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How To Measure Garage Door Springs PowerPoint Presentation
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How To Measure Garage Door Springs

How To Measure Garage Door Springs

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How To Measure Garage Door Springs

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  1. How to measure Garage Door springs

  2. Measuring your springs • Wire size • Inside diameter • Spring length • Spring orientation (left or right hand wound)

  3. 1. Wire size The only way to measure this accurately is to measure 10, 20, 30, and 40 coils and find a match on this chart. It is okay to round if you are very close. Wire size is the most important measurement. This determines the strength of the spring. It is not recommended to manipulate this to try and get a longer life or stronger spring.

  4. Inside diameter It is very likely that, like 90% of Americans, you have a 2.00" inside diameter. Please double check by measuring just the inside (interior) diameter of the spring. You can measure this while it's still attached.

  5. Spring length • Spring length is the most flexible measurement, but you should do your best to be within 1-2 inches. • The spring length may change slightly after years of use, weather, etc.

  6. Spring orientation A general rule is that if the spring is marked with RED paint, then it is RIGHT wound. Furthermore, if the spring is on the left side when looking from within the garage, it is RIGHT wound. If you have a 2-spring system, you should replace both springs and you can skip this step. This page will provide more insight if you are still having trouble:


  8. SAFETY FIRST • If it’s your first time to having an appointment with your torsion spring, it is extremely recommended that you should read the safety first section. • When it comes into torsion springs, safety is of high importance. Replacing, cleaning, checking up or even measuring your torsion spring can cause property damage, serious and fatal injuries if one is not properly equipped and knowledgeable. • In measuring and determining the important information of your torsion spring, you will need a; • Tape measure • Pencil, marker or a pen • Ruler • Flashlight • Safety gloves • Safety glasses • and a sturdy ladder • Remember, always wear safety glasses, unplug the power to the opener, door must be disconnected from the opener, and be sure the ladder you be using is sturdy. • Owning a garage door torsion spring is indeed a responsibility one must recognize. With the enough guidelines and safety tips, at least we have somehow minimized the possibility of any unwanted accidents.