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Guitar pedals uk

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Guitar pedals uk

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Guitar pedals uk

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  2. EFFECTS PEDALS UK • Gig FX pedals are great guitar fx pedals and have been endorsed by the likes of Peter Frampton and Johnny Hiland. We are the main distributor for Gig FX effects pedals in the UK. The pedal can give the most full bodied and melodic wah tones ever available and features four different types of analog wah: a classic wah, the Peter Frampton Signature MegaWah, a funky envelope wah, and an auto-wah. The pedal also features effect gain and resonance controls to provide incredible versatility.

  3. DIY EFFECTS PEDALS • GAPcoDIY Effects pedals are a great way to get a taste for creating and building guitar effects pedals. Customers have told us how much fun these DIY effects pedals are to build, some of them have later come back to purchase some enclosures and components from us as they got the buzz for creating their own guitar fx pedals. You can build a Tube Drive fx pedal with the Persuader DIY Effects Pedal kit, a distortion fx pedal with the Rattler DIY Effects Pedal kit and a Digital Reverb fx pedal with the Verb DIY Effects Pedal kit.

  4. DC JACKS • DC jacks are a small selection of all the electronic components we offer for those who are enthusiastic about creating and building their own guitar fx pedals. All of our amp and guitar fx pedal components, like these DC Jacks, are high quality and ensure reliable performance. If you are interested in building your own effects pedals but it’s your first time and you don’t know where to start why not check out of DIY guitar effects pedals!

  5. WHY US? • GAP co is an independent specialist retailer of products for guitar and bass players, pedal and amp builders, hobbyists and guitar techs. We stock and sell a vast range of guitar amps, pedals, pedal boards, spares and accessories along with other related equipment. This section will give you more details about our company, our background, and why our business has grown over recent years.

  6. CONTACT US GAP co/Audiotoyz Manor Court Farm Ashurst Kent TN3 9TBEngland, U.K. Telephone: +44 (1892) 740894 Email: