the TempterGenesis 3

  • God gives directions to Adam & Eve

  • Satan appears as a snake and lies to Eve. Eve believes Satan’s lie.

  • She disobeys God

  • She shares her sin with Adam

    No Wonder God Hates Lies!

Sin enters the world genesis 3 4 l.jpg
Sin Enters the WorldGenesis 3-4

  • Adam & Eve are banished from Eden

  • The snake is cursed by God

  • Adam & Eve are condemned to a life of toil and pain

  • The Tree of Life is taken to Heaven

  • Cain murders his brother Abel

What is sin l.jpg
What is Sin?

  • Sin is breaking God’s Word – 1 John 5:17

    “all unrighteousness is sin”

  • Sin is our choice – James 1:14

    “…each one is tempted when he is carried away and enticed by his own lust. When lust has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and when sin is accomplished it brings forth death.”

  • All have sinned – Romans 5:12

    “…through one man sin entered into the world, and death through sin, and so death spread to all men, for all have sinned.”

Sin spreads genesis 6 l.jpg
Sin Spreads Genesis 6

In just a few generations, all kinds of sinful behavior spread into the minds and hearts of all people.

Violence fills the world. The intent of every man’s heart is always evil.

God can no longer accept even the existence of mankind.

The flood genesis 7 9 l.jpg
The FloodGenesis 7-9

  • God destroys all life on the face of the earth by sending rains to make a flood

  • God directs the one righteous man living to make a large boat (ark) and fill it with living things

  • From the ark, God restores life and living things to the world after the flood

Mankind starts over genesis 10 l.jpg
Mankind Starts OverGenesis 10

  • Noah’s descendants repopulate earth

  • One people, one language

  • Again, they become willful and evil

  • They build the Tower of Babel

  • God confuses their language

  • God scatters them across the earth

Abraham genesis 12 25 l.jpg
AbrahamGenesis 12-25

  • Of all mankind, God chooses Abraham and makes a covenant with him

  • If Abraham would serve Him, God would make a great nation from his descendants, & bless the whole world

  • This is the beginning of the promise of the Messiah and the nation of Israel

Sin in sodom gomorrah genesis 19 l.jpg
Sin in Sodom & GomorrahGenesis 19

  • Meanwhile, mankind’s sin increases

  • These two cities are filled with sexual perversion to the extent that the men of Sodom try to assault angels

  • God destroys these cities and their lands with fire from Heaven

The rise of israel genesis 26 exodus 1 l.jpg
The Rise of IsraelGenesis 26 – Exodus 1

  • The descendants of Abraham’s grandson Jacob become the nation of Israel .

  • Israel comes to Egypt while Jacob’s son Joseph rules under Pharaoh.

  • Israel remains in Egypt for 430 years. The Egyptians enslave them.

Moses leads israel exodus leviticus numbers deuteronomy l.jpg
Moses Leads IsraelExodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy

  • God appoints Moses to be Israel’s first prophet and leader

  • By the hand of Moses, God leads Israel out of Egypt

  • On Mt. Sinai, Moses gave the Old Law to Israel as he was directed to by God

The law of moses exodus leviticus numbers deuteronomy l.jpg
The Law of MosesExodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy

  • Governed the moral conduct and worship of Israel

  • Centered on animal blood sacrifice

  • Sacrifices had to be done on their appointed days to cover the sins of Israel

Israel sins l.jpg
Israel Sins

In the desert, on the way to Canaan, the land promised by God to Abraham’s descendants:

The Israelites complain against God

They make an idol and worship it

They fail to trust and to glorify God

God punishes Israel: 40 years of wandering

The kingdom of israel joshua 2 chronicles l.jpg
The Kingdom of IsraelJoshua - 2 Chronicles

  • Time passes, God’s blessings flow

  • Israel conquers Canaan and becomes a glorious kingdom

  • Israel is made strong – not by its wealth or its armies…

  • But by God’s powerful & glorious hand!

The prophets of israel exodus 2 chronicles isaiah malachi l.jpg
The Prophets of IsraelExodus – 2 Chronicles, Isaiah - Malachi

  • God also gave Israel the prophets to warn and remind them of God’s will

  • The prophets spoke of the Messiah – God’s anointed one

  • The Messiah would bring a new Way for all nations to become God’s people

  • Even the Law of Moses could not fully take away sin from a human soul

The pagan nations l.jpg
The Pagan Nations

  • The Law & prophets were for Israel

  • God still held the pagan nations to the same moral law as He always had

  • God did send prophets to the pagans to warn them as well

Sin in the kingdom joshua 2 chronicles l.jpg
Sin in the KingdomJoshua - 2 Chronicles

  • Satan does not rest, disobedience & idolatry spread in Israel

  • The prophets come & go. They warn Israel that God will destroy them if the nation is not faithful to Him

  • God excuses Israel many times

  • But the sin continues, more & more…

God judges israel 2 kings 2 chronicles l.jpg
God judges Israel2 Kings & 2 Chronicles

  • God ends His protection of Israel just as the prophets warned

  • Israel is taken captive by pagan nations and suffer as slaves

  • God also destroys the pagan nations around Israel because of their idolatry

Do you see a pattern l.jpg
Do You See A Pattern?

  • To those who serve Him faithfully –

    favor, promise, and salvation

  • To the sinful and ungodly -

    punishment and death

    God does not tolerate sin!

    Mankind will not stop sinning!

A remnant returns ezra nehemiah l.jpg
A Remnant ReturnsEzra & Nehemiah

  • Even after such sin & in slavery, God does not forget His people and the promise He made to Abraham

  • After 70 years, about 50,000 Jews are freed by Cyrus king of Persia to return to Jerusalem

  • They rebuild the city and restore the temple worship & Law of Moses

400 silent years l.jpg
400 Silent Years

  • Israel never again finds its old glory

  • The prophets fall silent

  • The Jews, ignored by the rest of the world, split into sects & squabble

  • One empire after another rules the area of Palestine

Where is the messiah l.jpg
Where is the Messiah?

  • The world pursues its course of lust and self-indulgence

  • The Jews become both sinful and


  • They expect the Messiah to restore the glory of the old kingdom of Israel

Bethlehem matthew luke l.jpg
BethlehemMatthew, Luke

  • About 4 BC, Jesus of Nazareth is born

  • Angels announce His birth to mere shepherds in the fields

  • Satan, using King Herod, tries to kill Jesus, but fails to find Him

    The Messiah has come at last!

    Matthew 1:21

The gospel of peace matthew mark luke john l.jpg
The Gospel of PeaceMatthew, Mark, Luke & John

  • Jesus grows up & begins to preach

  • He is baptized by John the Baptizer

  • He does many, many public miracles

  • He preaches the Gospel to all the people

  • The Gospel is Good News for all of us

  • God has solved the problem of sin

  • Salvation from sin is free to all

    Indeed, the Messiah has come at last!

Satan opposes jesus l.jpg
Satan opposes Jesus

  • Jesus is not who the Jews expected

  • They refuse His Truth

  • Jews become jealous of his popularity

  • They plot His death in secret

  • Jesus continues to teach

  • Satan cannot stop the Gospel

The power of the gospel l.jpg
The Power of the Gospel

“For I am not ashamed of the Gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes…for in it the righteousness of God is revealed…”

Romans 1:16-17

The ultimate sacrifice matthew mark luke john l.jpg
The Ultimate SacrificeMatthew, Mark, Luke & John

  • Jesus is seized by the Jews in the dead of night

  • He is “tried” before dawn

  • He is convicted of blasphemy!

  • The Jews manipulate the Romans

  • Jesus is crucified at Jerusalem

Why the cross l.jpg
Why the Cross?

  • Remission of sins requires a price Matt 20:28

  • Animal blood will not satisfy Heb 9:12

  • God sent His Son to shed His blood – the perfect sacrifice for sin John 3:14-17

  • Jesus gave Himself Ephesians 1:7, Col 1:14

  • Jesus died once for all mankind Hebrews 2:9

Resurrection l.jpg

  • Three days later, on Sunday, God raised Jesus from the dead.

  • He walked out of His grave alive!

  • His disciples came to the grave and found it open & empty.

  • For the next 50 days, Jesus appeared alive to His disciples many times.

Why the resurrection l.jpg
Why the Resurrection?

  • Because Jesus lives, so shall all Christians live eternally John 11:25

  • To show that He is Christ Acts 17:3

  • God will raise us, too! 2 Cor. 4:14

  • To make us dead to sin

    & alive to God Romans 6:8-11

Salvation is for you today l.jpg
Salvation is for You, Today

  • Hear & Believe – Romans 10:13-15, 17

    Acts 16:31

  • Confess Christ – Romans 10:9-10

  • Repent of your sins – Acts 2:38

  • Be baptized to have your sins erased

    Mark 16:15-16, Acts 2:38

Now is the time l.jpg
Now is the Time!

You Can Choose!

Right here, Right now

The Chance for Salvation has come to each of us as well.

Do you believe l.jpg
Do You Believe?

  • That Jesus was born the Messiah, the Christ, the Son of God?

  • That He lived and died and was raised to life again by God the Father?

  • That He lives in heaven today?

Do you understand l.jpg
Do You Understand?

  • That SIN is disobedience to God – the violation of His laws for all mankind?

  • That ALL people have sinned and are therefore sinners in need of salvation?

  • And that this means you too, friend?

Are you ready l.jpg
Are You Ready?

  • To REPENT of your sins?

  • To openly CONFESS Jesus the Christ as your Lord and Savior?

  • To live a life of peace in OBEDIENCE to the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

You are ready to be baptized l.jpg
You are Ready to be Baptized!

  • What can keep you from being baptized? Acts 8:26-39

  • Even after 2000 years, the saving power of the blood of Jesus Christ is just as strong as ever.

Live forever in heaven l.jpg
Live Forever in Heaven!

“This is the promise that He has

promised us: eternal life!” 1 John 2:25

“And this is the record, that God has

given to us eternal life, and this life is in

His Son.” 1 John 5:11

Is there any other choice l.jpg
Is there any other choice?

“How shall we escape if we neglect so great a salvation?”

Hebrews 2:3