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Change management

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Change management. Case study : MEDIAWORLD. Q 1 : Problems of the manager; Carlos. Carlos meets some kind of problems on his team: first, Rita and Juan want to quit and they are sure that Carlos would leave with them . Then , some employees are also ready to leave .

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change management

Change management

Case study : MEDIAWORLD

q 1 problems of the manager carlos
Q 1 : Problems of the manager; Carlos
  • Carlos meetssomekind of problems on his team:
  • first, Rita and Juan want to quit and they are sure that Carlos wouldleavewiththem.
  • Then, someemployees are alsoready to leave.
  • This unsatisfactionprocesscomesfrom the mergebetween the 2 companies and the difference of size between the 2?  
  • The members of the various team can't manage workingtogether. It may cause someproblems of productivity and efficiency
  • There is no more team dynamic.
q 2 s takes of this situation mistakes of the company
Q 2 : Stakesof this situation & mistakes of the company
  • During the merge, the companiesdidn'ttakeenoughtconsideration for the employees.
    • Theymade themworktogetherjustmaking the meeteachanother.
    • The integrationprocessis inefficient (wecanalmostsay the integrationprocessdoesn'texist).
  •  People have discoveredthatthereis no more a team in the new company. On that case, more than one personisinvolved on the sametask
  •  The merge has been made justcreating a new big team
q 3 rita and juan problems
Q 3 : Rita and Juan problems

Rita has been in the company for a while, but since the corporate

merger and the arival of Juas, she's very troubled. Rita does not

accept one of the consequences pf the merger that is the

professional cohabitation with Juan. Her work is gradually

transformed, from a managerial position to an operational position

(answer the phone, secretarial work...). She wants to keep her former work tasks and responsibilities.

To worsen the problem, Juan remains in its position and don't want to hear about that.

So the problem is how both will find a suitable place at work.

q 4 carlos management of this situations
Q 4 : Carlos management of this situations
  • Good management:
    • He tries to establish an constructive exchange between both actors
    • He give credit to the job of each one to not offend their skills (to Rita : “We love your job”)
    • Reassure about this situation that happens everytime in case of fusion.
    • Remind that is one company now, everyone is in the same side.
    • Explain that it will be a loss if they will leave the company.
  • But wrong conclusion
    • After he being resolved, he repeats that he will be a loss for the company and do not propose solution to close the debate.
    • Find excuse to not choose one of them and at the end of the meeting problem remains and may even be more critic.
q 5 advice to carlos for managing the situation
Q 5 : Advice to Carlos for managing the situation

He made well to create a constructive debate situation.

At the end he should have been more authoritarian to propose solutions, plan a training session to break routine and help them to work together and manage stress.

Show that it is possible. Explain that other team accept the change and succeed to work effectively together.