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Garage Flooring LLC Mats

Garage floor mats are essential to protecting floors from the everyday wear and tear. They are easy to install and can be effortlessly trimmed to fit the size of your garage.

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Garage Flooring LLC Mats

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  1. Knowing The Options:Garage Flooring LLC Offers Mats For Any Garage

  2. Overview Whether you’re a homeowner or the proprietor of a mechanic’s shop or auto service store, your garage represents a substantial investment. Garage flooring products can help you protect that investment, preventing your garage floor from breaking down under routine wear and tear and from various chemicals that it will come into contact with. Individual garage owners will have differing needs from their garage flooring solution, so understanding the various products available will help you make the right decision for your property.

  3. Why Select Garage Flooring? Most garage floors are made of concrete. Time, freeze thaw cycles coupled with moisture and chemicals will break down a garage floor causing cracks in the concrete and other issues. This coupled with the abuse of a working garage necessitates the use of a high end garage flooring. Many property owners also find concrete floors aesthetically displeasing, further justifying a need for garage flooring.

  4. Why Mats? Garage owners have several options when providing protection for their concrete floors. They can choose to paint the concrete floor with a protective paint or sealant, choose garage tiles or they can pick garage mats. For many garage owners, mats are the preferable option because they are: • Easy to install. All you need to do is roll them out and allow them to settle. • Easy to adapt. Garage mats can be easily trimmed to adapt to the size of your garage.

  5. Garage Flooring LLC Offers Variety Of Mats When purchasing garage mats, it pays to work with a company that knows the needs of garage owners and has a wide variety of products that can help. Garage Flooring LLC has many garage mat products, including: • Ribbed Garage Floor Mats • Diamond Garage Floor Mats • Coin Garage Floor Mats • Levant Flooring

  6. Ribbed Garage Floor Mats Garage Flooring LLC offers ribbed garage flooring mats that are 55 Mils thick for residential applications and 75 Mils thick for commercial garages. Depending on the product you choose, ribbed mats are available from $1.50 per square foot. Ribbed pattern floor mats work well in garages used to park cars, trucks and SUVs as they are ideal for catching oil, battery acid and other chemicals and channeling them toward your garage door or exit.

  7. Diamond Garage Floor Mats Our diamond garage floor mats are made from 75 Mil PVC and are great for providing a showroom appearance for car shops or commercial garages. The pattern provides traction and is a realistic representation of the diamond plate steel look.

  8. Coin Garage Floor Mats Our coin garage floor mats are a stylish and functional choice for garages. They come in a variety of colors and are made of the same sturdy material our other mats are made from. Our coin garage floor mats are also available with a factory applied high gloss, stain resistant clear coat.

  9. Levant Flooring Our Levant pattern is attractive and offers the same level of traction as our other garage flooring mats offer. The Levant pattern is effective and popular for commercial, industrial and trailer flooring –when purchased in the 75 Mil Commercial grade. For garage owners who want a unique and attractive appearance for their floors without sacrificing functionality, the Levant pattern is a winner.

  10. About Garage Flooring LLC Garage Flooring LLC provides sturdy and reliable garage flooring products for commercial and residential garage owners. When clients call our company, they’ll connect with knowledgeable and experienced staff who can help them find the flooring solution that works best for their garage and their budget. For more information visit http://www.garageflooringllc.com.

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