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  1. RoyaltyStat Transfer PricingFinding Comparables for Intangibles Click to advance slides

  2. What is RoyaltyStat? • RoyaltyStat is a tool designed to establish arm's length royalty rates for the inter-company transfer of intangibles under the OECD transfer pricing guidelines and under the specific country rules following the OECD guidelines. • contains a database of royalty rates and license agreements accompanied by software that analyses validates and fully documents royalty rate data

  3. What is RoyaltyStat? The RoyaltyStat Difference Reliable rate data + Full original documentation= Comparables that withstand audit and litigation

  4. The RoyaltyStat Difference • Design standard: • Under the OECD Guidelines "full contractual terms" of each agreement is required in order to establish comparability- as per the treaties of the USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, France, Japan, Germany, Netherlands, etc

  5. The RoyaltyStat Difference • Reliability of rate data • Based on original license agreement data from SEC filing databases • No use of data sourced from trade press, press releases, and unsupported SEC filings • Every license agreement in RoyaltyStat contains at least one numerical (non-redacted) royalty rate or license fee • The highest among tiered royalty rates is reported. • The database is updated every business day.

  6. The RoyaltyStat Difference • Reliability of rate data • Over 32,000 license agreements contained in SEC databases were reviewed by RoyaltyStat editors • Only those with un-redacted rate data were included in the database – approximately 6000 • Updated daily • Highest numerical rate used in analysis • Each license agreement was carefully analyzed for content: Licensor, Licensee, Type of agreement (15), Territory, Exclusivity, Lump sum payments

  7. The RoyaltyStat Difference • Documentation to support “full contractual disclosure” • Every royalty rate in the database has an original license agreement to support it • License agreements in scanned and PDF format • All supporting SEC filings in scanned and PDF format • Description pages in PDF format for each agreement • Printable charts for validity testing on: • Frequency, Duration, Territory, Exclusivity

  8. The RoyaltyStat Difference • Powerful menu driven database searching • Search by intangible property, licensor, licensee, SEC filing date, agreement type, SIC codes, effective date • Full text search for additional inquiry • Royalty Tableau present key data field for selection of comparables

  9. The RoyaltyStat Difference • Full economic analysis • Summary rate statistics include: Maximum, Minimum, Median, Average, Quartiles • Statistics can be performed on the fly, in order to do "what-if" analysis by changing the dataset, i.e. by changing the records on the dataset • All results can be exported to Excel for further analysis, adjustments and presentation • Validity testing for Frequency, Duration, Territory, Exclusivity

  10. Easy to Use • Search • Select • Analyze • Report

  11. Easy to Search Refine your search by choosing SIC codes or Agreement Types. Multiple variables can be selected by holding down “Ctrl” Use the powerful “Full Text Search” to find all similar agreements. Search the database of over 6000 agreements for comparable royalty rates using the form below. Use one or more criteria to define your search.

  12. Easy to Select Search Results are presented on a time-saving “Royalty Tableau” Select some or all agreements for further analysis based on the summary information presented. Save them to a Folder. A license permits the downloading of 100 agreements.

  13. Easy to Organize Organize the agreements in folders for easy analysis. Once in a folder they do not have to be downloaded again and are available for future searches.

  14. Select individual agreements from your folder for detailed analysis or select them all by checking the box at the top of the tableau. Easy to Review & Analyze From the folder you can view, print, or save the selected license agreements, and produce online summary statistics and exploratory graphs of royalty rates.  Each agreement has a summary “file card” giving key data for easy scanning

  15. Full Documentation Scanned and PDF versions of the original SEC Filing provide context for the license agreement. They can be printed or saved.

  16. Full Documentation Scanned and PDF versions of the original License Agreement They can be printed or saved.

  17. Full Documentation Instantly retrieve full royalty rate statistics. Recalculations and “what ifs”can be done “on the fly” simply by changing the dataset.

  18. Full Documentation Territory Frequency Test your results against 4 key variables: Frequency, Duration, Territory and Exclusivity Presented graphically and can be printed for presentation. Duration Exclusivity

  19. Full Documentation Export your findings from any results page to MS Excel for further analysis, adjustments or customized presentation No more re-entering data.

  20. Full Documentation • RoyaltyStat delivers a complete documentation package consisting of: • Summary Statistics • Validity Tests • Summary of Each Agreement • Original License Agreement • Original SEC Filing • Print a PDF summary of each license agreement

  21. Full Documentation Prepare detailed client invoices for inclusion in the client file.

  22. RoyaltyStat Transfer PricingFinding Comparables for Intangibles For pricing or further information visit